Well Women Stories

Stories. We can all tell a few and many women and men are fighting a battle with chronic illness or scoliosis

Below are stories for you to read and take inspiration from.

Diana Holmes is inspirational and suffered herself from a low thyroid state. She was misdiagnosed 6 times over a 23 year period with epilepsy, coeliac disease, polymyalgia rheumatica (muscle disease),M.E, myasthenia gravis ( a very grave muscle disease) and was treated on many occasions with high dose steroids which actually made her even more ill.

She was recommended to Doctor Barry Durrant-Peatfield and he finally diagnosed a low thyroid condition. Her blood tests were within the normal NHS range so this would not have been picked up by Doctors in general practice. Doctor P did not use these blood tests as an indicator, but rather listened to her symptoms and treated accordingly.

Due to her misdiagnosis, she has researched the condition throughly, run a help line, and has spoken to over 6000 people in the process. She is campaigning for better diagnosis and management of thyroid disease in the UK

She has also spoken to Doctor Gordon Skinner and he listened to her theories. He asked Diana to assist him at his clinics and she discovered how serious the misdiagnosis of patients can be. Many of the patients at the clinic were wheelchair bound, seriously depressed with no quality of life. With thyroid therapy, patients began to get well

Diana has written a book about her experience. called Tears behind closed doors available from the book shop or her website

I was contacted by this lady from Virginia USA who is an inspiration to other women. Please take time to read her story and learn from her example.

She was initially diagnosed at the age of 18 with a mild goitre due to a hypothyroid condition. When she was 33, after the birth of her daughter, her thyroid levels changed and she reduced her thyroid medication from 75mcg to 50 mcg.

In the years that followed, she has been through a lot with a divorce and has since re married but the stress of the divorce caused her to become unwell again with her thyroid condition and she was experiencing heart palpitations, other thyroid symptoms and feeling generally unwell.

Her thyroid hormone levels were still showing as normal, but she was still feeling the symptoms as so many of us do. Biochemically we appear normal, but we know otherwise. It is frustrating to try to get doctors to be sympathetic and really like banging your head off a brick wall..

This lady decided to act to make herself well. She read books on the subject of thyroid and alternative health and implemented some important changes into her life.

She started taking multi-vitamins with adequate selenium, drank only pure spring or mineral water and only from glass bottles. The purpose of this is that the plasticides in plastic bottles leak into the water that you are drinking, thus filling you with toxins. The endocrine system reacts badly to toxins as I have stated before, especially in those who have an endocrine disorder.

She changed her toothpaste to a non fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is a toxin that is especially disruptive for thyroid conditions.

She also informed herself on the subject of a healthy diet for the thyroid and began eating iodine rich foods such as fish like herring, salmon and tuna 3 times a week, changing all her meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy products to organic only. She reduced her dairy intake at the same time. She also steamed all her vegetables.

She only uses totally natural and organic body, hair and personal care products and natural household cleaning products.

She took up daily Yoga and 30 minutes of brisk walking many times a week.

She also had major dental work which involved removing two bridges, 3 root canalled teeth, and having 7 dental amalgams replaced with resin. This removes toxins from your system and cuts back on the amount of bacteria circulating from teeth that could have possible infection.

She has her own swimming pool, so has had the water de-chlorinated and a non chemical filter installed. Chlorine is a major no no in thyroid patients. With this in mind, she has also had chlorine filters fitted to all the shower heads in her home.

This lady is a shining example of someone who made changes, determined to make herself well and not relying on doctors to do so. Thyroid and autoimmune conditions are little understood and self help is of utmost importance in the road to wellness.

Another point to make is that she is totally happy and almost stress free now in her new marriage which proves too, that an unhappy and stressful life caused by a difficult and unhappy relationship is not condusive to a healthy thyroid if you have a thyroid condition. A partner who is unsympathetic to your condition will only exacerbate your illness. I can also personally vouch for this. My second husband is marvellous, totally supportive and loving and this makes all the difference. My first husband though I was pretending to be ill and made that view known by being unreasonable and making life unpleasant and difficult.

Take a look at the picture above, she is certainly truly glowing

This lady feels that her stress reduction has boosted her immune system and she never even gets a cold now. New paths of self healing have been opened to her and after 23 years of taking Thyroxine, she eventually had to stop taking it as she was having hyperthyroid symptoms. This proves that her levels were normal and that she had no further need for supplementation.

Her doctors confirm that her thyroid gland has not been destroyed, but refuse to confirm that her vast array of lifestyle changes have anything to do with her wellness and the fact that she has also lost any excess weight. How doctors can ignore our efforts and the proof is beyond me.

She still gets the occasional symptom. Remember, the thyroid is extremely sensitive and will react to stress, diet, chemicals and toxins, menopause, menstruation and many other things, so if you have a condition, even with many lifestyle changes, you may still get an occasional problem. I feel that the occasional symptom is better than being ill, worn out, weak cold and drained on a daily basis, don’t you?

