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Latest News 5th January 2010

First of all, A VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. I am back after a long break with lots of new research so watch this space.

The most exciting is a new article on Magnesium of which a deficiency (seen a lot in this day and age) is linked to so many chronic conditions, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune desease and Scoliosis. Thyroid patients are notoriously low in magnesium. Are we at last finding a link that the medical profession has missed?

Many heart problems are linked to magnesium deficiency as well as depression etc. Could it be that magnesium deficiency is at thr root of it all??

These days people are more conccerned with calcium intake and this in itself causes health problems and calcification due to build up in the system of unused calcium. Calcium needs magnesium so if we are deficient in magnesium through our concern with calcium, then we are probably causing ourself a lot more health issues.

I am writing an article on magnesium so please come back to read more on this as well as the connection with scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, thyroid disease and many many more.

Do Not Take L-tyrosine if you are also taking synthetic T4 (thyroxine) or any thyroid medication. L tyrosine should only be taken under the supervision of a medical professional. Can increase heart rate causing unwanted effects. L-tyrosine should NOT be taken by anyone suffering from high blood pressure.

Latest News 26th August 2009

Went to Endocrinologist today - what a result!!!

Introducing my new Endocrinoligist - R. Nithiyananthan

No, he didn't work any miracles, but his attitude was very refreshing. At last, an Endo who will listen.

We started off with me having a real attitude problem. My appointment was late (supposed to be 2.45pm but didnt get seen until 3.25pm) Mike and I sat outside and I was getting more and more angry. I was called at last and of course to say the least, he dared to ask me how I was!!! To which I replied, "Well, how do you think?" (tsk tsk)

He asked me lots of questions and I was very irritated having to explain it all over again. I told him how I could not tolerate thyroxine (over 75mg) and Armour thyroid either. (challenged him mentally to argue this point, tell me that he hadn't heard of it or other reasons) I explained that Thyroxine made me well for a short while, then I deteriorated. Likewise I explained how Thyroxine over 75mcg caused chest pain and also Armour and T3 8in small doses. I felt I was stuck in this world where i was medicated but constantly tired with muscle pain and weakness etc.i told him I was taking everything under the s7un to help me and that i had done lots of research and knew all there is to know, since I was actually part of the "thyroid world"

At this point he read my notes noting that I had several casualty vists. He then said that I would need to have an angio gram if thyroxine continued to cause chest pain when the dosage was increased. I explained that once the thyroxine was stopped, the chest pain ceased. He then said that thyroxine can unmask cardiac problems and that those with hypothyroidism can have underlying cardiac problems which, when treated, expose the cardiac element.I was quite taken aback, especially knowing that my mother had a triple bypass. (untreated hypothyroidism) I then stated that untreated hypothyrodism causes cardiac problems and waitied for him to comment.

He stated that he does not go on the TSH alone and listens to the patient. He feels that with me, thyroxine therapy can't be maximised because as soon as it is increased, chest pain occurs which means that the dose needs to be decreased again. This simply means that I am never getting to optimal dose. I explained that I had had all manor of tests, stress tests, heart scans and adrenal but he said that the angiogram would reveal the underlying problem. I refused to have an angiogram unless thyroxine caused the chest pain to return. I had blood tests to confirm the thyroid levels and he will go from there. If they are poor, he will increase thyroxine meds to 75mcg.

If not, I will stay on 50mcg (he feels this dose is far too low)and an angiogramm will be performed.

He is going to do a Cortisol test, thyroid scan and is considering a trial of Armour thyroid or T4/T3 combination depending on my test results (he is going to do a FT3 - rare, eh?) he feels that stress hormones are being produced but does not know to what extent. I agreed that my adrenals are probably knackered through stess, but he did not comment.

On the whole, I could tell he really knew what he was talking about. I asked why I am not converting T4 to T3. He thinks i am converting. He also said that the subject was very diverse with lots of opinions and that to be honest, no one really seems to know the answers. He said we can only investigate and see what comes up. Mike thanked him for helping us. (I wanted to shoot Mike) and explained that no interest is taken in thyroid disease. (He looked mystified by this and I wanted to go home)

He also said he is open to views and hear what the "thyroid world" are saying as opposed to the medical world. (at this point I wanted to hear more)

This is the first time any endo has actually admitted to me that there is a "thyroid world" outside of medical opinion.

On the whole, for the first time, I actually trust the Endo??? How strange is that. I have an appointment for 18th Nov (watch this space) but in the meantime, depending on the blood tests, he will be writing to me. (and the GP)

If anyone else want to know about a good endo, (open to using T3/T4 combinations and Armour thyroid) Mr (DR) R. Nithiyananthan (also known as Doctor Nithy) would be a very good choice. (currently works under the Epsom and St Helier Trust, Surrey) and of course, he is open to suggestion and prepared o experimen with treatment (rare) and not pig headed about Levothyroxine being the only "cure"

Hope this has helped those who are currently seeking a good Endo

Latest News 8rd July 2009

Look out for the following pages soon: Join up to the RSS feed to receive instant updates as pages are updated

Seroxat: Dangers and stories from patients who have been affected by this anti-depressant.

Healthy Meal ideas. Sometimes it is hard to know what to have. Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners as well as healthy snacks.

The Heavy Metal page to be completed.

DHEA How can it help and do you need it?

Aldosterone A hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Are you deficient and how can you tell?

What is Sporotrichiosis?

Lipoma's What are they and are they dangerous?

Latest News 29th June 2009

Swine Flu and Autoimmune Disease

Friday, my youngest daughter came home from her year 6 school trip. She was quite unwell and burning hot. Silly, but it never occured to me that it could be Swine Flu.

Today I phoned the school to say she wasn't coming in. They called back about half hour later asking if I could possibly take her to the doctor. When I asked why, they said that many of the children in her class who had been on the trip had called in sick and that they also had another class full of kids coughing.

Niamhs symptoms? Fever, headache, hacking cough, sweats and shivering, aching all over, very sore throat and feeling a bit sick. Like normal flu. For some reason I saw Swine flu as being more like a plague!!

I phoned my doctor who told me NOT to bring her near the surgery. I was told to contact NHS Direct, which I did. It took about 4 hours to get through. They took details and told me they would call me back within 24 hours. (you could be dead in that time)

Someone called me from their health team and stated that it was most probably Swine Flu and told me that a nurse would be calling to arrange Tamiflu, the antiviral medication. I asked if they were going to swab my daughter to confirm it and they said no.

At the moment, I am still waiting for the call.

However, apparently I have to have Tamiflu too because I have an autoimmune disease and Clare (15) needs it because she has asthma.

Anyone with a long term chronic condition is in the higher risk group.

So, if you or a loved one developes symptoms or you have been in contact with a confirmed case, call NHS direct as your doctor probably wont see you. The number to call in the UK is: 0845 4647 (yes it is strange number)

For much more information and to go direct to NHS Direct website and the link for Q and A's, please click here

Latest on this. NHS called but it was too late for Tamilflu because they took so long to call back. Niamh is recovered and back to school. 100 children are now absent in her school, 30 from her year alone.

Symptoms are no worse than any other flu and appear quite mild. However, there seems to be a more severe bout on the way autumn/winter. It might be better to catch it now. (not deliberately) Some immunity may be built up this way as the Swine Flu virus has not been enountered before so our immune systems will not recognise it.

Latest News 10th June 2009

Coming Soon:

Loads more info from research and therapies

1. Details of my second and third visits to Chris Carter and her Asyra System click here to visit her website

2. Heavy Metal Detoxification. All about this, how it affects you, especially if you have a thyroid illness, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and how to treat this.

3. DHEA - why supplementing may help you

4. Aldosterone what is it and why you may be deficient

5. What is Sporotrichiosis?

Find out here soon - lots to write up for your benefit and wellbeing, so check back regularly - sign up to the RSS feed so you are made aware of every new update.

Latest News 26th May 2009

Asyra diagnostic bio-energetic screening and Scenar pain management device

Today my daughter and I went to visit Chris Carter, a nutritional therapist based in Wallington, Surrey who contacted me through this site. She uses a system called Asyra which takes energetic readings of the body with immediate results displayed on a computer screen.

The results for me displayed many problems including possible Lyme Disease which is well known for causing endocrine illness, Fibromyalgia and CFS.

It also showed my Thyroid problem, hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, inflammation in the body, joint and muscle problems, parasites, digestive disturbances and vitamin and mineral imbalances and pituitary hormone problems etc.

For Clare, it showed a thyroid problem, inflammation, her IBS, hormone imbalance, Lyme Disease and a variety of other disturbances.

We were given some special drops, tailor made to our complaints and the results produced by Asyra, which we take under our tongue, twice a day, morning and night. We are to return in a week for a follow up visit.

As we both have scoliosis, we also received therapy via Scenar, a hand held device which stimulates the nervous system and relieves pain. Clare had a lower back ache which was relieved in minutes. My wrist pain was also relieved and 5 hours later, has not returned.

The machine was placed on either side of our spines and a variety of readings recorded. Chris stated that in some cases, scoliosis can be treated, depending on the degree of curvature and of course the age of the patient.

Chris also told us, as in most healing therapies, sometimes you can feel energized or become worse while healing is under way.

Like peeling the layers off an onion, other problems can be uncovered as more sessions are undertaken and are also treated.

I will publish my results on this website for your perusal so that you can see the kind of results the Asyra System produces.

I look forward to our session next week to see how the therapy developes, and thank Chris for her kindness in treating myself and Clare today and for giving up her time for us.

To read more about Chris and her therapies, please click here

Latest News 13th May 2009

DHEA is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands which peaks in your 20's then starts to decline.

It can also burn out when we have adrenal fatigue and need replenishing and of course we can buy it inexpensively in supplements on the internet which is a blessing as most doctors or endocrinologists won't give it to you.

It is available in a variety of strengths from 5mg to 75mg, but is best started at a low dose (like all hormone replacement) and then increased as needed.

There have been many articles written on DHEA and it is said to help in a variety of age related illnesses and chronic illness in general, from autoimmune disease such as Lupus to chronic fatigue syndrome and also depression, increasing metabolism and libido, stabilising blood sugar, lowers blood cholesterol.

Latest News 30 April 2009

Throughout the journey in treating thyroid illness, we have learned many things.

1. Levothyroxine (synthetic T4) doesn't work long term and leaves us with hypothyroid symptoms and a worsening condition as well as increasing risk of other illnesses and chronic conditions.

2. The whole body needs to be treated. Meaning we need to look at more than our thyroid. Specifically: candida, adrenal fatigue, liver funtion and kidney function as well as the correction of vitamin/mineral/amino acid deficiencies and Ferritin levels.

3. Armour thyroid is the best treatment. Why? because it contains ALL the thyroid hormones. Second best is a T3/T4 combination at the very least.

4. We need to use supplements to treat thyroid disease in addition to Armour. Specifically: Iron, Magnesium, Vitamins C, A, B-complex, D3, Zinc and copper. We also need Amino Acids and good quality food supplements like chlorella, MSM, Milk thistle for our liver, etc.

5. We need to change our lifestyle. This means a chemical free life. Especially: Fluoride and Chlorine Limiting chemicals in body-care and household cleaning products and changing our diet, especially if we have candida to ensure we do not have sugar. We need to cut our alcohol and stimulants to protect our adrenals, give up smoking and take up light exercise. We need more sunlight (without the use of chemical sunscreens) but we also need to take care in the sun (skin cancer).

7. We need to be educated about our condition by reading through books and valuable websites to learn as much as we can about our condition and the most effective way to deal with it.

8. We need to be aware that Armour Thyroid medication requires raising to optimal doses to be fully effective in eliminating all our symptoms. We also need to be aware that fatigued or weak adrenals, candida or liver dysfunction can make treatment more challenging and these conditions need to be treated, preferrably BEFORE treating our thyroid with treatment being ongoing.

9. We can find a good Doctor or Practitioner to work with us. In most cases, they will be private. Don't underestimate that many well informed nutritional practitioners are just as savvy and capable, many more so.

All in all, we need to make drastic changes which take a lot of dicipline, but in the end we will reap the rewards.

Marianne Christie

Latest News 16th April 2009

Hashimoto's Disease - to treat or not to treat - That is The Question......

I have had Hashimoto's Disease for around 26 years. It started when I was around 18 or possibly before.

What I have learned?

Well, Hashimoto's disease should not be left untreated as many doctors think. they actually think that because of the hyper/hypo swings, they can't treat it.

It can be treated successfully with Armour Thyroid medication and the trick is raising it high enough to eliminate the swings and stop the attack on the thyroid.

Selenium is good for reducing thyroid antibodies but should not be a substitute for thyroid medication as it won't eliminate symptoms, but will enhance the action of thyroid meds.

T4 in the form of prescription thyroxine will not in any way benfit you long term as like all hypothyroid patients, you still need thyroid hormones - ALL of them and not just T4.

The trick is in gradually dosing high enough with Armour to stop the attacks and therefore reducing the antibodies and future attacks.

Hashimoto's has even been misdiagnosed as Bi-polar disorder. I know how this is possible since I myself have hashimoto's and this is because you are hyper one minute and hypo the next, up one minute and very down the next.

Many Hashi's and indeed hypothyroid patients have a lot of other things going on in combination with their thyroid illness such as systemic candida, other autoimmune disorders, adrenal fatigue in the form of low cortisol, food intolerances such as gluten or lactose intolerance and even Celiac disease, a intolerance of gluten.

Many thyroid patients have low B12, low ferritin, D3, magnesium, zinc and copper as a result of their illness.

When you take everything into account, you realise how the NHS are not treating our condition correctly AT ALL. Far from it. They are just "patching us up" with incorrect meds such as statins, blood pressure tablets, antidepressants etc.

Many women are continuing to be ill - some seriously from my experience of dealing with women through this website.

Many women are literally crying out for help and suffer with anxiety as well as their illness with no one to talk to.

I just hope those women find this website so they can be pointed in the right direction.

We wander around in a maze with thyroid disease not knowing which way to turn. It is a complicated illness and needs specialist handling. With thyroid disease on the increase to almost epidemic proportions, it is time the NHS and RCP took heed of patient advocate websites and acted accordingly.

Latest News 4th March 2009

I haven't been able to do the site for a while due to ill health and bigtime adrenal problems so my apologies. I am currently trying to get this sorted out and will let you know my prgress.

However, a smile has been put on my face today by my friend Bipin who has been in contact with me for some time now because of this website so I thank God that I decided to build a website as I have made a lot of friends through it and friends like Bipin are hard to find

Bipin is from India and is only a young man in his 20's. He has suffered from an extremely severe form of scoliosis and was very depressed as he could hard sit at all due to his deformity.

He has now had surgery and I am in the process of writing about his experiences on this website. He is a very brave young man who I feel is very special. My thoughts and very best wishes and prayers are always with him.

You will soon be able to read about him complete with photographs as he has kindly sent his x-rays, pre and post surgery and it is mamazing to see as well as acknowledge the great skill of his surgeon.

Those who subscribe to the RSS feed will be able to be updated when this is live on the website. It was a life changing experience for Bipin. Could it be for you?

I look forward to surgery myself but until my own illness is stable, they won't even consider surgery because my adrenal glands are not functioning correcly and the stress of surgery on them would be too great.

However, until then I live in hope!!

Latest News 5th February 2009

Just to update everyone as I have not been on the site for a while. I started Armour thyroid on Saturday 31st January. I stopped my L-thyroxine 100mcg the morning before and Saturday morning took 1/4 grain Armour at 8am and 1/4 grain at 2pm.

Can't quite believe I have finally done it!!

On Monday, I realised that once the thyroxine (T4) was out of my system I would get hypo symptoms with a vengeance so I increased the Armour to 1/2 a grain twice a day. I noticed some small benefits such as pinker skin, less pain in joints, more rested looking, not as stiff, but this afternoon (thursday) I feel weak as a kitten with absolutely no energy at all. Bearing in mind that the 100mcg is now virtually gone completely from my system I realise of course that I need to increase the Armour to a level to compensate, however, this will have to be done very very slowly.

This Saturday, 7th Feb, I am increasing by 1/2 grain to 1 1/2 grains a day and staying on this dose for 2 to 3 weeks. I know that I will suffer but as I said, it must be gradual.

I will then increase to 2 grains and stay on that dose for 4 weeks after which time I will increase again by 1/4 grain every two to 3 weeks until I am at the optimal dose which I estimate should be around May time. (Long time to feel bad though)

I will keep the site updated on my progress from stopping Levothyroxine and starting Armour which I have wanted to do for some time but was too nervous to stop the thyroxine for fear of the symptoms. However, it has been as expected but with some small benefits and at least I have done it now and can expect much better results long term. It's the weakness and tiredness that I find hard.

I have now been on Nutri Adrenal for around 4 months, the last two of which have been the Adrenal extra. I have also been taking the liquorice and Siberian Ginseng, high dose vitamin C (Viridian Ester C 950mg twice a day), Selenium 200mg (Viridian), VegEpa 4 tablets a day, Vitamin D3 and Balanced Iron Complex in the evenings (Viridian)

I have been taking Melatonin which I started at 1mg and increased to 3mg as I was feeling very "wired" at bedtimes but this has improved so I am reducing the dose to 2mg. Melatonin should not be taken by anyone on antidepressants or tranquillisers. To read more about Melatonin, please click here

This regime will be different for everyone. I have Hashimoto's so do not have a working thyroid at all now which is why the hypo symptoms are so bad. For those who have a low thyroid, caution should be exercised and a lower dose maintained for 3 weeks before increasing gradually. start at 1/4 grain and increase every two to three weeks. When and if you reach 2 grains,(you may not need this much), hold that dose for a bit longer (4 - 5 weeks) so your body gets used to the T3.

Please click here to read more about mistakes patients make when starting or changing to Armour Thyroid.

Latest News 21st January 2009

I have started a discussion forum so that we can support one another, share information and knowledge and ask any questions. These forums are a great idea to stop patients feeling alone. If you can't find out something on one, you may be able to on another. They are not in competition with each other and on the contrary have everyone's interest at heart because they share the same values and that is to get better diagnosis and treatment for thyroid disease and associated illness.

Please do join up here, the more the merrier

Latest News 14th January 2009

Please read Stop the Thyroid Madness written by Janie Bowthorpe, herself a sufferer of hypothyroidism. Very informative book and everyone who is hypothyroid should have it.

Latest News 8th January 2009

Attention Fibromyalgia Sufferers!!

This is a poorly understood condition by our health service and also many doctors worldwide and it is generally treated as a rheumatic condition.

However, some doctors have discovered a link between a low thyroid state and fibromyalgia. Doctor John Lowe has discovered that many of his thyroid patients also had fibromyalgia and likewise, many of his fibromyalgia patients also have low T3 or even full blown hypothyroidism. T3 is a thyroid hormone, the biologically active hormone needed for metabolism and energy within every cell in our body.

My good friend, who has fibromyalgia herself runs a tried and tested project. I introduced the above concept to her after reading about John Lowe's theory and she attended a meeting where Lyn Mynott from Thyroid UK was speaking. She immediately thought about how the symptoms were so similar.

Likewise, I have Hashimoto's disease but also have severe muscle and joint pain like fibro sufferers. There has to be a connection.

My friend and her Tried and Tested Group have been testing a wide range of products and therapies geared towards fibromyalgia and they are now testing the new protocol for the metabolic treatment of fibromyalgia using Armour Thyroid and/or T3 as well as adrenal support and supplements geared towards improving adrenal function and therefore thyroid function. The lack of the hormone T3 or a low production of T3 as well as convertion problems are thought by Dr John Lowe to be the culprit.

To read the results of the project so far in pdf, please click here

The new protocol is in its infancy and the ladies testing Armour and T3 have only just started using it so there are no conclusive results on this as yet but these will be documented when available. Most of them are also seeing Doctor Peatfield and being guided by him in the metabolic treatment of fibromyalgia.

They were all found to be low in T3 and also had varying degrees of adrenal fatigue, so Nutri Adrenal supplements are also being used as you will see from the report.

If you want to know more about this treatment protocol, please contact me using the contact form on my contact page.

I am also writing an E-book about the Protocol which will be available to download on this website shortly at a cost of £5

We are very excited about the new treatment protocol and are sure it is the answer to our suffering, having read doctor Peatfield's book and also various books on the subject including Doctor John Lowe's metabolic treatment of fibromyalgia.

Doctor Peatfield gave up his time to talk to the group and guide us in the protocol. You will find a lot of valuable advice in the E-book as I took lots of notes and have done extensive research on this topic. I have been as jargon free as possible so hope it will be an interesting and enlightening read.

We now look forward to the ladies in her tried and tested group becoming well so that we can help and guide others in the protocol and hopefully this will then help thousands. The main objective of My friend's group and indeed websites like this is to help others and find the best way of doing so by research and testing various methods until we hit the nail on the head so to speak.

