Well Women Guide to Mineral Waters, Colloidals and Special Minerals and how they can help you to optimum health

Colloidals, Ionic Mineral Waters, Powders and Special Mineral Supplements are something that have been intriguing me and I have devoted much time this week to investigating them and their benefits.

I must admit that what originally drew my attention to them was while I was researching another product and clicked on a link on the same page.

The headline read "Copper: What aneurysms, white hair and wrinkles have in common"

This headline not only made me think of my late aunt who died of a brain haemorrhage, but of my prematurely white haired late father and my own fear of developing wrinkles.

I wondered what the connection could be and it seemed ironic to see them all grouped together in one headline. Please Click HERE to read this story It explains that copper deficiency is linked to all three and of course modern diet as usual is to blame. Coffee seems to be a big offender in depleting both calcium and copper from the blood.

They also specify that it is not the actual metal as supplementing with this would cause cancer. Colloidal copper is acceptable to the body

What I found interesting was that the work of one Joel Wallach, a famous veterinarian, had discovered and treated so many deficiency diseases with vitamins and supplements.

Wallach has also used liquid colloidals to treat many illnesses and has lectured and written many books on the subject.

A particular paragraph stood out stating that basically, don't have a face lift until you have tried copper supplements. Interesting?

Well, copper supplementation is also able to reverse white hair and many in the article have tried it only to find that their white hair grows back in it's original colour!!

With so much emphasis these days on looking and staying young and TV programmes with a large following such as "10 Years Younger" and "What Not to Wear" it would be marvellous if something as simple as a supplement could turn back the hands of time in the same or similar way to cosmetic surgery which is often barbaric.

In investigating Colloidal Copper, I then discovered Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold.

I discovered that in ancient times they were used to treat many conditions and in fact silver was used to treat open wounds on the battle fields of Alexander The Great saving men from gangrene poisoning. In Ancient Egypt, Gold was used to treat arthritis and brain and heart conditions. Silver has been used for centuries as a germ fighter and disinfectant.

They can be taken internally in small amounts and also applied topically. They are microfine particles suspended in distilled water.

What can they do for me?

Colloidal Gold

Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, calms the neural system, increases IQ and libido, relieves arthritis, improves brain function. Enhamces glandular function including problems with heart rhythmn and sexual function. Stabilises collagen and acts to improve rheumatoid arthritis. Gold assists with relaxation and blood pressure control. Gold has unequalled effects on physical and emotional health.

In clinical tests, IQ improved by as much as 25 - 35 per cent. This is quite staggering. Can be used effectively in the maintenance of panic attacks Can also help tinnitus if used in a dropper and applied into the ears. It is also beneficial in skin care when applied topically. Gold and copper are beneficial to be used together for the treatment of arthritis gout and muscle and joint problems both orally and topically. Sometimes a little silver can be added too.

Colloidal Silver

This is the one that is most documented and is an alternative to anti biotics. My thinking is that since silver has such amazing properties, the use of it in place of anti biotics means no interference with the immune system, in fact the complete opposite since silver boots the immune system rat5her than wearing it out. It is effective on more than 650 viruses.

The commercial drug companies are well aware of it's powers, but like natural progesterone, it is not a patentable product so therefore they are not interested in it. (natural products are not patentable)

Colloidal silver destroys bacteria and viruses by destroying the enzymes responsible for cellular respiration. Resistant strains do not develope. Unlike anti biotics, Colloidal silver is non toxic.

There has been some controversy regarding silver and colour changes in skin, but this applies to the use of silver salts and not the pure metallic colloids we are discussing here. It can be used by anyone from pregnant women to children and the elderly. It is non toxic and has no side effects. Only small amounts are used and indeed required for amazing benefits.

Bacteria, that find silver lethal are: salmonella, staph infections, streptococcus and typhoid amongst many others.

Viruses that find silver lethal are: Herpes, Influenza and the common cold. Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UOPSH) can attack and kill the HIV/Aids virus because the particles bind to the glycoprotein knobs which supply the virus with protein.

There is much clinical research about silver's ability to combat Global epidemics including Cancer, hepatits C, HIV, Lymes Disease, Multiple Scerosis and drug resistant super germs.