However, surely this lady is the perfect example of how improving your lifestyle can make you well? The many changes I have made have improved my health tremendously too.

The purpose of this website is to educate and encourage other women to do the same. Remember it takes time to reap the benefits as the body needs to adjust after making the changes.

I hope she continues to blossom, and all I can say is congratulations and well done. You are what this website is all about, and thank you for sharing your story with me.

Janie Bowthorpe who created the site Stop the Thyroid Madness.com also has a story to tell which shows how there is so much suffering from Thyroid disease. She is truly an inspiration in bringing to the whole world how synthetic T4 has never, and will never work and how Armour Thyroid is the only answer to our illness Click here to read it.

Yvonne from Canada contacted me through the website and wants to make others aware how thyroid disease can appear unexpectedly with many unusual symptoms. Please see her story below:

It has been just over a week now that I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid and started on Levothyroxine. I found your website this morning, and I need to share my experience with someone. Not once in my life had I ever known what the symptoms were, or that it could be hereditary. For the past 10 years, I had noticed a decrease in my energy levels and I was constantly tired. I had put it down to the long hours I was working on top of my university courses and stress. I started missing work because of flu-like symptoms that would be gone the next day and my energy would return. I would get tired in the afternoons and fall asleep on the couch by 7 in the evening. I didn't really think anything was wrong, since my Mom had always laid down for a nap after lunch all the years I was growing up. Then about a year and a half ago, I injured my back and was suffering from a herniated disc and sciatica. I ended up off work on disability because of this, and the doctor put me on steroid anti-inflammatories, which I had a very bad reaction to. I couldn't sleep, had increased heart rate and breathlessness, I would wake up in the night with the sheets soaked in sweat - in general, I was totally miserable. On top of it all, I gained about 20lbs in a month. I decided to take my health into my own hands, and took myself off of the medication and went to a weight loss centre. From experience, I knew I needed help to lose weight - all the women in my family are the same. We gain weight easily, and find it almost impossible to lose. Between this and the physiotherapy, I started to improve in both the pain and the energy levels. Then during one treatment, the therapist was trying to help ease some of the tension in my neck muscles, and it felt like there was an elastic tigh tening around my windpipe, and I couldn't breathe. I think it was one of the most frightening things I have experienced. Even after she let off the pressure, it was hard to breathe for a few minutes. Her response was to ask if I had ever had my thyroid tested. I never had, even though I knew my grandmother had had her thyroid removed because of a goiter. On my next visit to the doctor, I requested thyroid tests. The results were not what I had expected. My TSH levels were at 19.4, and he has me taking levothyroxine 75mcg, and will retest in 3 months to see what effect it is having. Now I find out that my great-grandmother had the same problem, my great-aunt has alopecia and has worn a wig for as long as I can remember as well. I just wish that I had known the symptoms years ago and I would have requested the tests sooner. I had never mentioned any of the symptoms to the doctor, because I just thought it was me - overworked, night shifts and stress - even when I started losing huge handfuls of hair every time I showered. I am now 42 years old, and have never managed to carry a child until term. I have miscarried several times, went through a whole battery of tests in my early 20s, and was told 'everything is normal, just give it time.' I never knew that this condition could cause infertility, and now I am hoping that the diagnosis hasn't come too late. I'm still in the early stages of coming to terms with the condition, and support is so important right now. My manager at work has been on levothyroxine for about 30 years now, and another of my co-workers is as well, though his symptoms seem to be a little different. But at least there is understanding as to what I am going through. I had only returned to work at the beginning of August, and just now back to full-time because of the back injury, and then I am diagnosed with this. My husband has been extremely understanding throughout all of this, for which I am so thankful. I have told the rest of my family about this and urged them to get themselves tested, and to keep a watch for the symptoms, since their knowledge was as little as mine. I am hoping that if anyone else suffers from this, it can be detected before their thyroid fails as completely as mine.

Hi my name is Teresa Collins. I live in Wasilla Alaska and I had scoliosis surgery on June 22 1996. I was twelve. I had two Harrington rods placed in my back. At that time i was at a seventy degree curve. I gained two inches and two pounds. The inches i could deal with, the pounds i don't know. Lol. Anyway, it was a very hard thing to deal with and still to this day its hard. But to be completely honest with you I think it made me a very strong person.im not embarrassed at all to tell people or show people. To me its educating them. A lot of people have heard of scoliosis, but don't realize how serious it can become. And, literally for no " idiopathic" reason at all. But like I said it makes u who you r today. Be proud you made it through something so tremendous. Remember your stronger than most. At last but not least, when u hurt just remember you've had way worse pain. If anyone wants to chat or moan or complain. Email me please!! Its frustra ting so.etimes when your in pain and sore for no reason. Would be great to chat with others who completely understand. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

To contact Teresa, please click here