Many women are in a maze where thyroid illness exists and are being tested over and over again by their GP's only to be told that they are "normal" despite having clear clinical symptoms.

Then there are those who are taking Levothyroxine (Synthroid) and still having symptoms who are unaware that they may have conversion problems, T4 resistance, or a toxic build up of T4. They are continuing to suffer through the lack of knowledge of doctors.

May I state for the record that my own new GP, Doctor Louise O'Hehir is brilliant. She has done her very best in trying to help and is good enough and brave enough to admit that she is not an expert in the thyroid. Her attitude is refreshing and I just wish there were more GP's like her.

This website is to inform those that there are many other options other than the NHS way.

Other important websites that are extremely supportive and are fighting for recognition of thyroid disease and proper treatment are:

Thyroid UK

Thyroid Patient Advocacy

Stop the Thyroid Madness

Latest News 24th November

Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and Hashimoto's Disease

Those of us with Hashimoto's Disease often wonder how much more we can take.

Hashimoto's Disease is also associated with POF and is actually the most common cause.

POF is very hard to diagnose starts usually before the age of 40 and sometimes goes un-noticed, especially if a young woman in her 20's is taking the contraceptive pill and then decides to stop in order to become pregnant. It can take months or even years to get a correct diagnosis.

Many gynaecologists put it down to stress or to the stress of trying for a baby. However once diagnosed the mental trauma of being told that you have premature ovarian failure can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying for a baby or have been for some time.


Irregular bleeding, infrequent of light bleeding, cessation of mentrual bleeding for several months then resuming or complete cessation. An early indication would be a menstrual cycle of less than 21 days.

The symptoms may appear suddenly or be a gradual process but infertility, hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, moodiness and irritabilty, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, coarse and falling hair and other menopausal symptoms are experienced in addition to menstruation problems.

How can it be diagnosed?

An endocrinologist dealing with the reproductive system is the best to diagnose this condition but also one who has experience of autoimmune thyroidisitis and a blood test measuring follicle stimulating hormone will be used and when the value is over 40 mIU/ml on at least two occasions over a four week period, the diagnosis can safely be made for sure. Other tests such as thyroid auto-antibodies or other tests for autoimmune disease may also be made since the two are associated. Often, this is how Hashimoto's Disease is discovered, through a diagnosis of POF, so the underlying thyroid condition will also need to be treated. In some cases once Armour Thyroid is given, then those affected may become pregnant or resume menstruation although this is not always the case but Stephen Langer in his book "Solved: The Riddle of Illness" had much success of treating seemingly infertile women with thyroid hormone.

This has happened to me and I started having symptoms in my 30's not long after the birth of my 4th child in 1998. It actually started with the odd hot flush but my periods were extremely heavy and not light as mentioned above. They actually restricted me to the house.

I began to get night sweats when I was 39 as well as all the symptoms above and assumed a premature menopause. Then the frequency of the hot flushes and night sweats increased until they were nearly all the time. I commenced Natural Progesterone and for two years I was symptom free. My periods actually stopped altogether and quite suddenly in February 2008 after a time of stress. The hot flushes and night sweats started again even with Natural Progesterone and became unbearable.

They are now in control although not gone completely and I don't experience hot flushes during the day, only at night. I still use Natural Proesterone cream but have learned to use a bit less through reading John Lee's hormone Balance Made Simple

What I did not realise is that it was not actually early menopause at all, but POF due to Hashimoto's Disease. I am now 45 and have had no periods for almost a year after suffering from around the age of 36 with symptoms leading to complete ovarian failure.

I will be seeing Doctor Peatfield soon to get on top on this illness as I am aware that he has very good results with Hashimoto's disease as well as hypothyroidism, adrenal Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

For more information please click here

Latest News 23rd November

I have expressed to everyone how I feel about those with thyroid disease educating themselves about their condition.

Many of us with a thyroid illness or autoimmune disease will also be suffering with adrenal fatigue. Since the endocrine system is responsible for hormone output and any kind of imbalance leads to illness, I feel that we should make sure we are completely savvy about our illnesses.

This book is fabulous. Doctor Peatfield respects and has learned much from Thierry Hertoghe. Since Doctor Peatfield's treatment protocol is the one I recommend on this website, anything he recommends, I will post here. He is my doctor of choice so please contact me for his outreach clinic details. He is not particularly expensive compared to all the others on my list and he is so committed to making us well.

It would be a shame to miss out. Read below about a lady who was very ill with Hashimoto's disease and wheelchair bound because of it and who was made well by Doctor Peatfield.

I was so ill I could barely breathe Independent, The (London), Sep 5, 2006, by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

But for now, keep educated and read

Latest News 20th November 2008

Iron Deficiency and Hypothyroidism

There are many minerals needed for correct thyroid hormone metabolism - selenium, iodine, zinc and iron

If we are iron deficient, then synthesis of thyroid hormone may be affected. Iron deficiency may alter thyroid hormone metabolism and reduce the all important conversion of T4 to T3 as well as increasing TSH levels.

We don't need to be severely anemic. If we have low levels of ferritin and are hypothyroid, then this can affect us. Anyone with a level less than 60mg/dL needs to be supplemented so that levels are ideally between 70 and 90mg/dL

If we are taking thyroxine, then low iron levels will affect our response to our medication and we will not be benefitting.

It is therefore wise to check that your Ferritin levels are not below 60mg/dL and if so, then we need to supplement and have blood levels checked.

Doctors normally supplement with Ferrous Sulphate 325mg and depending on the severity, the dose will be between one and three tablets a day.

Since iron supplements can cause constipation, you should drink plenty and increase fiber to avoid this although you can purchase products to help with this if you explain to the pharmacist that your supplements are causing constipation.

If you are taking thyroid hormone, you should not take iron within 4 hours of taking your medication as iron interferes with absorption

I have today emailed the General Medical Council because I am so sick and tired on the treatment of thyroid patients and ever increasing evidence of good doctors being banished from practice due to helping thyroid patients. It is like a conpiracy. Please email them to complain about our treatment in the UK

Latest News 14th November 2008

The Importance of Digestive Enzymes

If you eat cooked food, then digestive enzymes are very important to include in your chosen supplements.


Digestive enzymes are present in raw food, but once food is cooked, they are destroyed.

They help us to digest and absorb food and because of this, they should be included in an anti-candida program. When food is correctly absorbed it means that candida can't feed on left over undigested food particles. Combined with a product like Threelac it is beneficial in ridding the body of candida.

Other products that can assist this is Wormwood acidophilus, Bayberry formula and Olive Leaf Extract

Have I got Candida?

Click here to view a test you can do at home

Also, by the time we are 40, we produce less digestive enzymes which then causes health problems and disease.

Digestive enzymes are an essential in our daily life and especially those who are hypothyroid and therefore have a sluggish diestive transit. i always use them and consequently have far less bloating as a result.

Digestive enzymes also help:

IBS, Lactose Intolerance, Acid Reflux, Bloating and gas, constipation, heart burn, diarrhoea and acid indigestion.

Click here to view Active Digestive Enzymes or click here to see another digestive enzymes product from my favourite Regenerative Nutrition

Petitions for better care and diagnosis for patients with Thyroid Disease


IHS Petition

Medical Justice Petition

Vitamin B12 is needed for energy especially if you are a Vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian, you could have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. There is precious little B12 in vegetables and B12 is abundant in meat.

Vitamin B12 is needed for the formation of red blood cells and assisting the body in efficiently using iron. It is needed for cell formation and longevity.

It is needed for digestion, food absorption and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

It is also needed for the correct functioning of the nervous system.

It is needed for Adrenal Hormone production and boosting the immune system

Hypothyroid patients are at particular risk of B12 deficiency.

Why? Because a poorly funtioning thyroid affects absorption of B12

We actually need a sublingual B12 in the form of Methylcobalamin.

B12 also helps reduce serum homocysteine levels in conjunction with B6 and folic acid. High homocysteine levels put you at risk of heart attack, stroke, or vascular disease.

You can obtain an excellent sublingual form of B12 from The Finchley Clinic

Latest News 11th November 2008

Galactorrhoea? What on earth is that?

Do you ever notice that you have a milky discharge from your breasts but are not pregnant or breastfeeding? In fact, like me, many of you may not have had a baby for many years. (my youngest is now 10) This is called Galactorrhoea.

This is actually fairly common in hypothyroidism, so if you have been worrying, then stop.

It can indicate other things (in the absence of hypothyroidism) but we are not going to cover them as they will just cause more worry.

As many of you may already know, what affects one gland in the endocrine system will also affect others.

If you suffer with primary hypothyroidism then it is likely that you may suffer with Galactorrhoea and may have done so for some time.

You may be low in DHEA or testosterone which would also cause you to "lactate" without actually being pregnant. DHEA is a precursor hormone that converts into testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, etc These hormones are produced by the adrenal glands and usually hypothyroid patients are also suffering from adrenal fatigue and may be desperate for these other hormones. Thing is, while we are on T4 (levothyroxine) we are just not going to get any better. Also, doctors should treat adrenal fatigue prior to putting patients on synthetic T4 or any thyroid hormone, including Armour. The reason for this is that when we are put on synthetic T4, our adrenal glands experience more revving which in turn exhausts them further.

You can obtain an adrenal stress index tests which is only available by purchasing from a lab for around £80 but I can supply details on request or go to Thyroid UK's website

This will show you your cortisol and DHEA levels. You will then be able to determine whether you are low/high in adrenal hormones which may be causing Galactorrhoea.

T2 or diiodothyronine

The T2 issue is very confusing as research is very new. We know that by taking Armour Thyroid we are getting all the thyroid hormones including T2. T2 is needed for the deiodinase enzyme which converts T4 into T3 and also T3 into T2, confusing as that may sound and very difficult to explain. Those of us taking synthetic T4 are not getting all the thyroid hormones needed to feel well, and are therefore going to remain ill. T2 is needed for production of the very fuel for our cells as it acts directly on the mitochondria (the energy production centre)

The worrying part is that we can also develope cell resistance to synthetic T4, so that it will start to lose effect and we will not be able to convert T4 to T3.

Those who remain undiagnosed have lots of tissue damage so may take a long time to get well because of this. Cell receptor sites begin to close down. This kind of untreated hypothyroidism leads to fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression etc.

There is even evidence to suggest that low T3 is related to Alzheimers and also to Bi polar disorder.

We need to take action to be treated properly by our Doctors. After all, if he is treating us for a respiratory infection and it doesn't go away, he changes the dose or the brand. Then why can't he do that for us who are taking levothyroxine and are still sick? Why can't doctors offer T3 (Cytomel or Tertroxin) additionally or Armour plus T3 or Armour plus T4? Why can't treatment be tailored to the needs of the patient and what about adrenal fatigue? That needs treating too and before prescribing any thyroid treatment.

Why, Oh Why aren't doctors asking the following questions:

Why is my patient still complaining of so many symptoms even though I have prescribed Levothyroxine?

Why do I have to prescribe Statins and anti-depressants to my patient to lower cholesterol and allieviate depression when they are taking Levothyroxine? And why are these medications not working for my patient?

Have I checked their Free T3 levels? And if so, are they significantly lower than Free T4?

Why is my patient no recovering even after years of medication and why are they developing additional symptoms or getting worse?

Why can't I prescribe Armour Thyroid when my patient asks for it?

Are they suffering from Adrenal Fatigue and, if so, why can't I treat it with low dose hydrocortisone, DHEA, adrenal glandulars or a combination?

What other hormones is my patient deficient in? Can I prescribe natural trans-dermal bio identical progesterone as part of the treatment protocol?

We ask: "Why are these treatments being left to Doctor Barry Durrant Peatfield? He must be run ragged, yet without the likes of him and many other likeminded doctors so disapproved of by the GMC, we would be lost. Especially when these very doctors are directing us, writing books for us, being struck off for us and ultimately making us well again?

We all need to start asking a lot of questions, don't you think?

Latest News 7th November 2008

A Panic Attack, heart attack or Thyroid Storm?

A friend of mine was walking around Sainsbury's. Suddenly, they experienced intense heat, began to pour with sweat, feel breathless, dizzy and nauseous. They began feeling as though they were going to faint and even had some degree of chest pain and a very fast heart rate. It all happened very suddenly and without provocation of any kind. Her sister was with her and thought she was having a panic attack. Another shopper who stopped to help though it was a heart attack.

Because she felt so unwell, the staff called an ambulance and she ended up in casualty with a suspected heart attack. However, observations showed that her heart was fine and tests revealed "thyroid storm".

Hyperthyroidism can also go undiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to the start of a heart attack or a panic attack.

Left untreated, it can lead to heart arrythmias, delirium, high blood pressure and heart failure. In half of hyperthyroid cases, it can lead to thyroid eye disease.

Graves disease is usually the problem and it causes most cases of hyperthyroidism. It is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid where it produces too much thyroid hormone.

It is treatable with anti thyroid medication and should not be allowed to continue, so, if you feel this may be you, then ask your doctor for TSH, free and total T3 AND T4 and antithyroglobulin and anti-TPO antibodies.

Certain things should be avoided such as caffeine, alcohol, any kind of tobacco, antihistamines or supplements that stimulate.

You will need extra nutritional help to help your recovery from damage caused in the form of 1000 mg of the amino acid L-carnitine and vitamins A, C and E, beta carotene, lycopene, co enzyme Q 10, natural vitamin E, pycnogenol, grapeseed extract, alpha lipoic acid as these have a high anti free radical effect especially when your body has been exposed to the trauma of too much thyroid hormone. 100 mg of the B complex too. Radishes, pears, brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli can also help as can bananas, avocados wholegrain cereals. You would need to eat plenty of them daily. Also 10 mg manganese. They won't cure hyperthyroidism, but you need them more.

Loss of bone mass is critical to hyperthyroid patients so plenty of sunlight to produce vitamin D.

So if these symptoms are something you experience regularly, please think thyroid and get it checked rather than keep visiting A & E only to be sent home, more worried and baffled than ever.

Latest News 6th November 2008

Complexion and the Thyroid

Did you know that a bad complexion can sometimes be a sign of hypothyroidism?

In extreme cases, the skin is deprived of up to 80 per cent of it's normal blood flow thus reducing the supply of nutrients delivered to cell. This also affects removal of waste products from the skin.

This then results in: blackheads, whiteheads, acne, boils and spots, pimples, eczema, scaly skin, psoriasis, etc.

Thyroid treatment often leads to complete erradication of all these problems.

So, if you are suffering from many symptoms of hypothyroidism and also have a very poor complexion, despite being very careful with your skincare routine and have tried almost everything to improve your skin but little or no results, then think "thyroid". It really is responsible for so much.

Latest News 4th november 2008

Ebook update

I have been writing my ebook, "The All Singing and Dancing Guide to the Thyroid and Associated Illness"

I have had some requests already in response to my update, but it is taking a lot longer than I expected due to so much detail, research and the fact that I have been speaking to other experts in the process. Please be assured that I will email those who expressed an interest as soon as it is ready. I do want to get it right and it will be worth it.


I was reading Dr Mercola's site as he has a brilliant health website and his views on the thyroid are in the ethos of Doctors Peatfield, Lowe and others.

He has informed us that fluoride is now being put into our childrens milk in 42 schools in Sheffield. This is absolutely disgraceful and I was truly stunned by this. The idea is to prevent tooth decay. Evidence shows that fluoride has minimal effect on tooth decay and now even many dentists agree on this.

Please click here to read the evidence.

This is being done despite the proof that fluoride is toxic and is linked to liver and kidney damage, cancer and many other illnesses. It is of particular damage to the thyroid and competes with iodine at the receptor sites as it is of similar chemical composition.

Are we going to breed a generation of people with thyroid disease as a result?

Surely, with all the warnings, and thyroid disease on the increase, the NHS should be more responsible? Apparently they are now in talks over adding fluoride to the water.

It's unbelieveable sad and shocking. This is the same NHS that are treating us for thyroid disease!! How ironic is that?

The negative effects of the chemical fluorine will far outweigh any positive effect (if indeed there are any at all)

Please read this Scientific American Study regarding the negative effects of fluoride on the endocrine system, particularly the thyroid.

Latest News 3rd November 2008

Calling all those with Fibromyalgia

My friend who has Fibromyalgia has a get well group and we have been discussing possible causes. Since I have been researching thyroid disease, I have come across a lot of information and studied John Lowe and Doctor Barry Peatfields research and treatment on Thyroid Hormone resistance and Fibromyalgia.

Thing is, they believe that Fibromyalgia is really untreated hypothyroidism, and it seems they may well be right.

If you suffer and have had thyroid tests come back as "normal" it would be a good idea to get a 24 hour T4/T3 test done. These can be ordered from Thyroid UK's website.

Some of our ladies who have Fibromyalgia have carried out tests and are finding this research to be realistic. Their tests are coming back as low T3, the vital thyroid hormone.

If this is the case, with Armour thyroid treatment, you too could be free of Fibro symptoms. There is a big but....Adrenal Fatigue needs treating too as this is what is causing the low T3. You will need to get an Adrenal Stress Index test, (also from thyroid UK) and find out if this is the case before treating the thyroid. Results are very encouraging.

Remember: What affects the thyroid will affect the adrenals and vice versa. They are after all, part of the endocrine system.

Please contact me for more details as I really want to help.

This doesn't just apply to Fibromyalgia sufferers, so if you have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's Disease and have been prescribed Levothyroxine but are just not getting any better or your recovery is very slow or even getting worse, then please take note. Armour Thyroid provides all, the thyroid hormones T0, T1, T2, T3 and T4.

We need T2 as it is very important in the conversion of T4 to T3. Many of us don't make that important conversion. Think about it. If you are taking T4 in the form of Levothyroxine, you are not getting the other important thyroid hormones. If you can't convert T4 to T3, then the T4 you are taking will just build up in the body to toxic amounts. It will be pointless as it won't be providing you with the hormones you need (T2 and T3 especially)

Please contact me for help and advice on this subject. It could be the answer to your prayers also I highly recommend the brilliant Doctor Barry Durrant Peatfield who is an expert on thyroid illness and related illness such as Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue.

Please contact me for his details. He has outreach clinics as well as a permanent clinic in Crawley, Sussex but also does telephone consultations (£100 for an hour) I think this is very reasonable compared to a lot of private doctors who charge as much as £240 for a 45 minute consultation. Doctor P charges around £140 for an hour and fifteen minutes at his clinic in Crawley. (You should get the tests done that he recommends prior to your consultation and this will further cut costs as many doctors charge you for the tests on top of their fees, plus a bit over) The tests can be purchased direct from the lab. (contact me for details)

Latest News 26th October 2008

Whe we are ill, we seldom look outside of ourselves and think about the effect our condition has on our partner.

We need an understanding partner, yes, but even if they are the best in the world, they need to feel appreciated and loved.

All too often we become self obsessed and while that is understandable it is unfair on those we live with and who have to watch us suffer.

Arguments and resentment can build and before we know it our precious relationship is full of cracks. We can sometimes feel that we are no longer respected and that all we are is some sick individual and no longer the woman they met and fell in love with. I often feel like a complete pain and no one makes me feel this way, only myself. My independance has become dependance.

I have been reading about this because I value my own husband and we have had a rough time of it admittedly. He cares a great deal for me and I want him to find me as vibrant and attractive as when we met rather than the vunerable and somewhat needy character I feel I have become.

In being ill, our confidence and self esteem is very low. We are often a shadow of our former self.

We often suffer a change in our personality and last week, Mike actually said to me that I have changed so much. I felt so gutted.

I have been trying desperately this week to salvage what we once had and not allow thyroid disease to overshadow the importance of my marriage. I have looked to the internet and books again.

Here is what I have learned:

Do not criticize: Don't keep telling them what they are not doing. Instead, tell them what you want in clear words. "I would like" or "I would not like" or "I feel this" or "I feel that" Don't say "You never do ....anymore" or

Thank them when they do something for you or when they remember something like putting their dirty plate in the dishwasher or ironing for you etc instead of leaving it all to you. Tell them you appreciate everything they do.

Try to stop talking about your illness 24/7 (It is important to us, but there is a life outside of it too. Try to remember the time when you were well. What did you talk about then?

Try to do things together like a meal out or a short walk in the country or park, so that you still feel romance.

Don't apologise all the time for being ill.

Make time to be close with cuddles and kisses and more if you can. It makes your partner feel that you are still in love with them and valued.

Don't allow yourself to be treated like a doormat either. Communicate feelings as above. "I don't like having will you do it please" Express that you can't do some things but don't sound like you are whining. "I can't lift the heavy bin bag, so will you....?"

Be as cheerful as you can. Yes, we aren't well and don't always feel cheerful, but think how the atmosphere is in your home. Cheerful acceptance. Remember we are working at getting better and we will get there!! Try to be positive.