Can be applied to eyes with a dropper to eliminate red eye.

Colloidal Copper

Improves collagen production, circulation, bone strength, reduces the appearance of varicose veins, improves wrinkles by restoring elasticity to skin, reduces pain and swelling of joints and muscles, is a blood and artery cleanser, improves brain clarity and may (in some)restore greying hair. Copper can be applied to skin for wrinkle reducing benefits as well as taken internally. Copper definately reduces or completely aliieviates muscle and joint pain when applied topically in addition to being taken internally. Helps in the prevention of brain aneurysms.

Since this site is dedicated to providing solutions, I can only tell you about my own research and discoveries.

You can either read or research it yourself or check these links (since it not only tells you all about it, but also sells it) I do not have any association with this company so there is no gain for me from this (nor most of the products on this site)

Ionic Mineral Waters

When researching so called "cures" or solutions to illness, I often come across unusual things such as the colloidals above, but I have also discovered many other products that I feel are worth mentioning additionally.

WaterOz Mineral Waters are created using a process that turns minerals into an ionic water soluble solution that the body can absorb completely and then use. Founded by David Hinkson in 1991, the waters are completely pure, as are the minerals. Please Click HERE to read more about WaterOz More and more research is being done into the benefits of minerals which until now, have been largely overlooked. It has now come to light that as many as 24 elements may be required for optimum health and they are all in one way or another, essential to all living things in their organic state. These include: Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Germanium, Gold, Indium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Platinum, Potassium, Selenium, Silver, Sulphur, Vanadium, Water of Life and Zinc.

Some of these you may not have heard of, I certainly hadn't and a lot of them seem more appropriate in a school chemistry lab.

Since the body can not be healthy without proper nutritional support, our fast food and processed food lifestyle is causing us to have many deficiencies as we can not use digest or convert anything from the modern day diet.

Also todays modern farming methods deplete our fruits and vegetables of many trace elememnts and our soil is deficient in many essential elements needed by our bodies for rejuvenation.

Our body is not able to cope with foods that have been irradiated and loaded with additives to give them a longer shelf life which in turn lead to illness and disease.

What is facinating is that our bodies are made of the same basic elements of which the Earth is made.

When taking Water Oz Ionic Mineral Waters, they should be consumed as part of a long term health program and not as a one off and no benefit will be gained this way. Many people experience the benefits in as little as 48 hours. Some take longer. What is known is that those who take them have improved energy, health and wellbeing with less illness.

You can't say fairier than that!!!

Remember, as I have said before, we need to return to a simpler diet and way of life, with fresh organic fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries and eat only organic beef and chicken and plenty of fresh fish. Also, drink plenty of mineral water and this, combined with some supplements, exercise, adequate sleep, chemical free cleaning and beauty products and adequate fresh air and sunshine should be all that we need for better health. Look at it for what it is, as it's not rocket science.!!!!

To view the vast amount of ionic mineral waters available, Please Click HERE They are extemely beneficial to your health and you only take a teaspoon a day, so with around 96 serving a bottle for £16.99, they are economical too. If you are not sure which one to try, it is best to start with "waters of Life" which contains 84 trace elements and then consider specific needs as to whether you need more or a certain mineral.

More Unusual Nutritional and/or Beneficial Powders, potions and Supplements.

There seems to be so many products out there and many of them make claims that seem quite far fetched. That is why I research products for a long time before I add them to the site. I come across many things and feel elated when I find something that I think will be worth mentioning. I have no link to most of the companies and do not gain in any way so my opinion is independant and based on my own findings rather than to promote individual companies.

I favour many sites who are unaware of my existence and the fact that they are mentioned on my site, and of course there are a few who are aware too. Nonetheless below are some products I feel are definately worth mentioning since this site is about finding solutions to our problems. They are more like food supplements for the spirit although benefit the body as a whole with healing powers and the way to complete and total health. Once again, read about them and make up your own mind as to whether you feel they will benefit you.

I am now taking Etherium Gold, Chamae Rose and Aulterra and will soon be ordering Etherium Black.

