Well-Women Guide to Hairloss, thinning and dry wispy hair

Our Hair. Hairloss and our crowning glory.

Being sufferers of Thyroid and autoimmune disease we know only too well how distressing it is to lose your crowning glory by shedding so much hair every day.

Indeed, it is sometimes our hairdressers who may tell us we have a thyroid problem!!

It is scary to see so much on the bath, on the walls of the shower and just about everywhere but your own head but especially the brush or comb. We begin to fear the brush. We wonder whether it will ever stop. It may be reassuring to know that you are not likely to become bald due to thyroid disease.

Another problem we generally have is premature greying. Therefore we colour our hair very regularly only to accelerate the damage and the introduction of chemicals into our bodies to boot.

In order to reduce or even stop the hairloss, we need to be on the correct thyroid medication. If we are not on the right dose, the problem will continue. This usually means an increase in the daily dose. My hair continued to come out in handfulls until I was well established on the right dose and this took over a year, so don't lose heart. The medication may need tweaking several times to get it right, and this needs to be gradual.

However, I am still losing hair although it is nowhere near as bad, but I find it is worse during times of stress. Since we can't live totally stress free lives, this is frustrating.

I once tried to tie my once thick wavy hair back in a band and found I had to wind the band around the ponytail at least three times. I was very shocked.

Once on the medication it was a gradual process and evidence suggests that the process may take many months or even a year or more of medication to restore.

The hair is also so fragile, crispy, prone to splitting and breaking and those with wavy or curly hair will find that their hair will no longer hold waves and curl.

Hair can look almost matted and dead with no shine whatsoever.

Some may even have bald patches. This is particularly distressing and I am thankful that this was not me. However, sometimes it looked as though my hair is receding at the forehead hairline, but then I noticed lots of regrowth that looked like baby hair.

I am trying to find solutions to this problem as I think this is of particular concern to many women in our shoes.

I take lots of supplements. That is my solution at the moment. Evening primrose oil, fish oils, Rosa Mosqueta, Maca, MSM. They all have helped restore shine to my hair which has thickened up over the past two years of medication. (100mcg Levothyroxine also known as Synthroid) At present (feb 08) my hair is full and wavy again and just past my shoulders in length and is growing again. Please remember, I have been on the correct dose for about 2 years.

Zell Oxygen accelerates hair growth and feeds the whole body. It's benefits include:

A tonic to the entire body

Powerful antioxidant

Increases energy

Accelerates hair growth

Helps to eliminate Candida

Repairs damaged cells

Improves bowel function

Improves Nervous System

In order to have lustrous hair, we need to feed the whole body as poor health and a body low in nutrients will be reflected in our skin hair and nails.

Mary Shomon Regarding Evening Primrose Oil do not underestimate it's power as a major contribution in preventing hairloss in people with hypothyroidism and is also recommended by both Endocrinologist Kenneth Blanchard and patient advocate, sufferer of thyroid illness herself and author of many books on the subject, Mary Shomon. Make sure you take a quality supplement. The best you can afford. Mary Shomon recommends Source Naturals Evening Primrose.

The capsules are 1350mg and she takes 2 per day.

Take a look at the photograph of Mary above left. She states that once the width of her pony tail measured only that of a pencil. She can personally vouch for the fact that taking Evening Primrose (EPO) calmed the hairloss down and restored shine. Judging by her thick luxurious locks, I think she is probably right!!!

Other supplements that can help are: the Amino Acids L-lysine, Arginine and Cysteine, Zinc and Natural Progesterone. Also Enzymatic Therapy Fatigued to Fantastic Energy Revitalisation Sytem which contains all Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals except Evening Primrose Oil which should be taken additionally.

I also believe that ironically, Levothyroxine (Synthroid) can contribute to hairloss, so if you find yours is still as bad or worse after medication (see the patient information literature that accompanies your medication) action needs to be taken. Your doctor will probably not know about this or be able to offer the solution.

Under-medication can also cause hairloss so make sure you are on the correct dose and that your TSH levels are right. (they should ideally be around 1-2 and a value above 3 can still be considered hypothyroid)

What about T3?

Some people may do better on a T4/T3 combination like Thyrolar or a natural product like Armour.

Adding T3 can relieve brain fog and depression too and for many has been the answer to their hairloss problems, including Mary Shomon, who takes Thyrolar.

Both my own GP and my Endo consultant at St Thomas's in London won't even consider this. I will be seeing a private doctor soon.

MSM has also worked well for me in restoring my hair to a thicker state. My hair just didn't seem to grow and is now past my shoulders again (March08) MSM seems to restore curl in those who have naturally curly hair and who have found that since suffering from a thyroid condition, that their hair won't even curl on rollers. If you have a thyroid condition or autoimmune disease, the worst things you can do is have a perm. Not only will this weaken the hair further, but the chemicals in the solution are absorbed into your body. Also the dryness and splitting will be accentuated. Not at all recommended. Try the bendy heated rollers as the curl tends to last a bit longer.

I also only use Naturetint, Tints of Nature or Herbatint hair colours which have reduced chemicals and have my hair cut regularly by a hairdresser who specialises in organic haircare in my area. With these hair colours, you can mix them together to make your own shade. (make sure you do a strand test first) Tints of nature do a highlighting kit too and also a hair lightening kit. These can be purchased from Nutriglow

I wash my hair with a natural chemical (paraben) free shampoos, condition with loads of natural conditioner which I leave on the whole time I am in the shower. See Love Lula the organic apothecary

I eat healthily, drink lots of healthy drinks and soups, take supplements such as MSM powder, drink plenty of water, detox and hope for the best. You do get some good results this way.

I thoroughly recommend this mist conditioner which is pure for mending hair, containing highly energised liquid crystals from the Himalyan Mountains, nautral herbs and rare oils.

Also here are some shampoos and conditioners to try:

Earth Essence Shampoo said to address hairloss and thinning amongst other things such as dryness and splitting.

Pine Shale Shampoo (as above)

Sea Essence Shampoo as above.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo as above.

Chi Instant Hair Conditioner rejuvenates and accelerates growth.

Simply Pure Volumizer Mist a reconstructive conditioner.

All the above are 100 per cent natural with no toxic chemicals.

Since this site is dedicated to providing solutions to our problems, my research is continual and before long, I will provide as many suggestions as possible. All we can do is try them and wait.

Our hair reflects our health and wellbeing. We need to treat our bodies as precious to radiate good health. We reflect what we put in...period. Remember many hairloss treatments promise the earth, but don't work, especially with Thyroid disease as it is the body's disruption that causes the hairloss. This needs correcting before we can expect any results.

For now Ladies, try Source Naturals Eveing Primrose Oil in the recommended dose above (2 X 1350mg per day) and see if this is the solution for you.

Also for more information about hairloss, alopecia and a natural hair loss remedy - click here This site is dedicated to hair loss and reveals self-help techniques that can restore strong scalp hair growth. It explains how skull expansion is the true cause of androgenetic alopecia, examines all types of hair loss and explores both conventional and alternative products and treatments.


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