Try to stay as independant as you can. Don't give up on yourself. Make time to look nice and take care of yourself. It is so very easy to give up and to wear the same clothes every day and lie on the sofa with unkempt and unwashed hair.

It will actually make you feel a lot better about yourself too.

This site has many solutions. If you have a thyroid illness and are still not well despite medication or suspect you have a thyroid illness or adrenal fatigue, you will not get results from your GP and I think most of you are either experiencing that or actually know it for sure.

The only way is down the Private Doctor Route or a telephone consultation with Doctor Peatfield (£100) Please contact me for the list or Doctor Peatfields details.

You will then be able to get the correct treatment and be on the road to wellness.

Don't give up hope.

Latest News 23th October 2008

I have just finished reading this book called Solved: The Riddle of Illness and it is truly brilliant and a revelation.

I highly recommend that everyone with a thyroid condition reads it. This version is the updated version. It will make you feel so much better about a lot of things, believe me!!!

These two books also make very good reading

Stop the Thyroid Madness and How I Reversed My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Latest News 17th October 2008

Do you know what dangers your Teenage daughter is exposing herself to?

This website talks about endocrine disruption such as thyroid disease, autoimmune dissease, adrenal fatigue, oestrogen dominence and also about chemicals in our food, personal care products, cosmetics, environment and household cleaning products, in fact things we take for granted as being safe, but use every day.

With so much publicity about the dangers constantly being promoted on the radio, television and internet, wouldn't you think that more people would take notice? The thing is, there are natural alternatives and I feature a few of them on this site.

Please visit this website to find out what dangers your teenage daughter may be setting herself up for unless she too is educated and takes notice. Now is the time to stop her.

Latest News 15th October 2008 Do you have Scoliosis and thyroid Disease?

If so, please contact me, as I also do. It would be interesting to explore this one.

Please let me know if this website is helping you by contacting me It is important for me to know that my research is worthwhile. I have had lots of emails but many don't actually say whether the site has been of benefit. If it has, please let me know. Also any critisisms welcome. What would you like to see more of? Has the site provided you with information that you feel you didn't know and set you on the road to recovery? Please tell all.


I have found this website which lists 289 possible causes of scoliosis. It makes interesting reading

What is the relationship between Thyroid Disease and Vitamin D?

Apparently the relationship between Thyroid Disease and Vitamin D was discovered some 20 years ago when it was discovered that patients had low levels of vitamin D.

Explanations may be Vitamin D malabsorption in Thyroid patients or inability to activate Vitamin D properly. Also, both vitamin D and thyroid hormone bind to similar receptors called steroid hormone receptors. A different gene in the Vitamin D receptor was shown to predispose people to autoimmune thyroid disease including Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For these reasons, it is important for patients with thyroid problems to understand how the vitamin D system works.

How does Vitamin D work in our body?

Vitamin D consists of 2 other compounds, vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) found in plants and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) found in animals.

They are made in two ways one of which is exposure to sunlight (UV rays of sun) and the other is from our diet and ideal sources are salmon, sardines, eggs, fish oils, cod liver oil. The deficiency is commonly seen in patients suffering with celiac disease which is an autoimmune disease.

Patients with low vitamin D levels will also have low calcium levels and in severe cases, rickets developes in children and in adults osteomalacia. This causes bones to bow.

In mild vitamin D deficiency osteoporosis occurs.

Calcium is regulated by the parathyroid glands, therefore, patients with low vitamin D levels will have quite high PTH (parathyroid hormone) levels along with low calcium levels and is similar to thyroid patients having high TSH levels but normal thyroid hormone levels.

Dr. Friedman usually recommends measuring PTH, calcium, and 25-OH vitamin D to determine if a patient does have vitamin D deficiency. Optimal levels of 25-OH Vitamin D for patients with thyroid diseases are probably 35-60 ng/dL.

The ways of correcting vitamin D deficiency is to obtain it from sunlight exposure and mild sunlight exposure would be enough to maintain levels without the added risk of skin cancer.

Black skins and other dark skinned people need more exposure than lighter skins.

Thing is, because we are indoors a lot during the day due to our working in offices/shops etc we have a very limited exposure to the much needed morning time sunlight of which 15 to 30 minutes a day is recommended by Doctor Friedman and we can not overdose on sunlight exposure as the body knows when it has enough vitamin D.

Most of our exposure needs to be in spring and summer.

We need 800iu in supplement form if we have a vitamin D deficiency and D3 (cholecalciferol) is the best choice as levels stay higher than D2.

Vitamin D can help bone and joint pain and may also protect against heart disease as well as some types of cancer.

It can help in regulating the immune system and also in reducing blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.

Those with thyroid disease particularly need vitamin D and it is being recommended that those with this condition are screened for vitamin D deficiency.

Stangely enough (or not as the case may be) vitamin D deficiency is also related to the developement of scoliosis and since the thyroid secretes calcitonin as one of it's hormones and the parathyroids are responsible for maintaining calcium levels in the blood, you could also begin to wonder whether thyroid problems, especially autoimmune ones start a lot earlier than we think. Since scoliosis usually starts in puberty and thyroid disease sometimes firsts triggers in puberty because of hormonal upheaval, you do begin to wonder.

How can I understand about thyroid hormones, tests and results? How do I know what is normal and what is not?

Those of us with thyroid disease or other autoimmune disease as well as fibromyalgia and CFS should all know and also understand what is going on with our thyroid. It is as important as the doctor knowing (after all he probably doesn't know himself!!)

Please click here to view an excellent web page explaining all.

Also, click here for the tests page

Latest News 13th October 2008

Wilsons Temperature Syndrome

Today my friend showed me a website that I had heard of before, but never fully investigated. It is designed for those whose blood tests come back normal but who have symptoms of low thyroid or who have Fibromyalgia.

To read about this approach to treating Low thyroid pleaswe click here

Latest News 11th October 2008

What happens if 75mcg Levothyroxine is not enough, but 100mcg is too much?

In this country, you can't get small doses like you can in the USA. Here in the UK, you can only get 25mcg, 50mcg and 100mcg. This means that if you need say 80 or 85mcg because 100mcg is too much then you just have to stay on 75mcg and still feel unwell or risk being hyperthyroid because the next dose is too much.

This is what happens in my case. For me, 75mcg is not enough, but 100mcg makes me have hyper symptoms. My new GP is very good. She is looking into Armour Thyroid for me and has recommended alternating my days by having 75mcg and 100mcg.

However, I am developing hyper symptoms still. What can we do about this? The question remains open to all GP's.

Latest News 10th October 2008


To test for Systemic Candida, take a glass of water up to bed. In the morning before rising, spit into the glass and leave for 30 mins.

Return to check results. If the saliva is floating on or near the surface and has the appearance of "tails" coming from it, then you have systemic Candida.

Systemic means it has gone through your gastrointestinal tract and this condition has many symptoms similar to adrenal/thyroid disease such as fatigue, constipation, feeling depressed, anxious, muscular and joint pains etc.

It needs action before treating any further conditions. Recommended treatment? 1 fluconazole a week for 3 weeks and additionally, oregano, garlic, wormwood and caprylic acid. Zell oxygen is also recommended.

Those with an autoimmune condition usually find that they have systemic candida due to immune system problems. You will not gain much benefit from treatment unless the candida issue is sorted out first.

Cut out all sugars, bread, mushrooms and cheese from your diet additionally.

Drink plenty of water whilst on the treatment to flush the system and be aware that "die off" symptoms will make you feel bad and possibly feeling as though you have the flu while candida is removed from your system.

Latest News 3rd October 2008

Here is a link to The Natural Progesterone Information Service so that you can all read detailed and correct information about Natural Progesterone Cream (see latest news 1st oct) and also to please click here

Whilst it will not cure an existing illness, it will enhance treatment such as thyroxine by complementing it rather than opposing it.

We should also be considering Armour Thyroid instead of the synthetic drug prescribed known as Levothyroxine. For more information on this, please contact me direct as most GP's either don't know what Armour is, or won't prescribe it. Armour is made from dessicated thyroid. It is compatible with our own thyroid hormone procuction and contains both T4 and T3. Most of us will benefit because many women do not make the conversion sufficiently and therefore do not feel any better even when Levothyroxine is prescribed.

The more natural we can become, the better our body is going to function. Our poor tired confused bodyies are crying out for natural food, supplements, skincare and personal care and to not be subjected to toxins and chemicals in our environment and in the form of long prescription medications and endless anti biotics which only serve to wreck our immune system eventually.

Latest News 24th September 2008

Panic Attacks

In view of my own research and the talk I attended by Doctor Barry Durrant Peatfield, I feel that it may be of advantage to panic attack sufferers to get an adrenal stress test as by strengthening the function of these glands, many chronic health conditions are solved. Adrenal insufficiency also inhibits thyroid hormone. Panic attacks are a common symptom of hypo and hyper-thyroidism. Anxiety is a symptoms of both thyroid conditions and also adrenal fatigue.

The question I ask is "Are the adrenals the root cause of chronic illness?"

Perhaps those suffering with many of the symptoms and conditions on this website might ask the same question. However, I recommend that those suffering from the symptoms on this website get an adrenal stress test as the first port of call.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue/Insufficiency,

Poor response to Thyroxine medication - Weight Loss - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Under eye shadows - Autoimmune Disease - Memory Loss - Confusion - Anxiety - Fatigue - Muscle Weakness - Depression - Tnnitus - Pain in lower back and loins - Palpitations - Low stamina - cravings for sweets foods and salty foods - bowel disorders and diarrhoea - Sensitivity to heat and cold - Fainting - Low resistence to infection - Feeling very cold - hairloss - Repeated infections - Poor skin - boil/acne - skin pigmentation - aches stiffness and pains in muscles and joints - extreme fatigue - poor quality sleep - waking repeatedly with breathlessness, anxiety, sense of doom - low libido - hypoglycaemia

Please notice the similarity to thyroid disease symptoms.

For more about the Adrenals, Please click here

To read about Thyroid and associated symptoms Please click here

To quote Doctor Peatfield: "Thyroid Disease is the great pretender and any part of the system, in any combination with any other, may malfunction producing its own particular mix of symptoms"

As we said before repeatedly on this site, and what GP's fail to understand What affects one gland in the endocrine system, will have a backlash on the others

Latest News 23rd September 2008

Illness and Relationships

Many of us who are suffering with chronic illness, be it Thyroid, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Autoimmune disease or other often find that people such as partners, friends and family don't quite understand. I have experienced this myself and because of this, as well as other factors, my first marriage ended. I also made the personal choice to end friendships that were destructive, and believe me, there were many. It was hard to do this as I depended on many of them for company but they did nothing but criticize and make me feel completely inadequate. I found that once these friends and my ex husband were out of my life, I could function a lot better, although it took some time to build back up again.

I treasured those who were supportive and they are still in my life today, including my very devoted husband who I met at a low period in my life.

It's not to say that life is problem free, as it isn't, but there is at last peace and support to get on with being sick!!!

What I mean by this is that the destructive "forces" were contributing to being ill and making me a lot worse. I was constantly being blamed for something, and of course my clumsiness, forgetfulness, brain fog, exhaustion, aches and pains etc used as a tool against me.

Now I find that while I obviously do not like being ill, I don't feel that I have to keep making excuses for myself. I am able to devote time to this website because I have the support. I also realise just how many others are in exactly the same boat and how many are also a lot worse.

Just remember that people can often contribute to your illness, especially when they are not prepared or willing to understand.

Our lives need to be less complicated in order to rise above illness. We reap what we sow, so being understanding and kind to others who are ill goes a long way towards feeling right in yourself. But so does making your own life a happier one by doing as I did, hard though it is.

It is not always possible to stop seeing some people, after all many are close family and need us. It is just a case of seeing less of them. If they don't care about or support us, how can we care and support back?

The most common complaint I hear about are partners/husbands and many marriages/relationships break down because of chronic illness mainly because we have gradually changed due to our illness. Many partners are not willing to deal with or support us in this difficult time. Some just can't handle it, some won't handle it because it stops their own happiness.

It is my wish to find out about having a chat room on this site to support those who are finding life hard being ill. It will mean we can discuss thyroids etc until we are blue in the face without feeling like we are a medical text book on legs or that we are boring our listeners to death. We can also confidentially discuss problems with others who are having a tough time without the problem of gossips discussing us behind our backs, which is what I found was happening.

In fact at the lowest point in my life when I was suffering from severe depression, a "friend" just about told everyone that I should be locked up, and that I was on Prozac. She even told teachers at my children's school. Funny thing was, I wasn't taking anti-depressants at that time, but in view of this, it wasn't long before I was. Sadly, Hashimoto's Disease was to blame, but no one ever took it into account basically because it meant nothing to them. I still look back with such a pain in my heart at that time in my life when there was no one there for me. (some 15 years of my 45 years)

I want to support all women who are suffering in this way. It makes me sad to realise the pain that others are going through, and also to know how much of their life is taken away from them because of Thyroid Disease and also the lack of knowledge of the medical profession in treating this illness successfully.

Please read below about the meeting I attended last Friday with Doctor Peatfield who has given all of us who attended new hope.

My own husband is looking into finding forum software that I can put on this site to offer support, companionship, answers and anything else of benefit.

Mazzy xxx

Latest News 22nd September 2008


I am puzzled, but the NPIS (Natural Progesterone Information Service) Website appears to be no longer in existence. This is a real shame as it provided a lot of information about Natural Progesterone. Strange thing is, I was on their website only a couple of weeks ago, so not sure what has happened. I will therefore sadly have to remove all links to NPIS on this site.

Herbal remedies for Menopause

I have today been looking at loads of herbal websites for ideas for remedies to help with hormone balancing, especially in the menopause and have found out the following:

Sage is deemed as excellent for hot flushes (flashes) and night sweats which really are considered the worst part and I have to agree. Usage: Drink 3 - 4 cups of Sage Tea daily or half to one teaspoon of the Tincture 3 times a day. Sprinkle dried sage on salads, vegetables and use in soups.

Saw Palmetto is used for urinary incontinence, toning the bladder, fluid retention, prolapse of the pelvic organs, and restoring strength to the bladder where weakness and irritation exists.

Usage: 1000 - 2000mg in tablet or capsule form a day or half a teaspoon of tincture twice a day.

Sarsaparilla is used to restore a flagging sex drive. 1000 to 2000mg per day or drink Sarsaparilla tea (2 to 3 glasses)

Red Clover

For eliminating Hot Flushes (flashes) 1000 - 2000mg a day, or 3 to 4 cups of Red Clover tea or half to one and a half teaspoons of Red Clover Tincture up to a max of three times a day.

Liquorice Root

A powerful adrenal stimulant and estrogenic herb, considered beneficial during the menopause. 1-2 cups of liquorice tea a day or in capsule form, 500 - 1000mg per day or half to one teaspoon of tincture twice a day. Avoid if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Siberian Ginseng

Ginseng strengthens the adrenal glands, enhances immune function, increases energy, and normalizes blood pressure. It is useful for symptoms of both mental and physical fatigue. Avoid it if you have very high blood pressure (over 180/100).

1000 - 4000mg per day

Other Herbs: Damiana, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Agnus Castus, Fenugreek, Fennel, Avena Sativa, Astragalus.

Click here for an Endocrine Tonic for Menopause

Latest News 21st September 2008

I also have access to a link, provided at the undernoted talk on Friday. It may be a way of obtaining Armour Thyroid if your "pig" ignorant GP claims they have never heard of it, or can't be asked to find out or even refuses point blank to provide it. Click here for Armour Thyroid

Bear in mind that whilst 1 grain is roughly equivalent to 100mcg levothyroxine, the taking of Armour can not be assumed to be similar in terms of the way it treats the condition. By this I mean that you may need more or less. It is used to treat the symptoms and you use the amount you need to feel well

In this country, GP's will only precribe just under the amount of levothyroxine we actually need. If blood results show "normal" and we are taking 100mcg but still not feeling well, they will in most cases not increase the dose. Nor do they take the time or trouble to find out if we are converting T4 to T3. T3 being the most important. Then we build up ridiculous amounts of T4 in our body which actually does us more damage. We need T3, period. Armour provides all the thyroid hormones needed.

Latest News 19th September 2008

I have attended a talk today by the very knowlegeable Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield and held at my good friend, Caroline's house. I have mentioned Caroline throughout this site as she started a tried and tested group to help Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Those who have subscribed to the RSS feed (free) and visit this website regularly know much about my own quest for thyroid, autoimmune disease, Fibro and CFS sufferers. When I started this site in May 2007, I had read many books on the subject and a couple in particular by Hashimoto Disease patient advocate, Mary Shomon. It was she who drew my attention to the connection between Fibro/CFS/Adrenal conditions. Since then, I have constantly researched this link.

Today, Dr P confirmed my own findings but in a much greater and more knowledgeable way. It made all the research worthwhile.

I have banged on and on about the adrenals, stress and chemical and environmental issues in treating our chronic conditions. I often wonder who I am reaching out to, or indeed, if anyone is ever listening.

I receive as many as 10 emails a week from thyroid patients, all asking for my private doctors list, but not one ever mentions whether they have made the connection. (perhaps they have and that is why they want the list)

Check further down this page. Prior to Dr P's talk today, I ask you all to sort out the adrenals first before anything else.

Today, Dr P confirmed this. He has treated 100's of women successfully and many women suffering from adrenal exhaustion, Fibro and thyroid disease have been made well by his approach.

Therefore, with this in mind as well as your own strong desire for wellness, please follow these guidelines:

1. You need to have your adrenals tested. NOT by your G.P (basically, they won't even know what the hell you are going on about) Either contact me for a list of private Docs, (like Dr P or I can provide details of the lab who will send you the test, ywhich you need to carry out and return to them for analysis. They will then send you the results. These will need to be interpreted by a doctor and either Dr P's details or another doctor like him can confirm the result. (This will incurr a fee of course, but our own dear GP's just won't do this for you)

2. Next step and this is important. You simply can not treat a thyroid condition unless the adrenal situation is sorted out first. If you are already taking levothyroxine, this must be stopped for approximately 10 days and substituted for an adrenal support complex. (available from the Nutri Centre and Dr P recommends Nutri Adrenal or Nutri Adrenal Extra depending on how bad the Adrenals are affected in terms of fatigue. After approximately 10 days, you can resume your thyroid hormone supplement.

3. As I mention countless times on the site, many of you taking Levothyroxine may still be unwell, simply because you are not converting T4 to T3. As I have stated, T3 is the active thyroid hormone needed by the body for all it's function and as Dr P confirms, T4 can build up in the body and make you more unwell simply because this conversion is not taking place.

I have stated that levothyroxine is useless as it is synthetic and only provides T4. Armour (natural dessicated thyroid hormone from glandulars) provides all the thyroid hormones including T3.

So, sort the adrenals, contact me for the lab who will send you the test for a Urine sample to test for thyroid function. This determines the amount of thyroid hormone in the tissues of the body rather than in the blood. It will then become apparent as to whether you are converting T4 to T3. Unless you are making this conversion, you will never get well

Those of you who are suffering from Fibromyalgia. Dr P confirms that you may well (in the majority of cases) have substantial thyroid dysfunction brought about through adrenal fatigue. The adrenals and the thyroid work almost in harmony, so any kind of adrenal disruption through stress or illness is going to affect thyroid hormone. You can then begin a programme of Adrenal support supplement (takes around 3 weeks to start doing it's job of correcting adrenal fatigue)

Your steps need to be the same. Get the adrenals tested.

Get the thyroid function tested (contact me for lab) not through a blood test (which will probably come back showing normal) but through a urine test to confirm how thyroid hormone is being utilised throughout the tissues and cells of the body.

This dysfunction can then be addressed either by a supplement like Thyro complex (depending on the severity of the dysfunction) or by the addition of Armour thyroid which will go about correcting this dyfunction and set you on the road to wellness. Be patient as this may take time depnding on how ill you are.

Same goes for CFS patients.

Additionally, Dr P recommends supplements that will benefit the programme, such as:

4000mg vitamin C

30 - 60mg CoQ10

Siberian Ginseng

Liquorice Root




Additonally, Dr P mentioned that many of us have systemic Candida. (not simply thrush, but candia throughout our entire system. I know I have, but this will cause problems in our recovery unless it is eliminated. (please see the candida page

Dr P suggests ~Fluconazole, 1 tablet a week for 3 weeks, Caprylic acid, oregano, garlic.

I have more suggestions on the candida page such as wormwood, olive leaf and zell oxygen.

Please note: A way of testing for this, is to spit into a glass of water in the morning, leave for 30 mins and then return to the glass. If the spit is still there more or less on the surface and has developed small "tails" then you have systemic candida. Otherwise the spit won't be visible as it will have sunk or disappeared.

For more on this, please contact me for doctors, Dr P's clinic details, labs and details where various supplements can be obtained, including Armour Thyroid.