Etherium Products

Aulterra Powder and capsules

This is an organic compound derived from a a rare crystalline rock. It balances the body's magnectic fields and improves metabolism of food and dietary products.

Studies have shown that it also has the ability to improve DNA function opening the potential for a constant state of health and neutralising the toxic effects of substances within the body.

Food and supplements can also be better utilized by sprinkling the contents of a capsule thereon and this increase can be as much as 60 per cent.

Activates DNA

Enhances cellular activity

Neutralizes toxic substances

Reverses cellular aging

Aulterra neutralizes the harmful effects of toxic substances, including toxins in the body. This is accomplished through electromagnetic dynamics that reverses the negative spin of any toxic substance to positive

Quote: "When Aulterra was placed in a ground, organic food product which had a high E. Coli and coliform count, it reduced the count to less than the lowest detectable level"

Please click Here to read a scientific report on Aulterra

Chamae Rose

What is nice about this is that it has a story behind it. A researcher of supplements, Patrick Bailey, had heard stories about Chamae Rose and of an old Native American lady who was curing illness with a certain herb. A friend convinced him that the stories were true and asked him to meet with her. He was struck by her young appearance as she was 81 years old but looked no more than 60.

Her story relates how, at the age of 60, she became very ill with congestive heart and kidney failure. Her tribe told her to prepare to go to "the Great Spirit" and she went high onto sacred ground in the Sierra Mountains. Here she experienced a vision whilst she slept of Jesus telling her to drink a "tea" from a cup which he offered her whilst assuring her that it would make her well again. The tea was red.

When she awoke she was surrounded by the shrub and she at once knew that by digging up the plant and brewing the roots, it would be the same tea that she had drank in her vision. It was the same red tea!! Her symptoms disappeared within two weeks.

She also explained in a lengthy 4 hour discussion, that she had cured many many illnesses in the 20 years since her illness and cure, just by using the herb.

That aside, Chamae Rose is a strong blood purifyer, helping liver, kidneys and lungs to reach optimum function by eliminating accumulated toxins. It is a ground covering shrub and it's botanical name is Chamaebatiaria millifolium, and it grows on the eastern slope of the Sierra Mountains in a white monatomic mineral rich soil. It contains anti-oxidants and has body cleansing abilities. It seems that the very white soil it grows in has miraculous abilities in itself being from the platinum group of elements.

How will it benefit me?


It has many benefits, one being it's ability to beautify the skin, by helping it to become much more supple, improving color, tone, and elasticity. There are many women who use it daily just for this benefit alone.

Detoxification of the body

It is one of the strongest detoxifyers for the body, but will not weaken the body like other detoxifyers, rather, it will strengthen it.

Sinus and Allergies

Helps problems associated with mucous and watering of the sinuses by drying them up and eliminating toher additional symptoms within around 48 hours.

Lungs and Throat

Chamae Rose loosens muscous in the lungs enabling easier removal by coughing and within a few days, eliminates and dries up mucous build up.

Kidneys and Bladder

Chamae Rose strengthens kidney function, increasing the flow of urine whilst also eliminating the need for nightime visits to the lavatory.

It contains highly therapeutic phytochemicals which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant activity.

I certainly feel that this one should be incorporated into a health program as it is entirely natural and it's benefits are vast.


Shamir is brought forth from Mother Earth to you, as an adjunct to the Etherium Gold. It initiates a second phase of clearing which enables us to perceive ourselves more clearly within the context of our growing spiritual/physical lives.

Shamir is a blend of two sacred Earth powders. One powder is from the Earth's southern hemisphere, the other is from the northern hemisphere. This special blend is calculated using a specific mathematical sequence that exists throughout all of nature. After testing numerous deposits and observing many different combinations, we discovered only one blend that produced the same double ascending vortexes that are characteristic of Etherium Gold.

It is important to recognize that Shamir is not a substitute for Etherium Gold, but rather a partner. Shamir's energy and effects, although quite different, work best when used in conjunction with the Gold. Although it is not necessary, we recommend that an individual have experienced the Gold for some time before taking Shamir.

Shamir is a blend of Etherium Gold and trace minerals from volcanic ash that has exceptionally high paramagnetic values.