I can not overemphasise how ill stress can make you. This is because myself and my family have and still are experiencing severe stress first hand. My message being that you need to address your stress levels if you want to stay well.

I have always suffered with stress big time. I am a worrier and always will be. My mother is the same, and subsequently has a heart condition, even though she has never consumed alcohol or smoked.

I have been ill since my teens and I am now 45. I was a stressed child and this has continued into adulthood. I have Hashimoto's disease, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart irregularities etc.

My children are worriers. My son is only 18 and has already suffered from depression and panic attacks. He is constantly tired and is never 100 per cent. He worries at the least little thing and can't seem to control or rationalise with it.

My middle daughter is only 15 and suffers with IBS. She has flare ups that last weeks and it is very debilitating for her. She is in so much pain sometimes that she sweats.

MY youngest is a terrible worrier. She is only 10 and sometimes has severe heachaches when she is stressed. She also has stomach pains and feels sick nearly every day on the way to school.

Now my husband. He has become very unwell over the last few months. He is suffering with stress and depression and can hardly keep awake he is so depleted.

Once you get into a cycle of stress, you are burning out your adrenal glands by affecting the stress hormone production. You are in a constant state of fight or flight.

This affects you whole system.

Address it now.

Latest News 15th September 2008

Please be advised that if you are taking Levothyroxine, you should not drink Grapefruit Juice as there are possible interactions involved

Latest News 11th September 2008

I didn't get to see Mr. Lam today as I was not well enough to go, so sadly I can't report back as promised.

Myself and my family are experiencing traumatic family difficulties at the moment, so if I do not reply to emails straight away, please do not worry as I will as soon as possible. I will continue to try to update the website, but may be away from the site for a while and this depends on whether we resolve our problems or not and the timescale involved. Please bear with me on this and I thank you for your patience.

Once again, my apologies in this respect.

Latest News 10th September 2008

Scoliosis Update

I am off to see the wonderful Mr. Lam, my scoliosis specialist tomorrow morning. (Yikes) I am scared of course, because I am supposed to be telling him whether I am going to go ahead with the spinal fusion surgery, but I am so very worried whether at my age and many responsibilities and worries, this is the right decision. I am so stiff and in pain now that I just don't want things to get any worse.

Something tells me (probably my wonderful late dad) that I should just do it, but something else is holding me back. I should have got it done when I was a teenager, but being a stubborn madam at the time, I didn't.

I probably am just scared that Mike will have to stop work to look after me, post op and we will suffer (again) but he is such a tower of strength, I can't bear that he has to do so much. (he is not that well himself and working too hard as usual)

I don't want him to have to do everything again on his own including the school runs, shopping, kids, cooking like he had done for about 2 years, just when I get strong it will be back to all that again.

I expect there are hundreds in my boat thinking the same, so your views are more than welcome. Don't forget the contact page!!! Please, have a go at me, encourage me or whatever. I love getting your emails and hope to help anyone I can, so now it's your turn to have a go at me!!

I will report on the site after the appointment. (No doubt he will have a go at me any way and tell me to decide once and for all and stop wasting his time and wave his orange fluffy pencil case at me.) Can't see it somehow, as he is a super nice doc. Just wish he would admit me on the spot or operate on his desk so I don't have the chance to escape. He could handcuff me to his desk or something....or knock me out with the pencil case by putting a brick in it.

Anyway off to drink my usual mixture of strange powders. (Ashwaghanda, barley grass, capra mineral whey, camu camu and God know what else mixed into juice) It looks like pond water, but seems to help!!! Last night I slept through the night for the first time in months, but the herbal sleeping tablets and 5-HTP might have been responsible for that but strangely still feel as though I am more tired than ever!!

Latest News 9th September 2008

Paint fumes are lethal

The old wives tale of putting an onion in the room to get rid of paint fumes works, but it does not actually get rid of the dangers. It simply masks the smell.

How can you keep yourself safe?

Use only Eco paint as this has lower VOC's (volatile organic compounds) The VOC level is listed on the can. Oil based paints are the worst such as satin and gloss paints.

Paint gives off lethal fumes which are at their worst during and after application while the paint is in the drying stages.

It is a bad idea to paint a bedroom and then sleep in it. It should not be slept in for a month. Surprised? Paint keeps on giving off toxic fumes for a whole month and often afterwards too. Keep the room ventilated daily for at least a month and try placing a fan by the window to encourage the fumes to go out of the window rapidly. A dehumidifier can greatly assist the process.

Do not use non eco paint in a baby's room or allow a baby to sleep in a freshly painted room for a few months.

Paint fumes can kill small pets if they are in a closed unventilated room which has just been painted. It is not worth the risk of putting a baby in the same situation.

When you are painting, use a respirator. Extreme? No. Safe. All it means is looking silly, but at least you are not inhaling the fumes. Paint in the daytime so you can open the windows fully.

People with respiratory problems should not be exposed to paint fumes, nor should pregnant women, babies, young children, the elderly, anyone with a chronic illness, or pets.

The same goes for wood varnish or any product with a strong smell. Savvy?

Latest News 7th September 2008

I am going to be dealing mainly with the adrenal glands for a while since I feel that adrenal fatigue is probably the root cause of many illnesses, once we have this sorted out, we can then go on to effectively treat our other problems.

Please carefully read the details in this very useful link

Also see Dr Wilson's speciality website about adrenal fatigue

Latest News 2nd September 2008

What has Matt Damon and the adrenal glands got in common?

Well, Matt Damon suffers from Adrenal Fatigue.

When we are constantly feeling tired, we automatically assume its anemia, thyroid or some other illness. However, while I bang on and on about thyroid, many of us will actually be suffering from Adrenal fatigue whether we have a thyroid condition or not.

The adrenal glands release chemicals into the blood stream in response to stress. What triggers the stress in the first place is very much an individual thing. Some of us can cope brilliantly with huge amounts of stress and not suffer adrenal fatigue. However many of us (especially those who are regularly under prolongued periods of stress) are constantly flooded with these chemicals. It can be a vicious circle. Once the adrenals are suffering, the least little bit of stress then become too much triggering chemical hormone releases and eventually burning them out.

However, once the adrenal glands are not working, it directly affects thyroid function

It also affects sex hormone production (including the ability to produce progesterone after menopause which has a calming effect).

Many women are extremely stressed during menopause.

The adrenals also release androgens which include a hormone called DHEA. This relates to libido and weight loss.

Constant high levels of adrenal hormones are damaging over a prolongued period (known as sympathetic dominance) and this is what leads to adrenal insufficiency or fatigue.

How will I know?

The symptoms are feeling constantly tired, needing more sleep than usual, inability to cope with stress, constant yawning, low libido, aches and pains, repeated infections and low resistance to infection, irrational anxiety, constant sighing, digestive problems (IBS, indigestion, constipation, diarrrhoea) craving for sweet foods, panic attacks, mood swings, restless leg syndrome, vivid dreams, headaches/migraine, forgetfulness, insomnia and depression.

Also note that foods such as alcohol, caffeine and sugar as well as recreational drugs and nicotine will stress the adrenals.

Statin drugs deplete the adrenals too and many precription medications will such as steroids and anti depressants.

If the adrenal fatigue is very severe it then goes on to inhibit thyroid function by affecting the conversion of T4 to T3. This will of course gradually bring on symptoms of low thyroid.

This then goes on to trigger chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia as low levels of cortisol can trigger fibromyalgia, impotence in men, panic attacks, infertility and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.

You can end up so depleted that you can no longer function properly. Many people give up and sink into depair.

If you think this may be you, the first thing to do is purchase an adrenal tonic or "support" These are available from the Nutri centre and I provide a direct link to these products when you click on this.

Secondly, since stress causes many many illnesses and degenerative conditions, it is important to learn to manage stress with meditation and /or relaxation techniques. This will be hard at first as someone suffering from this condition finds relaxation/meditation difficult.

It is important to note and also ironic, that if you are being treated initially for hypothyroidism, that the medication Levothyroxine or Armour Thyroid can exacerbate existing adrenal fatigue by reving up already exhausted glands. (Since thyroid drugs speed metabolism)

Adrenal Fatigue should be treated before thyroid problems to avoid this. This may also be why so many women do not feel any better on their thyroid medication and actually may feel worse

Other suggested products:

To aid sleep and relaxation. A herbal remedy containing valerian, passiflora/passionflower and zizyphus such as Herbal Sleep

Remedies containing Californian Poppy have a sedative effect for a racing mind.

Latest News 27th August 2008

Once again, there are many things that I would like to share, but there is so much, I hardly know where to start. If you have joined the RSS feed, then of course you get the info first hand. If not, then please consider doing so as its free and all updates are downloaded to your computer as and when they happen.

The latest things I am investigating are:

The relationship between stress and chronic illness and ways to support our recovery from autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E)

Have you been told by a doctor that it's stress that is making you ill? Chances are, and dare I say it, they are probably right. Except I am not sure that they know to what extent. Anti depressant medications are NOT the answer. I am soon writing a page on all the findings.

Neurotransmitters: How can certain supplements affect them and therefore how our brain responds to pain and stress to help us on the road to wellness.

Best supplements: Goes without saying, Viridian and Regenerative nutrition are brilliant, but what others are too?

DMAE. What is it and how can it help?

Hormones How can certain hormones help us?

Cerebellar Degeneration Endocrine disorders can contribute to us developing this. What can we do to help our poor dying brain cells? How can we help our brain fog, forgetfulness, clumsiness, lack of co-ordination, poor concentration etc etc.

I went with my mum today to hospital as she was to have a "Loop device " fitted to monitor her heart over a period of time. I was reading her notes and noticed the term "primary Cerebellar Degeneration", so being me, had to look this up when I arrived home. It can be caused by endocrine disorders of the thyroid and means that brain cells are dying off. I am going to be writing an article to explain this better

These are topics that will appear soon. They are important to our health and conditions so make sure you get updated.

Latest News 23rd August 2008

The main object of this website, is to find solutions to our illnesses whether that is therapy, supplements, medications, natural hormone treatment, solutions to help restore our looks which have deteriorated because of our illness and therefore affected our confidence and of course all solutions must be natural because of the ethos of the site. The reason for this is that chemical aggressors and endocrine disrupting chemicals are basically contributing to, if not causing, most illness. The other main culprit is stress. Stress triggers many of the conditions on this site, be it from our lifestyle, workplace, trauma from bereavement, injury or other illness, medicals treatments, divorce etc etc. It doesn't matter what kind of stress it is or how it was manifested. What matters is that we are discovering that many illnesses such as autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, CFS or whatever, are actually born as a result of our stress response.

For example, we have a major traumatic pregnany and delivery (or other traumatic event). After the birth we become ill with a mystery illness that was not there before the pregnancy. Usually, we were fairly fit and healthy beforehand.

The symptoms come on gradually and fatigue, aches and pains anxiety gradually become worse with more and more symptoms being added to an ever growing list.

We see our GP who runs various blood tests, then reports back that all is well. He/she can not find a problem.

They may find a thyroid complaint and pack you off with thyroxine to "carry on" with life.

However, we do not get better simply because the GP is not treating our condition or is failing to help us with support or methods that could help us, such as stress management, nutritional advice and suplements, tests for adrenal fatigue (which will probably show a need for adrenal support in most of these patients.)

Stress causes adrenal fatigue. It is easy to see how with adrenaline constantly being pumped out of our body due to excess or prolonged stress.

The first port of call needs to be stress management and adrenal tests and support.

Next, nutritional support either in the form of enzymes, hormonal or other to suit the individual.

I was at a meeting yesterday for Fibromyalgia sufferers run by my friend, Caroline Hinkes who has started a "Tried and Tested" Group for sufferers where everyone gets together informally to discuss what has worked for them. One product that was mentioned is Vitalzyme, a systemic enzyme formula. I must admit to being impressed when I read about it.

One of the ladies at the group had experienced substantial improvement from taking this and her improvement within a few months was around 60 per cent. She combined it with weight bearing exercise, which is impressive when you are a fibro sufferer and is obviously a very determined (and brave) lady.

Latest News 21st August 2008

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum states that it may be better to take your thyroid medication at night

A new study shows that thyroid hormone may be better taken at night since TSH levels rise around 9pm and fall to their lowest at about 9am.

What does this mean for us?

Thyroid hormone levels are highest while we sleep, not while we are awake.

We should be looking to fine tune T3 since the conversion of T4 to T3 is most important of all, not simply the supplementation of T4. TSH variability during the day plays an important part in fine tuning T3 timing but plays no part in variations in T4

Many patients who are not doing well on thyroid hormone (T4) may well be better off taking it at night as a trial, to see if they feel better.

Why? Because our body may be able to utilise the hormone more efficiently this way.

Thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) fluctuate continually during the day. However, TSH levels rise around 20.30pm. In tests on 33 individuals, this rhythm was demonstrated. Optimising thyroid hormone replacement may need to take levels and fluctuations into account.

This testing also goes to prove that TSH tests that we all know are even more ridiculous as the level would depend on what time of the day the test was taken.

A Vaccine to end Rheumatoid Arthritis?

A vaccine is in the process of development by British scientists that will cure R.A and is going to be available within the next 5 years and it will only take a single injection.

The injection will soon be tested on humans and if successful will then move on to full scale clinical trials.

It works by reprogramming the white blood cells with instructions to stop attacking the sufferer's body.

The problem is, that it may need to be customised to each patient which will then push up costs to something in the region of £25,000 a dose.

If the vaccine is successful and easily produced on a large scale, it will then receive approval from the NHS and will then benefit more than 350,000 patients suffering from R.A

There are 200 different types of arthritis and Rheumatoid is the most common. Treatment at the moment has serious implications and the powerful painkillers currently available pose a health risk to the patients taking them such as a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes as well as suppression of the immune system.

The Arthritis Research Campaign is funding the experiments and say: "If it works it could reverse the disease and stop further episodes"

If the injection is administered early enough in the disease, it could potentially stop and even reverse the symptoms. Even more exciting is that if the vaccine fulfills its promise, then only one dose would be sfficient to treat the patient.

The vaccine involves a "cocktail" of chemicals, steroids and vitamins that re-educate the immune system intructing white blood cells to dampen down an immune response. The cells are injected back into patients joints and this then halts the symptoms in the treated area.

The Newcastle University scientists will be testing the vaccine on 8 people with a view to full scale trials. This will also prove as to whether the vaccine is effective in only the treated joints or whether it will be transported around the body.

If the vaccine needs to be "customised" for each patient, it will not be suitable for the mass market, but if it proves to be very effective, the high price may well be worth it and thought to be acceptable.

Adapted from an article in Daily Mail (14th Aug 2008)

Whilst this could be fabulous news for sufferers, I am wonderdering what the cocktail of chemicals are exactly? Also how will the immune system be affected long term?

I am always skeptical about vaccines, since they are often a cause of immune system failure and have been implicated in actually causing autoimmune disease in the first place.

If the answers are satisfactory, then maybe vaccines will be developed for other autoimmune disease, such as diabetes, Hashimoto's Disease, Graves Disease and Lupus to name a few bringing relief to millions. Its a nice thought....dream on.

Stop Press Stop Press

Important News

My very good friend Caroline who runs the Fibromyalgia "Tried and Tested Group" where, as the name suggests, new products are tried out for free to see whether they will work for Fibro sufferers, has arranged a talk at her house in Warlingham, Surrey (not far from Croydon and Purley) by the much loved thyroid doctor Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield on 19th September between 2pm and 3pm. Take this opportunity to meet him and hear what he has to say about thyroid disease treatment and adrenal insufficiency.

Dr Peatfield has retired from practice after a long and unsuccessful battle with the General Medical Council whose mandates are against natural thyroid treatment (Armour Thyroid) and the treatment of Adrenal dysfunction and basically any treatment which could help these patients. He has written many books on the subject including "The Great Thyroid Scandal and how to survive it" and "Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy, both books I have read." I will be there of course, being an avid fan of Dr Peatfield, and anyone who would like to attend should contact me for details using my contact me page. It will give you the opportunity to actually meet Dr Peatfield and join other sufferers of both thyroid disease and Fibromyalgia.

Latest News 12th August 2008

My friend who is a fibromyalgia sufferer and who is very proactive got to meet with Dr Barry Durrant-peatfield. I had told her all about him as being a leading authority on Thyroid and Adrenal illness. She is trying to arrange a meeting with him at her home as part of her get well program. She is particularly concerned that I get to meet him, so I will document any meeting on this website as well as details of any of his private clinics.

Dr Peatfield now practices as a nutritional therapist but was a GP who specialised in Thyroid illness and brilliant at his job, I might say. The GMC investigated him amd he had to reliquish his certificate to practice because his treatment did not meet GMC approval, namely he was treating patients with thyroid disease symptoms who had "normal" blood results with a trial of Armour and he was making many patients well. He is an expert on adrenal insufficincy too and most GP's do not even recognise adrenal problems or connect them with thyroid disease, or any other chronic illness.

I very much look forward to meeting someone who I consider a real Hero in the medical world and the fight for better care.

Latest News 11th August 2008

I am currently in the process of writing an information booklet called "The All Singing and Dancing Guide to Thyroid and Associated illnesses". It will be an easy to read extensive booklet containing plenty of information such as that on this website and more and will include lists of private doctors specialising in both thyroid and adrenal problems and also womens gynae issues and the very important issue of oestrogen dominance. It will also contain a comprehensive list of websites both information and product for easy perusal.

The reason I am doing this is that it is sometimes easier to have all the information to hand in a booklet rather than sitting paging through a website.

Copies will be £5 plus postage which is for the compilation and administration. If you would like to be one of the first to receive this when it is completed, please complete the form below: and you will be notified by email when it is ready and invited to purchase. The booklet will also be advertised on the site when completed.

I continue my battle for women and I am trying to get various meetings together. More on this later. To the very many women who continue to email me, I am working on all queries as fast as possible. Chin up everyone!! x

The All Singing and Dancing Guide to Thyroid and Associated Illnesses

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Latest News 21 July 2008


I have been very unwell for the last couple of months which is why I haven't been able to devote as much time to the website. (usual symptoms returning with vigour)

Please watch this space though, as being unwell has just made me more determined and angry.

The recent bout of illness has been brought on by my GP deciding to alter medication against my wishes. I am now suffering for it and can't seem to get back on track.

I resent being used as a guinea pig or simply because they just don't know what they are doing. They should never have meddled. They dropped the thyroxine from 100mcg down to 50mcg. (too much of a drop) and then raised it to 75mcg a few weekes later because blood results showed the drastic drop in levels. Poor body doesn't know what has hit it. (remember, it takes time to adjust) I have lost loads of weight when I was already too thin and feel exhausted and very weak.

After 15 years, I have now changed my doctor. I am wondering what the new one is like????!!!! Ha ha. We shall see. More later.

Latest News 15th July 2008

Natural Superfood Supplement for Cats and Dogs.

Are you concerned about the food your pet is eating? I know I am. I have 5 cats and they are part of our family, not just pets. We love them to bits. However, I find they sometimes turn up their nose at the food we give them. (its no wonder when we don't know exactly what is in the food we are feeding them)

I have found this amazing supplement called Pets Alive that is a superfood for cats. There is also one for dogs. It contains Omega 3 and 6 EFA's, Amino acids, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

It is mixed into their morning feed and replaces all the missing elements from their diet to ensure they stay in good health. Best of all, it is 100 per cent natural and certified organic. (tested on people) It also contains glucosamine for their joints as well as shark cartilage and cat nip (in the cat product)

Click here to see the product for cats and click here to see the product for dogs.

Latest News 10th July 2008

Its interesting that eco friendly products for the home are being heavily promoted To save the planet but there is never a mention about saving our health.

Since saving the planet is so important, then surely saving ourselves is too?

Check this list of toxic household chemicals to avoid....big time.

It surely must make sense to mankind that adding chemicals to products and then using them on our skin, hair, in tap water, toothpaste, cleaning our home, freshening the air, adding them to food etc etc in, day out and for years, is going to damage us in some way. Why is there such an increase in illnesses such as cancer, Altzheimers, Parkinsons and Autoimmune Disease? Why are there so many mysterious illnesses? Something must be causing them.

Latest News 6th July

Heart Attack anyone?

What is the cost of undiagnosed, untreated or inadequately treated hypothyroidism?,

Well many of those women who have a heart attack may actually have hypothyroidism? surprised? 60 per cent of those who have a heart attack may additionally have an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition according to DR Jabob Teitelbaum, U.S. expert in hypothyroidism, CFS and Fibromyalgia.

In those [patients suffering from undiagnosed hypothyroidism, the thyroid condition actually contributed more to the cause of the heart attack than smoking, raised cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes according to Dr Teitelbaum.

Also thousand of miscarriages could be prevented. Hypothyroidism is a major cause of miscarriage and infertility.

Mothers who are suffering with hypothyroidism are more likely to give birth to babies who are stillborn or who die soon after birth.

Children born to mothers suffering undiagnosed hypothyroidism have lower IQ's and are more likely to suffer with learning difficulties.

Hypothyroidism contributes to unnecessary disabilities. 6 million American have fibromyalgia and millions have chronic muscle pain. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism causes many disabling conditions. Dr Teitelbaum states that as many as 91 per cent could improve with proper treatment which would also include thyroid hormone.

Then there is the issue of mental illness such as depression. How many of those diagnosed with depression actually have an undiagnosed or inadequately treated hypothyroid condition as the underlying cause? It can cause severe depression and also brain fog, poor concentration and anxiety. Too many are treated with anti depressants such as Prozac unnecessarily. They are often on this kind of medication long term when they actualy need thyroid hormone treatment.

It kind of opens the flood gates for many illnesses being misdiagnosed. Since Hypothyroidism creates symptoms similar to Alzheimers, how many elderly are being misdiagnosed with Alzheimers or Senile dementia when they actually have hypothyroidism?

Sadly Doctor Teitelbaum is right. Hypothyroidism is inexpensive to treat and also simple to treat. Why then is their such a public health disaster?

We are, however, still left wondering what is causing such an epicdemic of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's?

Latest News 4th July

Lets talk about Chlorine and the Thyroid

I have had quite a few emails regarding chlorine and asking how it interferes with the thyroid.

If you suffer from hypothyroidism or indeed hyperthyroidism, part of your treatment must include eliminating intake of all toxins from the body and removing existing toxic build up.

Chlorine was added to drinking water in the start to eliminate the risk of waterborn diseases such as dysentry, cholera and typhoid. However the addition of chlorine to our water has also caused other problems affecting the endocrine system causing gland malfunction.

In fact serious health problems arise when chlorine is ingested into the human body via drinking water or through the skin via the bath, shower or public swimming pools, or through the respiratory system by breathing in the chlorine fumes created via a hot shower.

Both chlorine and fluoride are chemically similar to iodine and when absorbed compete with it blocking iodine receptors in the gland.

Dioxin, a dangerous chlorine related compound found throughout the food chain, is one cause of low thyroid.

Chlorine is also seen throughout the food chain and many healthy substances are turned into deadly toxins when combined with it to cause a reaction such as dioxin, DDT, PCBs, etc. The bottom line is that the real culprit is chlorine, not the substances with which it reacts.

The long and short of it is, avoid chlorine (and fluorine) like the plague. Do not drink coffee or especially tea that has been prepared with chlorinated tap water (Remember, restaurants prepare coffee and tea with tap water.) Drink only filtered or bottled water. Install a water filter system in your home, or at the very least, install water filters on your shower. Use fluoride free toothpaste and check ingredients lists on products for chemicals.

Summary: Is it any wonder that the modern world is ill? It is ironic that in the end, the third world will actually be healthier than us. (Maybe this is justified?) Man is destroying himself and his planet for progress and the root of all evil....Money.

Please take a look at these useful links for ensuring chlorine and other dangerous contaminants are eliminated from your water.


Sensitive Skincare Company

Fresh Water Filter Company

Latest News 3rd July 2008

Stress and chronic illness

Have you ever had an aquarium?

We keep an aquarium and the reason I am relating this to chronic illness is that fish become ill within days if they are stressed as their immune system stops working. They develop all sorts of problems and may eventually die.

Whilst this extreme is not necessarily applicable to us, stress is something that impairs our immune system. It is the silent killer. Our immune sytems are so affected by stress that they are no longer efficient at protecting us from illness and long term stress means that we have long term immune dysfunction. In some cases fatal illness is the result such as cancers.

This is why we need nutritional supplements that boost the immune system on a regular and consistant basis and also why we need to reduce stress in our lives as a matter of course.

I have first hand experience of stress. I have lived a very stressful life, frought with problems, an unhappy first marriage ending in divorce, an abundance of family deaths, financial worries, moving house many times and uprooting our lives, difficult friendships etc, problems with children being ill and behaviour problems. But the point here is, that I always have a set back when under stress, developing unstable thyroid problems, reduced immune function, adrenal insufficiency, exhaustion, tooth abcesses, hair loss, mouth ulcres, swollen lymph nodes, menstrual problems, joint pain, IBS etc. How much of this is related to symptoms of Hashimoto's is not clear but the list is endless and always much worse during and after times of stress.

Having kept an aquarium has drawn my attention to the fact that fish become ill mainly because they are stressed. The immune systems fails. Take away that stress and they are fine when provided with the right conditions obviously.

The same applies to us. Stress has a major contribution to our overall health. Reduce that stress and we will function a lot better with improved immune function, endocrine function sleep patterns digestion etc.

It has taken me around 2 months to adjust to changes in thyroid medication which in turn has caused me a lot of stress. I then moved house and I am worse than ever. In that time I have observed that the stress caused is causing most of my set back.

I have neglected my supplements, had very little sleep, a poor and sparse diet, aggravation from everyone's irratibility at moving, packing and then unpacking again, stress of driving around a new area and inevitably getting lost, family illness, difficulties with teenage children etc. It has been one huge emotional rollercoaster for the past three months.

Don't underestimate the power stress has on your body, especially if you are already suffering with a chronic illness. Act to protect your immune system on a daily basis as by doing so, you are protecting your life. Go to the stress relief page to read more.

Latest News 30th June 2008

Take responsibility for your body

One thing for sure is that we can not totally rely on the medical profession for our health. We are being fed with synthetic and potentially dangerous prescription medication sometimes needlessly.

It is of great concern when you consider that some patients are on 20 plus tablets a day for a medical condition. What is not considered is the long term effect of this medication on our sytems, endocrine, immune, nervous, reproductive, digestive, ciculatory etc as well as our brain and mental function.

We need to take more responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. Since doctors can not agree on treatments and what is best for us, we need to do our own research and get to grips with treatments that will help us, especially to avoid taking so much prescription medication. Often the solution can be nutritional and certain minerals can help us achieve a correction in many chronic illnesses.

Vigilance with an additive free healthy and organic diet, avoiding the use of chemicals in beauty products and the substances with which we clean our homes, substances used for gardening such as pesticides and weedkillers, remembering all the time that what we inhale, apply to our skin, ingest as food and how we live our lives has a long term effect on our health.

Taking sensible amounts of excercise. Realising that obsessions with gyms can also be deterimental. Managing stress as much as we can by recognising that when our bodies are highly stressed, we put a strain on our entire system. Using meditative or relaxation techniques to help allieviate severe stress.

Instilling these values in our children.

We do not need to be neurotic, just sensible with a common sense approach to our health. Going back to basics and realising that our modern world is also harming our health and acting accordingly.

Hashimoto's Disease

If I am hypothyroid due to Hashimoto's Disease, why do I feel so revved up?

It's because we have both thyroid destroying and thyroid stimulating hormones at the same time. We need specialist blood tests however for the three types of antibodies which are: thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase antibodies and thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin.

Doctor John Lowe answers this question in detail HERE

Isn't this just so familiar?

And just listen to these

Latest News 29th June 2008

Is there a link between M.E (CFS) and the Thyroid?

Why are so many people suffering from M.E? (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Well, doctors are lacking in sufficient knowledge of the endocrine system and treating thyroid problems, for a start.

Believe it or not, medical students only briefly cover the endocrine system at medical school. They actually receive around the equivalent of half a day's tuition on the subject.

It is alarming to know that literally thousands are walking around with undiagnosed thyroid conditions due to the lack of knowledge of our G.P's. Even more alarming is that undiagnosed thyroid conditions can be fatal.

I have constantly spoken about this topic on this website and become infruiated at the growing amount of emails I receive from women who are ill and obviously clinically hypothyroid but diplaying "normal" blood results. Then there is the fact that many women may also have thyroid antibodies but are not being tested. Many women (and men) are being dismissed from GP surgeries purely because they have "normal" blood results and are therefore deemed biochemically normal. Basically testing TSH levels alone is useless.

What about women who are pregnant? Please check the pregnancy page for more on this subject. The effects on the growing baby can be adversly affected if the mother is unknowingly hypothyroid and remains untreated throughout her pregnancy. Yet doctors are not routinely screening.

Then there is the issue of our ladies who are taking the contraceptive pill or other medication and who are also on thyroxine. GP's have such little knowledge that hormone therapy such as the pill and HRT are being prescribed with no thought to the thyroxine requirements and the fact that these synthetic hormones and other medications can affect the amount of thyroid hormone absorption. GP's just can't seem to make the connection. Please click here to read about Natural Progesterone and the thyroid for clarification about the dangers of synthetic HRT and the pill.

Other issues are anti-depressants. The combination of thyroxine and fluoxetine for example can cause adverse effects such as worrying palpitations, dizziness and fainting, overse anxiety and even collapse. Yet our "wonderful" doctors precribe the two together and when questioned tell us that there is no problem.

Doctors are ignorant to the fact that M.E is a symptom of thyroid disease. They treat the thyroxine requirements but do not try to treat the other symptoms such as weakness and exhaustion that are classic of M.E. It is a fact that TSH levels are often elevated in CFS patients and TSH levels can also be affected in patients suffering with allergy related illness.

Also adrenal function is disturbed in CFS patients. GP's will simply not even listen to patients who ask for adrenal function to be tested. They can't seem to connect the thyroid or any other endocrine gland with eachother and understand that what affects one gland, will more often than not have a backlash on the rest of the endocrine system. They are all hormone releasing glands and their workings are complex. Why do we not have specialists in the endocrine system? Endo doctors just can't be called specialists when they won't acknowledge adrenal insufficiency or M.E (CFS)

M.E (CFS) patients could also have problems converting T4 to T3. Doctors don't like talking about T3 for some reason. (probably because they don't actually know what it is) T3 is the hormone that is needed for us to function correctly. Those of us on Levothyroxine (T4) or who have a normal thyroid function usually convert this in our body to the much needed T3. But some can't make that conversion and this is called thyroid Hormone resitance. What then? Doctors often won't prescribe T3 saying that there is no evidence that it helps. If we can't make the conversion WE WILL NOT GET BETTER. Loud and clear. And there is no point taking T4 if you can't convert it to T3. Doctors make such a big fuss about T4. That is because there is a mandate in place from the medical regulatory bodies stipulating that only T4 is to be prescribed. How about that then? Those patients who are not doing well on T4 alone who are then prescribed T3 recover. Once again, please read this page from Doctor John Lowe's site.

Are doctors also aware that Natural transdermal bio identical progesterone helps the endocrine system and the workings of the thyroid often restoring normal function? By progesterone, I mean natural transdermal progesterone cream and NOT synthetic prescription progesterone which can not be correctly assimilated by the body....AT ALL. Period. Synthetic hormones are dangerous. Period. They disrupt the endocrine system. Read here about Natural Progesterone and the thyroid details as above.

Please also read this interview between thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon and Holistic Doctor David Brownstein about natural hormones and the thyroid.

They are just happy to write us all off as menopausal lunatics.

Many patients with Fibromyalgia and CFS have been treated with low dose thyroid hormone and made a significant recovery despite having biochenically normal blood results. Dr Gordon Skinner is one of such UK doctors who treats such patients with thyroid hormone in this way and this has been the subject of Diana Holmes’ book Tears Behind Closed Doors (Avon Books, 1998) where Diana Holmes was treated by Dr Skinner. Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield is another doctor who treats clinically hypothyroid patients this way adding low dose adrenal support to his regime with great success. Both these doctors have been pulled up by the GMC (General medical council) for inappropriatly treating patients despite having tremendous success.

Please click here to read about Dr Skinner and the GMC

So, it seems that the GMC for some reason don't appear to want us to get well? They will not condone the use of thyroid hormone to those of us who display normal blood results even though T4 or T4/T3 combination drugs have been shown to improve patients.

Doctor John Lowe also states that low thyroid function is the cause of Fibromyalgia in his book The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia (McDowell Publishing, 2000).

These doctors who stuck their necks out for us knew that by prescribing thyroid hormone to clinically hypothyroid sufferers of Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME they were going against these mandates. In fact Dr Peatfield has had his medical licence suspended. Doctor Skinner has been fighting a court case. It is outragous considering they have helped so many to get well.

Yet the medical profession still say that M.E, CFS and fibromyalgia are figments of our imagination. I personally have been offered cognitive therapy at Kings College Hospital's M.E clinic. How dare they?

The GMC still state that thyroid hormone should on no account be given to those who have normal blood results. They also state that it is not possible to have hypothyroid symptoms with normal blood results. They state that hypothyroid patients should only have enough T4 to keep levels within the reference range and that patients should only ever be given T4 and never T3.

Who the hell do they think they are?

Just goes to show you that these regulating bodies know bugger all about anything and while they make up their own rules, we are asll just getting sicker and sicker.

I will fight for this cause. I care not what trouble I get into. I want women everywhere to stand up for themselves instead of suffering for years from unexplained and undiagnosed illness, being made to feel like they are mad, stupid, incompetent, depressed and having broken marriages because no GP or doctor will listen.

I have been there. 15 years of not understanding what is wrong packets and packets of antidepressants and a broken marriage. I feel we women are the authority, not the bloody doctors. Tell them to go ****

Latest News 19th June 2008

I will be back on the website next week. I have been unwell and also moving house tomorrow which hasn't helped!! I am looking forward to research once again, all for the benefit of us ladies (myself included) who are suffering from one thing or another, thyroid, menopause, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion, candida etc.

There are so many of us out many simple solutions. Simplyfy your lifestyle, meaning no more chemicals, organic healthy food, nutritional supplements (food state) light exercise, plenty of rest and dealing with stress and you are already there. Easier said than done of course, but it really is achievable.

Until next week, byeeee. (and take care of course)

Latest News 11th June 2008

My apologies for being away from the website for a while. I have been unwell due to my doctor playing about with my thyroid medication (resulting in another hospital visit) reducing the dose by half and then increasing it again) I am starting to feel better now but it has taken a few weeks to get back to feeling ok.

I have been catching up on all the emails and more and more women are requesting the private thyroid doctors list as they are just not getting any support from their GP's.

It seems we have to pay for treatment in order to get any kind of help which is disgraceful. Also, we are sometimes having to pay for treatment to sort out errors caused by the GP!!

Too many women are still ill out there and not fighting back to get the right diagnosis. They are content to allow the GP to bully them and intimidate them.

If you stumble upon this sight because you are unwell, you need to take action to improve your health as leaving it to your doctor won't help you on the road to recovery. George Sampson

Did you know that George Sampson, winner of Saturdays final of Britains got talent, has the spinal condition called Scheuermanns Disease?

This disease is a curvature of the spine that affects fast-growing teenagers and is a form of juvenile osteochondritis which usually affects several vertebrae, classically in the thoracic region. The cause in unknown.

The active stage of the disease usually affects 13-16 year olds and causes pain in the thoracic spine with rounding of the back. The pain eventually subsides but leaves the teenager with a slight forward stoop. However in later life, backache can return due to osteoarthritis. Teenagers with Scheuermanns Disease are prone to osteoarthritis in later life.

In this condition there is an abnormality in normal formation of some vertebrae and also the cartilage plates that separate the vertebrae. It can lead to kyphosis (hunch back) which is a rounding of the upper back.

Obviously it can cause substantial pain but pilates can help. However it can become self limiting with many patients unable to touch their toes, also migraines, neck and back pain.

Braces can be used but success is often not achievable. Many patients recommend using an osteopath which helps with re-alignment and therefore pain too.

I deeply admire young George for his persistance with his great love of dancing and of course going on to win Britains Got Talent despite having this disease. Rock on, George!!! You are an example to all of us with spinal problems.

Latest News 29th May 2008

Does your sunscreen contain any of the following ingredients?

If so you are putting dangerous toxins on your skin some are powerful free radical generators. For more information click here Please think of your endocrine system!!

Para amino benzoic acid…

Octyl salicyclate




Padimate O





Menthyl anthranilate

Trolamine salicyclate…


Latest News 28th May 2008

I receive many emails from women regarding thyroid conditions and what I am finding is disgraceful but seems commonplace.

The GP either won't prescribe thyroid medication at all even though the patient has obvious symptoms.

The GP Won't prescribe Armour even though the patient is still unwell on synthetic thyroxine. Armour is natural and contains both T4 and T3. Many patients on synthetic T4 (levothyroxine) are unwell because there body can not make the essential conversion of the T4 hormone into the much needed and essential T3. GP's don't (or won't) recognise this.

The GP puts the patient on Levothyroxine and is not sufficiently educated in endocrine matters so starts them on too high a dose. If you are diagnosed as hypothyroid, you need to start low (25mcg) and build up. Regular blood testing in this early phase is paramount. So what should happen is this:

You are diagnosed. GP should start you on 25mcg then test the blood after 4-6 weeks. If more hormone is needed to bring you back within normal range then the dose should be increased to 50mcg. 4-6 weekes later blood should be re-tested. If necessary, dose should be increased again to 75mcg. This should continue until blood is brought within normal ranges and patient is feeling better.

If you don't feel better, the question should be asked "Am I converting T4 to T3?"

If not, Armour should be tried. GP's can prescribe Armour. (see below)

Gradual increases in thyroid meds avoids hyper symptoms and accustoms the body to suddenly receiving thyroid hormone when it has previously not been used to it.

It really makes me cross. GP's can not play about with thyroxine at your expense.

Looking for natural bleach?

Earth Friendly bleach by Loads of uses from laundry to soaking nappies etc. They provide a leaflet with other suggested uses. Only £5.99 chlorine free and safe.

It is a sad fact that we can't just walk into our local supermarket and find natural eco friendly products. We have to buy most things on the internet from companies and even individuals that recognise that there is a desperate need for these things. Yes some are expensive but that is simply because they are made from natural ingredients. The products containing SLS are cheap because it is a readily available and cheap additive to products but also dangerous to us. Chlorine is dangerous too.

With Homescents everything is eco friendly and 100 per cent natural. They have a wide range of safe cleaning products from home and car fresheners to laundry and cleaning products.

Latest News 27th May 2008

Can my GP prescribe Armour Thyroid?

Armour thyroid is derived from pigs and contains both T4 and T3 which is probably why some patients do better on it and of course it is natural rather than synthetic.

The GP's don't routinely prescribe it. In fact some don't even know about it. I spoke to one of my GP's about it around 3 weeks ago and she had not heard of it at all. I find that amazing.

The answer to the question "Can my GP prescribe Armour?" is YES!!

It can be prescribed by any GP on a green prescription (FP10) and the chemist can get it from IDIS World Medicines, Millbank House, 171-185 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6AX (tel: 02084 100 700; fax: 02084 100 800; e-mail: or idis@ for orders; Other brands are also available.

So, you are now "Armed" with all the information to tell your GP where to get it. (just in case they develope forgetfulness after you have asked them)

Important information for CFS/M.E and Fibromyalgia Sufferers

There is increasing evidence that Fibromyalgia and thyroid disease are related due to inadequate thyroid hormone regulation of tissue functions. The endocrine system is extremely complicated and is affected by so many factors. Even a slight imbalance can affect us and environmental issues are largely to blame.

Please read this this article about the relationship between CFS/ME fibromyalgia and the thyroid.

My own Thyroid condition update

I have today been to my GP who recently reduced my thyroid medication from 100mcg to 50mcg because I was suffering chest pain, rapid heart, night sweats, anxiety, severe cramps in my legs and arms. I noticed last week that I was feeling unduly fatigued again as well as feeling cold and of course realised I was hypothyroid again. My GP told me today that my levels had dropped and 50mcg was not enough, so I have now gone up to 75mcg.

I had been on 100mcg for some time so was puzzled to be getting hyper symptoms. I knew 50mcg would not be enough but was prepared to half the dose to see what would happen. Lets now see what 75mcg does. I bet I end up back on 100mcg. I am concerned that my thyroid is so unstable at the moment, especially as I am supposed to be having my scoliosis surgery at some point this year. (I finally decided to go ahead with it)

What is worrying me more is that in spite of reducing the dose to 50mcg, the chest pain is still persistent and I get it most nights. (could it be unstable angina?) My GP thinks it is acid reflux? I am confused. She has given me medication (lansoprazole) called a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to try and quite honestly, you know my views on medication, I just don't want to take it. Mike thinks I should as if it sorts out the chest pain, then at least I know it was not angina. I am going to give it a trial of a few days as I have been told that the symptoms should resolve themselves within a few days if it is indeed acid reflux or hiatus hernia. I will then seek out alternative and natural remedies as I do not want to take lansoprazole long term.

Looking for food state vitamins/minerals?

It is acceptable to supplement our very depleted diets, but most people use man-made, isolated and artificial products which are convenient as we can buy them from Boots, Superdrug, most pharmacies and large supermarkets. By taking a natural and complementary approach however, results are dramatically improved. Wherever possible, food state supplements are preferrable for the best possible results; they are recognised and utilised by the body with ease whereas synthetic supplements can not be utilised and can also cause problems.