SHAMIR tends to work with the primal energies of the body, which deal with survival, sexuality and reproduction, and how we socially interact with others. How we interact and perceive ourselves in a social world is largely the result of perceptions of experiences during childhood. Many of these childhood perceptions are in reality misperceptions, yet they stay with us through adulthood, often times without us even realising it. So, we become programmed to respond to situations in certain ways and with certain emotions that may not be in our best interest

Memories connect us to the wisdom of our higher selves. Through the higher self we have access to all the experiences we have had since the very beginning of our creation. The ability to consciously remember past lives provides invaluable insights as to who we are, why we have chosen our particular life's work, our mates, our parents, and even our children.

Many of these memories are stored in the lower three chakra centers of the body. These are the centers that shape our experiences of physical sensation, and our social and intellectual relaitonship with the external world. Along with ancient memories, many core issues and emotions experienced along the path of personal growth and spiritual maturity are rooted in these chakra centers

SHAMIR can take you deep into the subconcious and bring back memories that cause us to perceive situations in an inapropriate way and therefore react inappropriately when similar situations arise.

SHAMIR helps to reconcile these memories and helps eliminate the negative reactions associated with them and that's when healing can occur. It also facilitates the release of memories that no longer serve us.

Once we realise why we react a certain way, we can begin to deal with it. But before we have that awareness, no healing can occur.

SHAMIR is for those who want to know themselves at deeper levels. In a sense, it is a spiritual journey when one goes down a path that will yield greater knowledge of self.

Man, know thy self - is the foundation to spiritual growth. SHAMIR is not a substitute for therapy, but it is a tool to go deeper into self

Etherium Gold powder and capsules

Some fantastic results have been obtained using this product for children with ADD and ADHD, dyslexia and autism. Please Click HERE to read testimonials

This product is a unique mineral found in the Shasta Mountain Matrix of Northern California. Etherium Gold is a trace mineral complex derived from a natural occurring mineral deposit that provides relatively high levels of monatomic minerals. The modality of these minerals in the body appears to be solely electromagnetic, rather than biochemical.

Etherium Gold helps to harmonise, balance, align and enhance our subtle energy fields so providing the life force energy that contributes to the physical expression of spiritual, physical and mental well being.

Spiritually, the result is a greater oneness with the universe and of joy, harmony tranquillity and inner strength and peace. Helps benefit a deep meditative state. Right/left brain balance.

On a physical level - it provides increased vibrancy, stamina and poise and a greater ability to cope with the challenges of daily life and stressful situations. Mentally - it enhances clarity and focus, heightens intuitive abilities, increases positive and decreases negative emotions and makes it easier to cope with and resolve emotional conflicts and provides a greater sense of inner peace.

It expands sensory perception, focuses thought and mental clutter gives way to a more focused thought process. It increases intuitive powers and sixth sense stimulation. A greater insight into self and life situations.

It has helped many children with learning diffuculties such as dyslexia and the makers of this product, Harmonic Innerprizes, have made sure through thorough testing, including an FDA Acute Oral Toxicity Screen and also measured for radioactivity.

This quote has been taken from their website:

"In 1996 we conducted hair analysis on six individuals who signed affidavits stating that they have taken Etherium Gold every day for at least six months at or above the recommended dosage. The purpose was to determine if any of the mineral elements in Etherium Gold were accumulating in the body to toxic levels. The results of these reports showed that no individual exhibited heavy metal toxicity or exceeded the standard deviation for mineral imbalances as a result of taking Etherium Gold"

CAUTION: Do not take Etherium Gold if you are currently taking any neurotropic (substances that affect the nervous system or anti depressants and medication for neurological disorders) or psycotropic (substances that affect the brain, e.g ANY form of anti-depressant) without the full knowledge and written permission of your attending physician.

For further information and reports about Etherium Gold, Black, Red and Pink

Please Click HERE

Are minerals the way to go for an enhanced mental state, peace, tranquility and clarity without dangerous and often frightening medication? If so, There is also Etherium Black, Red and Pink.