Please click here to see a range of natural products that will benefit us immensly, are completely natural and can in some cases help to reverse and improve many chronic illnesses by replenishing our very depleted bodies.

Latest News 22nd May 2008

Back from Dublin now and it was very tiring for me. It was a shame as I couldn't do as much as I would have liked so tried to fit too much into one day. Consequently, I am paying for it.

Here is an interesting article for hypothyroid patients currently taking thyroxine and who are experiencing strange symptoms such as thudding heart and anxiety and here is another article for those who are hypothyroid, stabilised and medicated but still have low body temperature and other symptoms. when will the medical profession ever get to the bottom of it?

Latest News 19th May 2008

Stop Press

All those of you fellow sufferers of chronic illnesses like thyroid, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have been invited to a special product launch on 5th June 2008 in Reigate, Surrey at 2pm.

Fibromyalgia sufferer, Caroline has special funding and has lots of products for us to try.

Please see this special invite below which is open to us all, not just fibromyalgia sufferers

Press Release 14 May 2008


They are all things sufferers of Fibromyalgia Syndrome can take away free from the Tried and Tested event, being held in Reigate on Thursday 5th June in collaboration with the Surrey & Sussex Fibromyalgia Support Group.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fibro) is a chronic condition whose main symptoms are widespread chronic pain, hypersensitivity to pain and chronic fatigue. Fibro likely affects between 1.2 and 2.7 million people in the UK alone, although this figure may be as high as 10 million as many cases go undiagnosed.

Fibro sufferers often struggle because there is no widely accepted treatment regime and many spend large amounts of money on complementary or alternative therapies, sometimes with little or no effect.

Caroline Hinkes, a Fibro sufferer herself, is now organising a project to try and help find out what complementary therapies work for Fibro sufferers. The Tried and Tested project aims to get volunteers with Fibro to try out complementary therapies for free so that a guide can be compiled with people’s experiences, enabling other sufferers to make targeted decisions about how they spend their money.

The Tried and Tested project is being launched with an event at 2pm on Thursday 5th June in Reigate. Presentations will be made about the various therapies on offer with the project and ice cool healthy smoothies have kindly been sponsored by Urban kitchen for attendees to try. £5,000 worth of products for Fibromyalgia will be made available for volunteer Fibro sufferers to take home for free and test. Volunteers will then be able to keep many of the products.

Sponsors include Nutri, The Nutri Centre, and many more. Tried and Tested project organiser, Caroline Hinkes says:

“I am not selling anything. I have fibromyalgia and have wasted ££££ on stuff that frankly makes NO difference.

So together lets test products, find out what works and TELL other sufferers so we can make targeted decisions on how we spend our healing pound....

So come on take part in this event. Lets make a difference!

It can't happen without YOU!”

The Tried and Tested launch event is taking place at 2pm, on Thursday 5th June at The Green Room, Woodhatch Centre (tucked behind some shops), Whitebeam Drive, Reigate RH2 7LS.

Please RSVP Caroline Hinkes

Latest News 15th May 2008

Looking for a completely natural self tanner? Rossi, mum of 2 at Handmade naturals has made a fabulous completely natural self tanner than can also be used on your face!! Much better than all those horrible chemical ones in the shops these days. Read all about it!!

Latest News 12th May 2008

As you may know, I advocate the use of Natural Progesterone cream as a natural alternative to HRT and for many good reasons.

I have explained on many of my pages that the use of synthetic hormones causes problems within the body adding to our symptoms. This also includes those of us who are not at menopausal age and affects women from teenage to the elderly.

This includes the contraceptive pill and HRT for menopausal symptoms.

The Reason? Oestrogen Dominance

If you read the menopause page, I explain the symptoms of oestrogen dominance which was actually discovered and researched extensively by Dr. John Lee, MD.

I actually came across Natural progesterone cream while researching my own thyroid condition and upon reading Mary's Shomons book. I could instantly see how synthetic hormones could influence the production of thyroid hormone and cause an imbalance. At the time, I was not only taking thyroxine, but also the synthetic contraceptive pill, femodette, as well as simvastatin for lowering cholesterol.

I was feeling very unwell and could not understand why, now that I was on thyroxine, I was still feeling so bad, some 6 months into treatment.

I decided to stop taking statins after researching them. I still felt unwell, so having read more about natural progesterone, decided to order some. (This was around 2 years ago) I stopped taking the pill (Femodette) and I experienced quite dramatic relief within about 2 months. This change then led me to realise the effect that not only synthetic hormones, but other synthetic products and food including chemicals are all basically contributing to (if not causing) us to become ill.

The symptoms of Oestrogen Dominance are interesting and are as follows: Unexplained weight gain, thyroid hormone imbalance, depression, headaches, water retention and bloating, lack of energy and fatigue, imbalances in blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) reduced sex drive, uterine cramping, dry eyes and skin, panic attacks and unexplained anxiety, loss of self esteem, insomnia, irregular periods, PMT/PMS, muscle and joint pain, mood swings, anger and irritability, fibrocystic breasts, breast tenderness, breast swelling, hair loss, miscarriage, irrgeular periods, slow speech, confusion, magesium deficiency, copper retention/loss of zinc, osteoporosis, gall bladder problems, lethargy and weakness, Endometriosis, menstrual clots, Increased Risk of Autoimmune Disorders, sweet cravings, cold hands and feet, cervical dysplasia, migraines, increased allergies such as rashes asthma, sinus problems, acceleration of aging .

Now, many of these symptoms will be familiar if you have a thyroid condition too. Please click here to read frequently asked questions about Natural progesterone cream

What causes Oestrogen Dominance?

Petrochemicals are disrupting our endocrine system. An example of petrochemcial ingredients within a cream are: Isopropyl Myristate , Glyceryl Stearate SE, Cetyl Alcohol, PEG-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate, Stearic Acid, Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate, Carbomer, Aminomethyl Propanol , Methylparaben, Propylparaben. Petrochemicals cause Oestrogen dominance

Also, Synthetic oestrogens & Synthetic Progesterones (Progestins, Progesterone Acetate, Medroxy Progesterone Acetate and birth control pills)

Commercially Grown Animal Products that contain added hormones or pesticide residues (this includes most meat and dairy products sold in grocery stores).

Commercially Grown Vegetables which contain pesticide residues..

In the human body, these and all other Petro-Chemical compounds act like Synthetic Oestrogens and have been shown to be significantly responsible for all 150 symptoms of PMT/PMS, Infertility, Endometriosis, difficult Menopause, Osteoporosis, and an increased risk for Female-Specific Cancers.

Please click here to read testimonials from women who have used Natural Progesterone Cream. There are also testimonials from 2 famous specialising doctors, Dr B Durrant-Peatfield, MB BS LRCP MRCS and Dame Dr Shirley A Bond, MB BS LRCP MRCS FFARCS DCmdrSOStj.

I feel it is important for women suffering from thyroid illness and autoimmune disease to know about this cream, as a way forward and also to draw attention to the dangers of synthetic hormones and how they affect our endocrine system, which is the chief hormone system of our very delicate body and is very easily disrupted.

Please contact me for a list of specialising doctors in the UK who prescribe Natural progesterone. It can also be purchased from this U.S website who have always specialised in producing petrochemical free natural progesterone.

Latest News 8th May 2008

Please check out this website with lots of important facts about thyroid illness,both hyper and hypo, autoimmune disease, adrenal problems, Thyroid cancer, endocrine problems diet and nutritional advice.

Latest News 1st May 2008

I feel it is important for all Hashimoto's Disease or Underactive Thyroid sufferers to know this

On Sunday morning, I took my 100mcg Levothyroxine as normal. Within an hour I felt very unwell. I have been taking Levothyroxine for 2 years, most of that time I have been on 100mcg.

Over the last few weeks (since January), I have been feeling odd on and off. I asked my GP if my thyroxine requirements could change and he said I will probably stay on 100mcg for life.

Over the last week, I said to Mike that I feel as though I have gone overactive I have had violent tremors, thudding fast heart, feeling dizzy and nauseous, lucid dreams, excessive sweating, feeling faint, violent muscle cramps in my legs, back, stomach and even my arms, very weak arms, chest pain and headaches and insomnia as well as extreme fatigue.

On Sunday Things were even worse. I was trembling so much my teeth were chattering together and I had a massive panic attack as the chest pains and muscle cramps were so intense, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My lips felt numb and my face was tingling.

Mike took me to Mayday hospital in Croydon where I spent 9 hours in casualty. They could not do thyroid function as it takes too long to get the results back (a few days) They did basic blood tests which proved ok. ECG was ok. I was sent home.

Against my better judgement, I decided to miss my morning thyroxine tablet yesterday (Wednesday). The symptoms ceased. No muscle cramps, headaches, thudding heart etc. I felt weak still and very tired but calm with no feeling of intense panic and doom.

Went to the GP today and saw a lady GP who has reduced the levothyroxine to 50mcg and has given me a form to have bloods done in two weeks. She is also looking into the possibility of prescribing Armour thyroid

If you start to experience overactive symptoms, even if you have been taking thyroxine for years, see your doctor and ask them to reduce your dose and monitor you until the thyroid has stabilised again. Don't be fobbed off. Hyperactive thyroid pose a danger. Don't let them tell you it can't be the Levothyroxine because it can. Thyroid requirements do change so make them aware that you have done your research

I will let you all know what happens about this as it may be relevant to many of you like myself.

New Cat

our new cat We are picking up our new cat tonight!!! What mugs we are, as we now will have 5!!! Another rescue cat from the Cats Protection League. She is between 12 and 18 months old so still a kitten really and her sad tale led softie moi to wanting to rescue her.

She was rescued from a large housing estate in Sussex and was pregnant when the CPL captured her and took her to safety. Sadly all her kittens were stillborn. (Or I would probably have wanted them too!!) Now she is coming to us to be pampered and live safely with 4 friends, Katie, Cleo, Sam and Sally.

She is beautiful fluffy grey young girl with a little pixie like face and huge green eyes.

So, if you love cats please consider giving a rescue cat a home. They are very rewarding and have often been through a very hard time. Please click here to go to the main Cat Chat page to see rescue centres and cats in need of homes across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Latest News 28th April 2008

Do you ever wonder why, when bathing or showering in just plain water, that you come out of the bath with red itchy blotches all over you? It was something that plagued me and I couldn't understand how plain water was causing irritated skin. Well, it's the chlorine in the water supply thats causing it.

I have found a solution for all those of us with sensitive, eczema prone or other dry skin condition, autoimmune disorders, thyroid conditions etc who are chlorine sensitive.

It is a cost effective shower filter for the shower and a special ball for the bath from The Sensitive Skincare Company. No more red itchy blotchy skin, and of course for us thyroid ladies, we are cutting out our exposure to this thyroid unfriendly chemical.

Why is chlorine thyroid-unfriendly? Because it is chemically similar to iodine and blocks the iodine receptors in the thyroid. Fluoride (fluorine) is the same. So, for better health, cut out these endocrine disruptors from your life by using natural chemical and fluoride free toothpaste, installing shower filters and the special bath ball for your bath. Two inexpensive ways to feel better.

Latest News 25th April 2008

When we are suffering from chronic illness, depression, anxiety and God knows what else, we are often so "all consumed" by our illness, that we lose interest in life. One of the surest ways to help yourself feel better is to keep busy.

Our conditions often restrict us in what we can do, but having said that, being busy (as well as resting) is part of the battle.

I used to spend a lot of time just sitting there, idle, mainly because I just felt so awful. I felt completely depressed, useless and really could not see much point to my life (even though I have 3 children)

When I started research for this website, I immediately felt better just knowing that my own experience could be put to some use.

The more I did, the more I could do. I also have other hobbies such as: ferrying my my elderley mother around, My 4 cats, Katie, Cleo, Sam and Sally (soon to be 5 cats with the addition of a new rescue cat hopefully), tending my dads grave, reading, art and interior design, dressmaking, logic puzzles, the website and research for it as well as campaigns, helping my children with homework (usually the youngest as my middle daughter is highly motivated and does not need my help) cooking with my husband, gardening, watching telly, friends and family, helping out others when I can and working for my husband as his secretary, running 3 companies. My day can be an 18 hour day!!

I have found that being busy is very rewarding and yes sometimes completely exhausting and I should probably do less, but doing so much certainly stops me sitting around, getting depressed, dwelling on myself etc.

What I am trying to say is, that while we need time for ourselves and also time to rest, in between, make sure you keep yourself busy with enjoyable hobbies and passtimes, as well as everyting else. Try for an even balance. (hard though it is with families too)

Try not to do too much sitting around if you have a chronic illness as it can cause depression and a worsening of the condition. Keeping happily busy with hobbies, pets etc can do a lot for helping you to be well.

Latest News 23rd April 2008

We are all campaiging for better care for thyroid patients and are sick of the ignorance. I have active campaigns on the BBC Action network site and there is also a website devoted to thyroid patients called Thyroid Patient Advocacy UK

"Thyroid Patient Advocacy-UK is a web site and campaigning and patient support forum with the objectives of increasing awareness of the prevalence of hypothyroidism and the difficulties facing patients in obtaining a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment for this disease. If you, or someone you know is suffering from hypothyroidism or has signs or symptoms of this disease, we hope you will find the information we have provided to be of help and comfort and will encourage you to join our forum. Hypothyroid patients are desperately seeking an understanding and partnership with their NHS doctors to get the best treatment possible."

To view this website Please click here

Latest News 22nd April 2008

A lady emailed me today regarding iodine in multi vitamins supplements. She went into a branch of Tesco and asked pharmacy staff as to whether the supplement containing iodine was ok to take. Here is her account:

"I went to the pharmacy in a Tesco supermarket to ask if a vitamin and mineral supplement that included Iodine was okay to take with my thyroxine and was told to "look it up on the internet"! I was shocked. In another Tesco I asked the same question at the pharmacy and the pharmacist got his book out and showed me the entry for iodine and said he thought it should be okay but that I didn't need iodine."

OI, Tesco, get real!! Don't you think your staff should be trained? This could cause real problems for hypothyroid and hyperthyroid patients. If you are going to be a pharmacy, then make sure your staff know about the supplements T*****s!!!

Hypo and hyper can take iodine, but no more than a trace. Hashimoto's and Graves Disease - Do not take iodine. Loud and clear!!


Went to see Mr Lam, my scoliosis consultant today at Guys. I wish thyroid doctors were as knowlegeable reassuring and caring as him. He is totally brilliant and the best!!! If you are under Mr Lam for scoliosis, then you are lucky. I trust him with my life. If you are not under him, then try to be. He is a superb doctor.

I did wonder where his fluffy orange pencil case was this time (he used it the last time I was there as he keeps his protracter in it), as it did not appear. Ahhhh, isn't he sweet. (as well as clever and totally brilliant)

Latest News 21 April 2008

Forgot to put this on here, so it's a day late!! (sorry):(

Had a bit of a Hashi flare up at the weekend. It's the first for months and was due to a week of late nights and being too busy, looking after 2 other kids as well as my own, running around shops, working, cleaning, doing website, visiting my fathers grave, ferrying my mother about and not resting at all Slept a lot on Sunday and ache all over like a bad thing now. Will "up" some of my supplements for a few days and detox for a day and hopefully, all will be well. (really don't want to go backwards)

My point here is that the flare up's are getting less!, so I must be doing something right. All the money I spend on supplements must be worth it after all. Word of warning based on this. Don't over do it and expect to be well. Whilst supplements help you do a lot more, going to bed at 3am, 4 nights a week is totally stupid. However, does this also not show you how much more energy I have than before?

Latest News 15th April 2008

The lady below has asked me to post this on the site, her name is Caroline Hinkes. I will also be attending this meeting


My name is Caroline Hinkes. I am 49 and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia two years ago. I know that I spent a lot of time and money trying different alternative therapies after my GP told me there was not a lot conventional medicine could offer me.

Two years later, and a bit better, I think it would it would be really useful to produce a FREE guide on what alternatives therapies work and what is less helpful for fibromyalgia sufferers. Obviously, everyone is different but we need to start somewhere....

It would be good if this guide was widely available on Fibromyalgia websites, GP surgeries etc and written by us for people with fibromyalgia.

I have tried to take the hard work out of the project and spent a lot of time researching modalities that have a muti system approach to healing and may actually help us. So I got on the web and contacted eleven companies. To my utter amazement most were very happy to let us try their products for free or at a minimal investment. In return, we include them in the guidebook if we get a good result.

We have had some really generous sponsorship offers:

Dr Susie Anthony 3 day fibromyagia programme at her stately home in Somerset.

Supplement and hormone balancing programme produced by fibromyalgia specialist. You can do this at home with a manual and on-line support. We have asked the nutricentre to sponsor us with the supplements

The Healing codes Unit ( value £800 plus we have been allocated the actress Lorrie Rivers, as a coach, who got better using this system)

Free sessions of Reverse Therapy

And 8 others.....

If you want to take part as a tester you will be invited to a meeting at my home. We have been given permission to show a short film by Norah Wickerson (tacking fibromyagia)

This will be followed by presentations on each of the modalities to be tested with handouts on each one. You will be asked to choose just one. However, if you don't feel drawn to any of them you absolutely don't have to take part.

(If there is something you think is really good for Fibromyalgia and would like to try for the project let me know and I will let you have the template that has generated free sponsorship from ALL eleven companies that I approached) You will need to present the modality at the meeting.

We are hoping that this project will improve the lives of people suffering from fibromyalgia and help others make informed choices about alternative therapies. Saving, time, energy and money.

What to do next:

Please contact me via email at: The meeting will be held in April or May in Surrey and you will be given the date via email when you have made contact. Please let me know if a day or evening meeting ( 6.30pm tp 9pm) suits you best.

Together were better!

Caroline Hinkes

Latest News 14th April 2008

Do you live in Sussex or Surrey and have Fibromyalgia?

I have been contacted by a lady (fibromyalgia sufferer) who is running a Get Well project and is looking for 16 volunteers to participate in testing new products (alternative therapies) specially for Fibromyalgia. These are not readily available, therefore you may well find something that will help you are great deal.

If you are genuinely interested in participating, please contact me using my contact page, and I will pass your details on to her.

Also, I am inviting each visitor to my website to urgently use my feedback form on the contact page. I really want to know if this site has helped you, answered your questions, told you something helpful that you didn't know, made otherwise unknown products available to you and allieviated worries in general or put you on your guard about something. Is this site considered worthwhile?

The reason for this is, that I have to renew my web hosting fees in May and while I get a lot of visitors and emails asking for solutions and doctors, people do not take the time to give me feedback as to whether the site has really benefitted them, so it is hard to judge whether my research is helping?

My aim over the past year has been to help women like myself and it would be lovely to know that I had, and of course whether I sould continue, so please consider some valuable feedback and or suggestions as to how the site could be better, if you feel it could.

Many thanks

Marianne x

Latest News 13th April 2008

I have been trying to help a relative with Rheumatoid arthritis.

This is quite hard as her question to was "Do I have to give up everything?"

By this she was referring to chemicals in products. It is near impossible to make anyone understand that endocrine disrupting chemicals are in so many things.

I get asked "How has the human race survived then?"

Our mothers and friends are ok and they use loads of products.

Yes this is true. But how long are they ok for?

Scientific evidence has proved that these chemicals are showing up in blood and urine tests. It is pure luck if you have no symptoms.

But when fatigue, aches and pains and a general feeling of being unwell starts to set in, bear in mind that these very chemicals could be the cause.

The body can only take so much spray tanning, parabens, additives, chlorine, fluoride etc before it starts to shut down.

It is important to realise that the body was not designed to be spray tanned or to receive regular doses of chemicals several times a day, every day of the year and still function correctly.

Is it not common sense?

Women are using more and more products to stay young and to look good. With the dangers of over exposure to the sun highlighting the dangers of sun beds and excessive sunbathing and the high skin cancer risk, more and more are turning to "fake" tanning in the form of spray tanning booths and use of daily applications of lotions.

Also, more hair colour is being used, more beauty clinic procedures, more anti aging creams, make up, body lotions, hair removal creams and waxes and the list goes on.

With so much regular use, our systems just can't take the overload.

60 per cent of what we apply to our skin gets absorbed into our body. Too many women are ignoring this fact simply because their appearance is more important. There are other ways and natural products are just as effective which was proved in the program "How Toxic are you?"

Does your typical day go like this?

Wake up, brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste, Wash hair and condition with shampoo and conditioner containing chemicals, then style with products containing chemicals and spray hairspray which you then inhale, use cleanser, toner and moisturiser containing chemicals, Apply fake tan all over or other body cream or even both or petroleum based products. Apply make up containing chemicals? Use depilatory cream under your armpits? Spray with antiperspirant containing chemicals such as aluminium, spray neck and body with fragrance (containing over 200 chemicals and reapply several times a day.

Clean you home with various chemical cleaners and freshen air with spray or plug in air fesheners. Use chlorine bleach, floor cleaner or other?

Wear synthetic clothing or clothing cleaned with dry cleaning fluid?

Remove make up with chemicals cleanser and shower using shower/bath products containing chemicals. Use sanitary products made with chlorine bleached and synthetic materials. Use feminine wipes containing chemicals. Apply body lotion and face cream, both containing chemicals.

Take a daily synthetic hormone (pill), take synthetic vitamin supplements, pain killers and other medication.

And do the same thing, day in, day out for years in addition to eating food with additives, such as colourings, hydrogenated fats, stabilisers and emulsifiers, preservatives, flavourings, high sugar and salt, non organic vegetables with high pesticide residues. Inhale cigarette smoke, atmospheric pollutants etc. and God knows what else....

As well as the things that are hard to avoid such as radiation from computers and home hubs, televisions, mobile phones, traffic fumes, industrial pollution etc

Then expect your body to function properly?

Please take heed

Latest News 5th April 2008

I would really like to try to set up a charity to help all those who would like to see a private thyroid specialist because they have lost faith in the NHS, but can not afford it. Can anyone help with this either by providing feed back, donations, advice? I receive many emails from women asking for a list of doctors, many who can't really afford it, myself included. I would really appreciate feedback on this matter, so please consider contributing by using the contact page.

Also for those who suffer scoliosis and are considering the Katharina Schroth method as an option to surgery which costs somewhere in the region of £3000 for treatment.

Can anyone help on this? So many of us can't afford these things but they may be the answer to better health for so many.

Feedback, help and advice urgently needed.

Latest News 31st March 2008

I have recently received an email from Regenerative Nutrition telling me all about Magnesium Chloride

Deemed another miracle mineral, it has taken my interest as I firmly believe in minerals especially in our road to health. Our environment is depleted of many of natures minerals and our food is lacking of course, even organic produce can not get the minerals from our poor soils.

Magnesium Chloride has special healing powers. It is needed for hundreds of important enzyme reactions and cellular processes within our body and can "kick start cell physiology in a very powerful way" It is as important as the very air we breathe.

It is powerful at fighting infection and to obtain its infection fighting abilities, we would normally need to bathe in the sea for hours at a time in order for it to be delivered transdermally, which is the most effective method.

Magnesium deficiency is found is those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and therefore it is important to address our magnesium requirements.

Since magnesium is neccesary for the functioning of hundreds of different enzymes but especially those that produce, transport, store and utilize energy, it seems those of us suffering from any kind of chronic fatigue or autoimmune disease would benefit from supplementation.

There are two products being offered: Mag Sea Pure and Mag Sea Ionics.


Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Magnesium helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control and maintain normal brain function. In her book, The Miracle of Magnesium (Balantine Books 2003), Dr. Carolyn Dean points out that the rate of depression has gone up every decade since World War II. It's quite possible that this is related to magnesium depletion. Magnesium deficiency is one of the major nutritional reasons for depression. (Also lack of full spectrum salts e.g. Ionic minerals and trace elements) and a lack of essential fatty acids, e.g. hemp or fish oils.

But that's not all, Magnesium helps the following conditions too.

Asthma, constipation, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, nerve problems, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's Disease, Spasms, cramps, muscle contractions (these are often an indication of magnesium deficiency)

With so many benefits it may well be worth incorporating into your daily supplements. Please Click Here to read their detailed and informative article.

Latest News 27th March 2008

It's my son's 18th birthday on Saturday. I can't quite believe it. It seems that time has flown, where has it gone? He is dreading it as he is very juvenile for an 18 year old and is convinced that somehow he is expected to behave like a man overnight....impossible!!

Today he keeps telling us that his birthday starts tomorrow and goes on until Monday!! (chance would be a fine thing)

Isn't it sad, or is it just me? Where does the time go? I pine for the days when he was a little lad and was happy and excited about life, rather than the worried stressed young man he is now.

Latest News 12th March 2008

Stop Press

My husband, Mike has just started building his own site called All Those Memories. Ah, bless!!!!

It all came about when we went to Spain last year and wanted to be able to see, feel and re-live our holiday, whenever we wanted.

Mike's product is excellent and very original. He will set your chosen prints or images from your digital camera or video to music of your choice with special effects and burn it onto a DVD complete with your own chosen picture actually burnt onto the DVD and put in a presentation case for you to treasure forever!!!

Re-live that holiday, wedding, party over and over again!!

Makes a fabulous gift too for husband, boyfriend, friends, family.

He is doing this for my old nostalgic photo's of my parents when I was young, set to music from the 1960's and these are now on.

It can also be done as a keepsake commemorating the loss of a loved one that you or a family member can treasure forever.

Great for New Year and Christmas parties, corporate events, childrens 1sts, baby photo's, the list is endless.

Interested in learning more? Visit his site and check out the demo. Then go to his contact page.

His site is very new so there is not a lot on it at the moment, but he can discuss the possibilities with you. See his contact page.

Visit All Those Memories to find out more.

Latest News 5th March 2008

Handmade Naturals creams are now 100 per cent vegan!!!

Rossi has made the creams lighter by removing the beeswax ingredient and re-formulated her ingredients to make them even better. (Is that possible?)

This is her message:

"Our skin care is now 100% vegan Following nearly a month of trial & error, and taking into account all valuable feedback and suggestions received since my last note to all of you, I am happy to announce that the new formulations of the face creams, aftershave balm and hand cream are finally ready. With exception of the lip balm and the Trevarno SPF range, all our skin care products are now 100% vegan. This means the products no longer contain beeswax, which has been replaced with more shea or cocoa butters for their skin soothing and nourishing properties.

According to the preliminary feedback received, the new creams are slightly lighter, though just as moisturising as the originals. But the most exciting development has been the fact that the new creams tend to be very easily absorbed and leave a matt finish on the skin, making them even better for day time use."

Well done Rossi, you go girl!!

Latest News 3rd March 2008

My hospital appointment is looming. I see Mr. Lam at Guys on Thursday morning at 09.15am....Yikes!!!!

I have to make a decision about the scoliosis surgery and strangely enough (although not surprising to anyone who knows me, I still haven't decided what on earth to do.

At the moment, my back is killing me, but come Thursday, pain will be noticeably absent and I will sail into his consulting room with the serenity of a saint and a look of pure innocence plastered all over my face.

I will sit there in the usual awe of him. (he is the only consultant to put me in a state of awe, believe me) and say nothing at all, suddenly struck mute with fear and I will meekly smile like an angel before returning home.

Upon arrival at my front door, my back will be struck with pain like the wrath of God and I will suddenly develope awareness remembering everything I should have said. I will then wait in almost hysterical anticipation for the letter to invite me to the pre op assessment whereby I will attend and once again be struck dumb.

I will then receive the usual letter inviting me for surgery on a specified date and guess what folks?.....I will probably cancel or postpone it like I always do. What the hell am I thinking of? I have no excuse now....Thyroid has been tested to the point where I have become infamous in London hospitals and labs, I don't look ill any more and can walk and move quicker than say I am still unwell will be farcical.

If I don't want the operation, why don't I just say so? Because basically, I am rendered speechless in his presence and the mere site of his orange fluffy pencil case from which he removes a protracter to measure my curve seems to send me into a child like state. I sit smiling inanely and with affection at this pencil case before he turns once again to me to advise that the surgery be performed, a serious look on his face.

I look innocently back at him and agree. What power does this man have over me? Where does my attitude problem go when I am in his presence? Up ther bloody swanny, that's where.

Someone, somewhere, give me the guts to decline or accept the surgery and stop people like me wasting his precious time.

Latest News 28th Feb 2008

My favourite things at the moment from Love Lula the organic apothecary are Urtekram Rose Shampoo which is 100 per cent natural and certified organic and is suitable for all hair types. Hair smells of roses!! £4.50

Giovanni Direct Leave in Organic hair conditioner £7.95 and Mother Earth hair conditioning oil, £11.75. both 100 per cent natural.

Latest News 27th February 2008 Scoliosis may also cause thyroid and endocrine problems, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems and other disorders including mentrual problems. Please read this important article

Many of you probably saw Horizon on BBC2 last night at 9pm. For those that didn't, it was about products in the Supermarket that make claims, such as Organic produce, Antibacterial cleaners, washing powders, Superfoods, etc. I found it a strange conclusion. Everything on the programme was tested by their scientists and if they were scientifically proven to do what they say they do, then these products made their way into Professor Regan's trolley (meaning that because they were scientifically proven, she would buy them).

The claim for Organic food was that it was more nutritious than conventional food. This could not be proven scientifically. They failed to take any notice of the fact that organically farmed foods have significantly less chemical residues than conventional foods, even though they actually showed crop spraying and the nutritional content was given the most importance.

They also showed 2 organic pig farms, the organic one with all the pigs and piglets running around free and happy and the other with all the sows enclosed in pens and trying to feed around 12 piglets in these enclosed conditions. None of the pigs had ever been outside and the piglets were packed into a pen on a plastic sheet. Professor Regan questioned both farmers, saw the conditions and still overuled the fact that organic was best.

They also talked about Superfoods and their curatative claims. I advocate superfoods, not because they can cure you, as really that would be unrealistic. Their nutritional content is higher than other foods. Period. This was discussed and because science decided that it makes no difference to us as people how many vitamins are in a product, this one was also overuled.

Strangely enough, the antibacterial cleaner got through the test as did the washing powder. But not the organic food, the pro biotic yoghurt or the superfoods. This was purely because when tested, the washing powder washed clothes clean at 30 degrees, and the antibacterial cleaner killed superbugs like MRSA. However, what chemcials are in the product that can affect us? It may kill MRSA, but how does it affect us when used daily in our kitchen?

In my opinion, it sometimes seems that science rules. It is like some invisible power that decides what we buy. Can we not use our own common sense? Does everything have to be proven by scientists before we will buy it? The big and powerful supermarkets, food manufacturers and industry itself will always win because they will brainwash us with programmes like Horizon into continuing to buy their products, regardless of much evidence that these products make us ill. They mentioned minimal chemical residues in fruit and vegetables, but these residues, consumed daily and allowed to build up in our bodies over years are what is doing the damage. This was not mentioned.

It was almost like a conspiracy. Maybe industry is concerned that Organic products are now the preferred choice and are flying off the shelves, as well as organic meat, fruit and vegetables and safer cleaning and beauty products. How else can they persuade you to go back to buying all the non organic and traditional brands? By telling you that everything else doesn't work, of course! Even herbal remedies that have been used for hundreds, even thousands of years with astounding results, are deemed scientifically unproven.

Industry does not like herbal, superfoods, holistic or anything that will direct us away from the "Giants" of the industry world.

One woman said that she felt significantly better when she ate the superfoods, but that was glossed over in favour of scientific testing on a pair of twins. This experiment involved feeding one twin with more fresh fruit and vegetables, and the other with superfoods. The test showed that vitamin levels went down in both twins. How?

I often wish I could be interviewed for such a programme. I have been very ill for many years and discovered many things in the course of my illness, most of which I have tried, some worked, some did not. Conventional supplements from the big chemists and supermarkets made no difference. Specialised supplements and certain superfoods did. In doing so, I have also made many lifestyle changes, eaten superfoods daily, nutritional supplements, organic food etc. Why am I now feeling so well, chronic tiredness almost completely gone, able to walk around shopping centres for hours when before I couldn't even manage 10 minutes, look healthier and much younger than when I was originally ill and have no depression, menopausal symptoms, panic attacks or hair loss? This has taken a while to achieve, but never the less, had I not taken action, no doubt I would still be lying on the sofa, day in, day out, with no energy and chronic depression like I was up until 2006 when I began taking action.

I rest my case.

Latest News 8th September

If you have an autoimmune disease or thyroid disease please don't overdo things and expect to be well.

You are supposed to rest and look after yoursef and not push yourself beyond limitations.

I should take this advice myself. I nearly collapsed yesterday. I have been overdoing things for a few months and pushing myself very hard, staying up late, sometimes until 2 or 3 am, either reseaching or trying to catch up with housework etc, running around the shops for my daughters party and generally getting very stressed.

Result? My symptoms have flared up, big time. Problem is, I have my daughters birthday party today and I can hardly walk and feel very weak!

Stress plays a big part in thyroid disease and you will find your symptoms at their worst when you are stressed. Listen to your body and do NOT push yourself and expect to be well.

You need rest and relaxation and proper bedtimes....period.

Now I will just have to get on with it and I have no one to blame but myself.

Latest News 6th September

I am busy at the moment organising my daughter, Clare's 14th birthday party on Saturday so need to concentrate on that at the moment. She is having a Murder Mystery party in true Hollywood style!! We have to find the right outfit and props to make it really good for her. Will be returning to the website on Monday 10th Sept.

Latest News 4th September

Stop Press URGENT NEWS for THyroid sufferers

In view of recent emails received I feel that I should mention about Hashitoxicosis.

Does any of this apply to you? Do you feel manic one minute and slow the next?


This is a situation with thyroid disease where the sufferer experiences symptoms of both conditions, Graves Disease (overactive) and Hashimoto's disease (underactive) This can be one of the downfalls of Hashimoto's disease and in many cases why doctors miss the condition. If only they would just listen to your symptoms.

One day you are presenting one set of symptoms, next it's entirely the opposite. This is what happened to me and why it has been such hell. How many others is this happening to?

As this is something I have personally experienced, and is the reason that I was not treated in the early stages (so my GP tells me years later) I feel it necessary to give some important facts on this topic of hashitoxicosis.

Blood testing will show positve for Thyroid stimulating Immunogloblin (TSI) which should be near zero in a normal individual and this is normally associated with Graves disease AND Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO Ab) AND Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TG Ab) normally associated with Hashimoto's disease.

This combination shows Hashitoxicosis. Very nasty. The problem here is that when your doctor looks at the lab results, they will assume that everything is normal, despite the clear fact that it is not. They need to listen to your symptoms.

An unstable TSH (in normal individuals this should be near zero or around 1.2) where there are vast fluctuations also indicates Hashitoxicosis.

The combination of opposing antibodies can make you feel very unwell as when the TSI antibodies are high you can expect to be "fast" and jittery and nervy (doctors will think you are mad, put it that way) and when the TPO and TG antibodies are high, you can expect to be "slow" sluggish, tired, dizzy etc etc etc.

Sadly, you can expect to feel very odd most of the time and your emotions will be very unstable due to the conflict.

You will probably notice swelling in your neck, sometimes more than others which can be uncomfortable and painful too. Swallowing may be uncomfortable and your voice may be hoarse.

You may have constant sore throats. I had a sore throat on one occasion so severe that I could speak or swallow my own saliva. I was five weeks pregnant. A week later, I miscarried. Coincidence? Mmmmm.

It is VERY important for doctors to acknowledge the existance of Hashitoxicosis, and many don't, believe me. There are lots of things they don't acknowledge. If lab results show ok, they assume it is ok.

My doctor doesn't believe CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) exists. I think they have a cheek.

They need to understand how awful you feel, up one minute, down the next, jittery, fast heart, shakiness and tremors, feeling sick and fast everything including bowel (diarrhoea), then suddenly slow, tired, weak, cold, constipated and more.

What is the solution? Have your Thyroid removed and take thyroxine. Save yourself years of misery. (mine was 15 years and not one doctor mentioned it) At least you know where you are then. In fact, insist on it, as to live with the condition will probably drive you slowly mad until your thyroid and it's antibodies decide that the gland no longer works and it dies off, unless you can cope with it of course....for 20 years sometimes.

You see, they can't treat it can they? After all, what aspect do they treat, the Graves or the Hashimoto's? To give you thyroxine will only aggravate the Graves condition making you hyper and vice versa. Unstable thyroid, that's what it is to the point of madness.

Doctors expect "perfect" blood lab results and in turn tell you that a TSH of 0.4 to 5.5 is fine. Biochemically, yes. However is it right for you? It depends on how you feel....doesn't it?

I, and many others feel that 0.8 to 1.2 is better for you to feel "normal" and higher and you will feel slow and sluggish (Hypo) and lower and you will feel "fast" and hyper. Neither are particularly nice and fluctuating between very hot (hyper) and very cold (hypo) is scary too as are all the other symptoms that go with either hypo or hyper.

Ensure your doctor gets the full "SP" as follows if you are experiencing the above. The rolls royce of tests being:


Free T3

Free T4

Thyroxine T4

Total T3

Thyroglobin Ab (antibodies test for Hashimoto's disease) and Thyroxine Peroxidase Ab (additional antibodies test for Hashimoto's disease)

At the end of the day the thyroid will die anyway and you will be prescribed thyroid medication for life but in the meantime you have to live with the upheavals. If the gland is removed at least you can re build your life and get on with it which is what they are always telling you to do in any case "You just have to get on with it"

Thing is why should we? Problem I see here is in trying to convince a doctor to remove it when all appears them anyway. I was just fed with anti-depressants....great, eh?

It takes 20 years for the gland to die. The long and short of it is, that all the doctor has to do is remove it and start your treatment early so you can have some sort of life. Not too much to ask, is it? The more I sit and think about it, the more angry I am becoming. Do us ladies who have suffered in this way deserve compensation I this space.

Please email me using the contact form for private doctors in your area of the UK and republic of Ireland who are sympathetic and knowledgeable to thyroid illness and disorders and who can offer the services such as Armour Thyroid and natural medication. They often also check adrenal insufficiency and other problems.

Latest News 2nd September

There is now a Frequently Asked Questions page in response to some of the questions I have been asked. So please check this out.

Latest News 1st September

Here is a product called Fat Loss for Idiots for weight loss which I am told continues to be extremely successful. If you have tried everything and still can't lose weight, why not give this a go? As I have found out myself, sometimes it takes a lot of goes before you find something that works and that goes for anything that we try to improve our health and wellbeing and sometimes the most unlikely things are the things that work. I certainly didn't expect Natural progesterone cream to work, but it does. So take a look. Click Here! Since it is a downloadable e-book, it means you can get started within minutes.

Panic Attacks Something I suffered from for years. (see my Panic attack page) Here is another downloadable product that promises amazing results with testamonials and many of the ex-sufferers are happy to be contacted as proof. Click Here!

Latest News 31st August

There is scientific evidence to state that if you are a smoker, a former smoker or an asbestos worker then you should not take beta carotene supplements. Tests performed on smokers some of who were given a beta carotene supplement and some who were given a placebo showed a surprising rise in lung cancer in a percentage of the beta carotene group. Remember this applies to high doses of supplements and not diet

There is absolutely no evidence that beta carotene from diet (eg fruit and vegetables) promotes lung cancer and obtaining beta carotene this way is to be recommended, so please do not worry about your diet.

However, if you do not eat fruit and vegetables or still feel you need to take a supplement, then taking 15000IU of mixed carotenoids is recommended rather than 25000IU

My thoughts, being an ex smoker are that it is preferrable to take a good all round multivitamin containing mixed carotenoids than taking anti oxidants like vitamin E and beta carotene individually. Superfoods containing these antioxidants are not part of this and are still recommended as they are a food. Please check out this site for further info

Also check the information in this site too

If you are a ~Thyroid patient in the UK or Ireland or are suffering from Hashimoto's or Graves disease and feel that your healthcare is not what it should be, then please sign the enclosed petition which is being sent to MP's. Thank You.

Thyroid petition Latest News 30th August

If you are looking at a more "high end of the market" luxury Organic range, then Organic Pharmacy should definately appeal to you. Their products are guaranteed non-toxic and are made without the use of artifical colours, preservatives, fragrance and contain no petrochemicals, harsh detergents, DEA, TEA or toxic ingredients.

They should please those who like to use more luxurious products but also want the benefits of completely natural skincare.

Find everything you need here at Beauty Expert, who stock Organic Pharmacy products, including their advanced skincare, treatments, suncare, bath and shower, anti aging, haircare and even their own range of supplements. Organic pharmacy really is the creme de la creme.

Beauty Expert also stock Living Nature, another wonderful luxury natural skincare range so take a look at their products too

Looking for a completely natural chemical free alternative to Fragrance?

Lavera now do a range of Natural Fragrances with nothing bad in them at all. Choose from:

Lavender and Aloe Vera

Orange and Seabuckthorn

Vanilla Coconut

Wild Rose

Also Check out Florame's Natural Fragrance Toiletries. They have a range of certified 100 per cent natural eau de toilettes.

Available from Natural Collection and have delicious luxurious ingredients such as Citrus Fruits Garden, Orange Blossom, Patchouli and a range of other fabulous toiletries. They also do a Mens organic Eau de toilette

They are made using organic essential oils and organic ingredients. They also have the prestigious Cosmebio label from EcoCert. They promote fairtrade too.