Etherium Black is a monotomic mineral like Etherium Gold and has great adaptagenic proerties, meaing that it facilitates the body's ability to adapt to a continuously changing environment and in stressful situations, Etherium Black can evolve the mind to see the situation from a higher perspective, removing negativity and allieviating stress. Stressful situations weaken the immune system's vitality. It's action is almost immediate and unlike agents whose effect in the body is biochemical and thereby has to travel through the digestive system before it is absorbed into the blood stream, Etherium Black's effect creates a noticeable change in the condition often within minutes.

Provides a detoxifying effect on the body and a purifying effect on the spirit.

Etherium Gold and Etherium Black potentize eachother and are ideal to use together as they are complimentary to eachother.

Calms mind and spirit and clears away interferring thoughts, brings peace and serenity removes mental clutter so that Etherium Gold can do it's job better.

Brings emotions into balance in minutes. Can provide relief from allergenic attacks. Can also sober up someone who is drunk in 20 minutes (4 capsules or 1 teaspoon of powder in water) It can expand clarity and heighten sensory perception.

Quotes: "I was truly moved - particularly by the sensorial clarity. Colors and contrasts were greatly enhanced. I felt like I was in a museum where everything was in it's right place."

"Etherium Black has completely taken off in the European rock and celebrity world. The Homeopathic Spray "cocktail" of three squirts Black, and three squirts Gold is pure heaven" (Please note, it is not a drug and is beneficial to our body mind and spirit and will not bring about unwanted feelings)

"My 3-year-old was suffering from an allergic reaction. I gave him a few grains of Black. Within 3 minutes he suddenly sat up, stopped crying, and calmly asked for more Black and a drink of water. His bright red face and intestional irritation were completely gone."

"I gave some Black to an acquaintance who was very drunk. Within 20 minutes he was sober. What a detoxifier!"

CAUTION: Do not take Etherium Black if you are currently taking any neurotropic (substances that affect the nervous system or anti depressants and medications for neurological disorders) or psycotropic (substances that affect the brain, e.g any form of anti-depressant) without the full knowledge and written permission of your attending physician.

Etherium Pink

Etherium Pink is a naturally occurring trace mineral that can effect the flow of energy into the heart chakra.

Love is the energy that fuels our physical and etheric bodies. When the heart chakra is opened, it allows us to experience deeper contact with others.

Brings about a deep sense of fulfillment and greater appreciation of the world and everything in it.

Enhances the union of physical, mental and emotional states and enhances sex at the heart connection level. Regular use provides a deeper relationship with our higher self.

Recommended for people in relationship to use together to assist in their heart connection and communication with each other.

CAUTION: Do not take Etherium pink if you are currently taking any neurotropic (substances that affect the nervous system or anti depressants and medications for neurological disorders) or psycotropic (substances that affect the brain, e.g any form of anti-depressant) without the full knowledge and written permission of your attending physician.

Etherium Red

Cleanses impurities and removes blockages that hold emotional stresses. As life-long emotional stresses are released from the chakras, life enhancing changes begin to take place.

In the meditative state, this produces pleasure and bliss. In the awakened state, we begin to live in perfect health and higher states of consciousness.

Over time, a resonant vibrational link between the heart and the brain evolves. Sonic vibrations are created in the brain by pulsations transmitted from the heart. This causes stimulation of the corpus callosum leading to greater integration of right brain, left brain activity. Greater interplay and coordination between the two hemispheres has been associated with increased psychic ability.

Customers indicate that Etherium Red is indeed excellent for meditation. Also, they find that it enhances sex on a physical and spiritual level. They experience definite psychic enhancement, in addition to that which Etherium Gold gives.

CAUTION: Do not take Etherium Red if you are currently taking any neurotropic (substances that affect the nervous system or anti depressants and medications for neurological disorders) or psycotropic (substances that affect the brain, e.g any form of anti-depressant) without the full knowledge and written permission of your attending physician.

Non of the Etherium powders, although a natural mineral, are recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding

Take heed of the warnings above, as whilst the powders are natural, they should not be used alongside neurological or antidpressant medication or tranquillisers as these medications interfere with brain/neurological chemicals and responses and are not complimentary to the powders

Please click here for instructions on how to take the powders

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