Latest News 29th August

I have found this Natural Insect repellent patch by OmeZone which is chemical free, DEET free, dangerous pesticides free and is safe to use on infants as young as 12 months. Although it is 100 per cent natural, it has not been tested for use on pregnant women. It delivers 75mg of Thiamin (vitamin B1) and as the body does not require this much, it is filtered back out through the skin. The result is that insects do not like the smell of it. By the way, the smell is undetectable to humans and can only be detected by insects, who really don't like it, so won't come near you. It is ideal because you don't need to apply sprays, oils or creams. One patch provides 36 hours protection against biting insects. Each pack of 10 provides enough protection for one person for a two week holiday. It has been tested by the Mosquito Control Board, Queensland, Australia and has been found to be 96 per cent effective, so if you are still planning a holiday or want a safe alternative to high street chemist and pesticide sprays and creams, then check out OmeZone Natural Insect Repellent Patch

We all know about the pain of piles or haemorrhoids and I for one have been a sufferer since I started having children and have also experienced the extreme pain of an anal fissure for which I point blank refused to have any kind of hospital interference, be that stupid or not and thank God, it healed itself. I also know of people who have had surgery and who have never been the same afterwards due to the inadequacy of the surgeon. I have discovered a haemorrhoid medication which states that it is natural and also prevents haemorrhoids and anal fissures.

HemoClin is a non toxic gel which treats and prevents piles and fissures and provides lubrication to facilitate bowel movements and minimise discomfort.

Also, check out this superb range of self check tests from Express Chemist where you can check whether you have a range of conditions by checking for blood glucose, bowel health, Cholesterol, urine infections, Menopause, stomach ulcers,chlamydia and also a drug testing kit at low cost.

Stop Press

Mike and I are building a new website which will be about all things organic. When it is under way, I will let you know and there will be a link to it from this site.

I am building many more new pages but some take time, as you will appreciate. Pages currently under construction are:

Products (a summary of products discussed on this site and where to buy), Organic Healthy Eating choices to include a look at eating raw food only, Anti-aging skincare, Essential Oils, Your Stories and solutions, Organic cosmetics, Natural aphrodisiacs for those with libido problems (a common and distressing symptom of autoimmune and thyroid disease that can wreck relationships) and Stress and how to allieviate it with diet, exercise and other methods. The vitamin guide and other supplements guides are being updated and changed for the better.

I was annoyed to read in a well known womens magazine, September edition, about "How to make your life less toxic"

They are taking it far too casually. They refer strongly to DIY products, especially paint as being a cause for concern regarding our health and inform us that the World Health Organisation refers to painting as a "carcinogenic profession" but do not provide details of where to locate eco friendly paint.

They are playing the problem down too much and trying to minimise the actual "Big picture".

They talk about household products saying that we are "not going to die tomorrow" but if we have been using the chemicals in the products for many years, then chances are we have already built up significant levels of chemicals in our bodies as scientific evidence proves that levels of these chemicals have been found in human tissue.

They do state that we should avoid chlorinated substances and air fresheners due to evidence that the chemicals build up in the body and to look for more environmentally friendly products, but I feel that they are not emphasising the dangers enough. Basically do not use anything containing chemicals if possible and there is a natural alternative.

They also (conveniently) "forget" to mention beauty, Fragrance and bath products including shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, suncare, self tanning, anti aging products and skincare products, cosmetics, feminine care, nail care, and many others. If they did, then their magazine would have nothing to promote or talk about and would go out of circulation.

Take heed. Womens magazines and the beauty and perfume industry in general are not going to tell you about all the hundreds of chemicals that go into the products because the beauty industry "conglomerate" makes literally billions of pounds out of womens vanity.

The thing is, the natural alternatives are better for you and because they do not contain chemicals, will improve your skin and continue to do so. The chemicals in the products are actually causing skin to age more over a period of time

Have you not noticed that their effects are short lived and only seem to work for around 6 weeks? Then you go back out and buy something else because that product no longer works for you. Believe me, I have been there and I am an ex-Clarins, Clinique, Guerlain and Estee Lauder addict.

At the end of the day, it is not just skincare that keeps your skin looking young, but a healthy diet and exercise, plenty of water, sensible chemical free suncare, supplements like Rosa Mosqueta, MSM, Vitamins and minerals and superfoods and plenty of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Lifestyle choices too like smoking and drinking will obviously affect the condition of your skin and no amount of anti aging products can correct damage unless you put only good things into your body....period.

Another point to make regarding parabens and petro-chemicals is that baby oil contains the highest amount of mineral oil possible, and how they can even warrant selling it is beyond belief. Do NOT use it on your skin and certainly don't use it on your baby. There are very many natural baby products so check out Green people and some of the other natural suppliers on this site. Start your baby off without chemicals NOW.

Will be also building a page about safe babycare products and solutions, but for now please click here to see a range of natural baby care products made by a mum of 2, Rossi who makes skincare products that are 100 per cent natural. She is the driving force behind her company, Handmade Naturals, and I am about to start using her products too.

Read about her company Handmade Naturals, Here

and see her own list of 10 synthetic cosmetic ingredients to avoid (although the lists we have both come across are actually too long to print on our sites) HERE

Latest News 28th August

I have been trialing Bionsen Deo Total Body Active Minerals and think it is brilliant. It is 100 per cent natural and contains mineral crystals from volcanic ash only. At first glance, it may be quite off putting. It is a clear plastic container with what looks like a load of crystals inside and no liquid. You wonder what on earth it can do and how it can stop you smelling of sweat or keep you dry. Lets skin breathe as it's supposed to.

Basically, you fill it with water yourself and shake it before use to activate. Economically it is fantastic as it can be refilled up to 5 times before you need to buy another one. I have only filled it once since purchasing and have been using it for around 6 weeks and still have plenty left.!! I can see it lasting around 2 months per fill so out of one bottle, if my maths are correct, you could get about 10 months. It really depends how much you need to use it. How cool is that?

It can be safely used on the whole body and even on feet. I have only used it under my arms and spritzed it around the top half of me. I won't use feminine deoderant in the "down below" area as I am too scared of candida, but I am sure this product would not activate candida. I may try it for the purpose of the website. (more fool me)

I know you will be put off by it's innocent and strange appearance, and claims. Don't be!! It's astringent powers last up to 36 hours so you don't even need to use it every day.

It was voted product of the year in 2006.

Downside? None as far as effectiveness. However the pump is prone to blocking because of the crystals but this can easily be sorted out by either pumping warm water through or soaking in hot or very warm water. This would never put me off.

A stunning product, 100 per cent natural and alcohol, preservative and fragrance free . Buy it now and try it too. Cost? Around £3.99

It is available in all good chemists (and some bad ones too) and is the one time I go into Boots, superdrug or high street chemists as I buy all my toiletries online from health shops. It is also available from leading supermarkets like Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco and the wholesale outlet Makro, though no doubt some of the health shops sell it too.

I don't know about you, but I have used some pretty powerful deoderants in the fight for dryness and no sooner have I put them on than the armpits start sweating, especially one of them (the right) funny enough!!

When I wear synthetic fabrics like polyester, viscose or lycra mixes, the sweat is not only worse, but there is a strange almost chemical odour to the sweat and it's hard to define where it is coming from. All over, possibly.

Since changing to natural fabrics only like cotton, this has disappeared. Combining this with the Bionsen Deo Total Body Active Minerals, well, I am not only completely odour free, but the sweating has reduced by around 60-70 per cent!!

There are a lot of dangerous chemicals in antiperspirant deoderants, including aluminium which has also been linked to breast cancer. I do not recommend them at all. You are spraying them onto an area which is full of glands where the chemicals in them are then absorbed. Some of these chemicals have been found in breast tumour biopsies, so beware of using them as you can't get any more proof than that.

Take a look at this interesting article about Hashimoto's Disease.

Latest News 27th August

Having just returned from Spain where we go every year, to either Javea or Ronda, Andalucia, I was delighted to find Spanish Organic Olive Oil from Andalucia and have ordered the 3 litre can today. We love olive oil with crusty bread or as a salad dressing, so we won't run out for a while now!! Saves trying to lug it home in a suitcase!!

Check out Natural Collection for kinder Cleaning products that are better for you and the environment. Having had personal experience of many of these, I found them not just a pleasure to use, but often better in many ways than their chemical equivalents. Maybe it was psycological but I certainly feel a lot better about using them. They smell fresher and no chemical smells which is a bonus.

Their Home detox kit is a particularly good deal with lots of products to try.

Latest News 26th August

Research shows that the more organic raw food you eat the better. They are even saying to have a completely raw diet with nothing in it at all other than raw foods.

This is a difficult process and many people will not be happy to give up their roast dinners. (I know I would find that near impossible) However, the cooking process causes chemical reactions within food which in turn build up toxins in the body. It is disturbing to keep reading about toxins and chemicals, but unfortunately when you are doing daily research on the subject, more and more "horrors" are discovered.It also depends on what extremes you want to go to with this.

I can see the sense of what they are saying, but really we just can't always adapt our lives to that extent. It is hard enough giving up on our beauty products, reducing synthetic chemicals in food and swopping our household products for more "natural" ones.

However, a lot is to be said for eating as much organic raw food as possible and incorporating power and superfoods into your diet such as maca, goji berries etc and eating loads of salads and fresh organic fruit. Making sure you have loads of smoothies incorporating raw fruit and vegetables into them.

Where to draw the line?

If our world was perfect and chemical free, we would not have the need to find out about all these things to be well.

Certainly, avoid the use of microwaves, a modern convenience that is considered dangerous due to the chemical processes it inflicts on foods. I myself have a microwave, but rarely use it.

Going 100 per cent raw would indeed be very hard but I know a lot of people have become extremely well, eliminated illnesses, and look 10 years younger because of it. I suppose it's an individual choice, many do it ad are completely recovered.

Having become accustomed to cooked food, luxuries such as sweets, chocolate and icecream as well as biscuits, cakes and pasta and bread, how do we even begin to know how to go about it all? I have cut out much of the rubbish from my diet as specified on my other pages, but it seems that this may not be enough.

How far do we really need to go to avoid illnesses such as cancer, diabetes arthritis and heart disease?

Sometimes research makes you feel fed up!! You wonder what lengths we all need to go to, especially when you read that yoga, meditation and other time consuming things should be put in place as well. If we all had the time, when would we go to work or do anything else?

Yes I agree that in a chemical world changes need to be made and due to modern farming methods, and food changes in our society, supplements need to be used as a way of obtaining a decent supply of vitamins and minerals. How far do we go?

It is my opinion that changes definately need to be made. How far is a matter of choice. I will continue my research and show you the options because that is the purpose of this site. The rest is your own choice.

Basically, the more I delve the more I find out.

Please email me with your thoughts and let me know your opinions.

The mind boggles.

For more information Click here to visit

I am currently in the process of building a "Products" page which will summarise any products mentioned on this site and where to buy for your easy reference. Some of the products are only available in the U.S and I have emailed the supplier to find out about "Fatigued to Fantastic Revitalization System" to see whether there is any other way. This page will take time to build so although it may be up and running, it may not be completed. It will be constantly updated as new products are found and will also contain chemical free beauty, bath and body products, superfoods, supplements, and anything else that will help in the quest for wellness. It is your choice whether you purchase them here.

Latest News 25th August

A Vogel Detox Box may help you on the road to eliminating toxins and therefore on the road to eliminating chemicals and other nasties from you system. It can then benefit from using organic products such as skincare and foods together with supplements and boost your immune system. Please take a look at the Detox page for more information

Latest News 24th August

I have found this wonderful company who stock Natural skincare products like Spietzia, Logona, Faith in Nature, Barefoot Botanicals and many others as well as clothing, home products all with a green ethos. Their products are wonderful. Take a look. Natural Collection

Also, Your Health Food Store stock loads of great products so check out their site.

If you have been searching for Moducare for immune system support Natural Way Health stock this product. Click here to visit the Natural Way Health website. under "other Natural Products" on the left toolbar. Plant Sterols are said to be the most promising therapies for autoimmune disease.

Nutri Hair is designed for women who have noticed lots of hair in the brush or increased shedding and provides nutrients to promote hair growth. A three month course is recommended but best results are after 6 months. Best of all though, if you do not notice a difference in three months they will refund your money in full

Colladeen is one of the most powerful anthocyanidin extracts ever produced and women use it for puffy ankles, bloating, skin and eye health. The recommended daily intake is 2 tablets a day. It should not be taken while pregnant or breast feeding

Acidophilus probiotics are beneficial to our health and can help with Candida. Natures Best stock an extremely powerful one.

Latest News 23rd August Is Iodine supplementation necessary for Thyroid disease sufferers? What supplements are necessary for Thyroid disease?

Iodine is necessary for all of us and is the key mineral in Thyroid hormone production, but can be a mixed blessing for thyroid disease sufferers. According to Dr Richard Shames in his book "Thyroid Power - 10 steps to total health" you absolutely need it but not too much of it. Bear in mind of course that too little causes a thyroid problem, but so does too much.

He states that if you are a person who consumes little or no salt, does not eat seafood, sea vegetables or fast food and live more than 100 miles from the coast, then you may have an iodine deficiency and should consider supplementation. Anyone not in this catergory should steer clear of iodine.

Some thyroid specialists are suggesting that you should err on the side of caution and take just enough to ensure that you are not too low, but won't hurt either if you are sufficient. The recommended amount in this case is 100mcg (micrograms) per day. Should you start to feel sick taking iodine then it should be stopped.

Dr Shames also says that Selenium and zinc are two important minerals for thyroid production. Selenium is crucial to the production of T4 (Thyroxine) and also to the conversion of T4 to T3 (Thyronine) while zinc is needed before and after these processes. Zinc is also necessary for TRH hypothalmus hormone to stimulate the pituitary gland. This then sends a message to the thyroid to produce thyroid hormone. 200 mcg(micrograms) of selenium per day is needed and 10-25mg(milligrams) of zinc. It should also be noted that 1mg of copper is needed when taking this amount of zinc in order to balance so a good product should contain 1-2mg copper.

The two other important vitamins needed for thyroid hormone production and the conversion processes are vitamin D and vitamin E. The recommended amounts for each are 800IU of vitamin D and 400-800IU vitamin E.

If you are particularly unwell with thyroid disease or have had it for some time, then anti-oxidants are important too and 5-10,000 IU of Vitamin A, and a couple of grams of vitamin C. Dr Shames states that to get your thyroid where you want it to go then a very strong anti-oxidant formulation is needed and lipoic acid is another anti oxidant recommended by him.

He also states that EFA's are needed in a 2-1 mix of omega 3 and omega 6.

Long term sufferers should also take full symphony free form amino acid combination as amino acid metabolism is crucial for thyroid function.

How can I meet these recommendations?

Mary Shomon has already worked out Dr Shames recommendations and recommends as follows and I also take the products she recommends as a matter of course.

Doctor Jacob Teitelbaum has his own special combination of essential vitamins minerals enzyme and amino acids all combined in a powder which can replace all those pills. One scoop per day is added to water and its pleasant flavour makes a nice drink and is available in different flavours. His formula is designed specifically for Thyroid, Autoimmune, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia sufferers, but can also be taken by anyone.

His system is called "Fatigued to Fantastic Revitalization System" by Enzymatic Therapy and also contains a separate pack of B complex capsules It is designed not only to provide the correct nutrients but to increase energy levels and that is so important for us autoimmune disease sufferers who continue to feel drained.

The only other things you need to go with this are an additional Vitamin C boost like "Alacer Emergen C" which is also a dissolvable powder and could be mixed into the above drink, "Source Naturals" Omega 3 and 6 combination and "Natures Way" vitamin A and D combination.

For those with sleep problems, Doctor Teitelbaum also has a Fatigued to Fantastic Sleep revitalization system which is capsules taken about an hour before retiring.

The only other thing that should be taken with this additionally is Acidophilus. Candida is more of a problem with Autoimmune and Thyroid sufferers.

You can get "Acidophilus Pearls" by Enzymatic Therapy or Natures Best stock a very powerful one.

Some of these products including Enzymatic Therapy Fatigued to Fantastic are not available in the UK. I buy them from in bulk and find it is worth the extra expense. you can shop by brand to locate the products mentioned the brands of which are Enzymatic Therapy, Alacer, Natures Way and Source Naturals.

Latest News 22nd August

Just discovered wonderful organic paint and varnishes Fantastic range of colours and solutions to the "chemical" issue. They even provide paint to protect you from radiation coming from phone masts etc. Prices seem quite reasonable.

Take a look here and make up your own mind.

Latest News 5th August

I have been contacted about Maca regarding taking it with hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto's Disease and Thyroxine medication and would like to allieviate fears by providing the following link. Mary Shomon, Thyroid patient advocate and writer of many thyroid books interviewed Dr Viana Muller about Maca It should be noted that you may need to get your blood tested if you notice any improvement in symptoms. The general idea of taking Maca is that you will be able to reduce your thyroid medication and feel well. Please take note of the other suggested supplements by Dr Muller. To read more about Maca please Click HERE
This forum also provides information and experiences about Maca from people who are Thyroid disease sufferers. It looks very positive To go to the forum, please click HERE

I have been researching chemicals again and my findings are very worrying. The use of household products, cosmetics containing chemicals, hairdyes, toiletries, HRT and the pill, certain medications, foods containing artificial additives, pesticides etc are definately contributing or even responsible for nearly all major illnesses, autoimmune disorders and neurological diseases.

What is more frightening is that due to the huge amount of money these industries are making, this won't be made public knowledge for at least another 20 years! It is already known now and the more I probe, the more I am finding out how inhalation of things like air fresheners, cleaners, and absorbtion into our skin of even washing powder from wearing it close to our skin on our clothes is basically killing us or at the very least making us ill and setting us up for future disease. Our immune systems can no longer cope.

We really need to address this NOW, before it is too late. I really mean it. I am looking into chemicals and additives in our food at the moment and this page will be up soon. Then household cleaners etc.

It is unrealistic to expect a life 100 percent chemical free, but we really need to act to substantially reduce chemicals in our life and eat organic food, use natural skincare, use Green or ecological household products and protect ourselves now by either increasing anti oxidants in our diets to "mop up" free radicals and toxins and/or making radical changes.

READ the labels on foods, making sure monsodium glutamate, colourings and the articfical sweetener, aspartame are not part of your diet. What will you achieve by this? Good health, thats what.

More soon. For now, please check out this directory of chemicals that are destroying us

Don't forget, magnesium supplements can help sleep problems. Check the insomnia page which can be accessed from the "other health problems" page.

Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution: Recommended for water retention and bloating for hypothyroid patients (or anyone else). Drink on two consecutive days weekly. (16oz mixed with 48oz water)

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and is beneficial to health, helping to lower cholesterol. Cook with it, use it on salads, pour over sliced tomatoes with basil, dip your bread in it. (Use a good quality extra virgin olive oil like this Spanish Organic Olive Oil)

Olive oil may also help protect us from stomach ulcers, according to latest scientific research in Seville. The oil's phenolic compounds could kill anti-biotic resistant strains of Helicobacter pylori bacteria (H.pylori) known to cause stomach ulcers. Check out this Spanish Organic Olive Oil

New guidelines for Thyroid function TSH range is 0.3 – 3.0 (used to be 0.5 – 5.0) Make your doctor aware.

Taken from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists press release Jan 2003

"Until November 2002, doctors had relied on a normal TSH level ranging from 0.5 to 5.0 to diagnose and treat patients with a thyroid disorder who tested outside the boundaries of that range5 . Now AACE encourages doctors to consider treatment for patients who test outside the boundaries of a narrower margin based on a target TSH level of 0.3 to 3.04. AACE believes the new range will result in proper diagnosis for millions of Americans who suffer from a mild thyroid disorder, but have gone untreated until now."

The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry laboratory (support for the diagnosis and monitoring of thyroid disease)

"It is likely that the current upper limit of the population reference range is skewed by the inclusion of persons with occult thyroid dysfunction."

"In the future, it is likely that the upper limit of the serum TSH euthyroid reference range will be reduced to 2.5 mIU/L because >95% of rigorously screened normal euthyroid volunteers have serum TSH values between 0.4 and 2.5 mIU/L."

"A serum TSH result between 0.5 and 2.0 mIU/L is generally considered the therapeutic target for a standard L-T4 replacement dose for primary hypothyroidism."

"Thyroxine requirements increase during pregnancy. Thyroid status should be checked with TSH + FT4 during each trimester of pregnancy. The L-T4 dose should be increased (usually by 50 micrograms/day) to maintain a serum TSH between 0.5 and 2.0 mIU/L and a serum FT4 in the upper third of the normal reference interval."

Please Click HERE to go to the Chemicals page

Please Click HERE to go to the Well Women Home page