Women with Thyroid Disease unite - Fight for better care now

Welcome to the battle for Thyroid patients all over the world.

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My name is Mazzy and I suffer with the auto immune thyroid condition Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and associated conditions. including adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia.

The site was created, so that others can benefit too and not feel alone and where we can find ways to get well.

We also have a well-women facebook group, a depression group and a gut health group (Gut instinct) (see the Support tab)

There are so many methods for treating hypothyroidism and we find ourselves confused while trawling through websites: Should it be thyroxine (T4)? Natural Dessicated Thyroid like Armour thyroid? T3 (cytomel) or a combination?

With this in mind, Paul Robinson has written a book called Recovering with T3 which is about his journey to wellness using a unique method of treating both thyroid and adrenals using T3 alone and devised by Paul himself through trial and error, but his method has many success stories You can also visit his website recovering with T3 and also his Facebook page

To read more about Pauls method, please click HERE to go to a page written by Paul

Thyroid disease causes many health problems and we need to obtain a proper diagnosis. Sadly this is becoming frustrating when we visit our GP's who do not usually point us in the right direction

Doctors Are Dangerous

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a diagnosis in the UK and around the world for thyroid disease or other glandular conditions.

Please note that Fibromyalgia can also be a symptom of low thyroid or hypothyroidism and NOT a rheumatic condition GP's however, usually prescribe strong medication and refer us to rheumatologists when what we actually need is THYROID hormones!! The late Dr John Lowe had studied many Fibromyalgia patients and discovered that many of them were markedly lacking in T3 and that when this hormone was added to a treatment protocol, many Fibromyalgia patients recovered their health in many way.

I myself suffer from Fibromyalgia and believe me, painkillers are NOT the answer, nor anti depressants or even the covetted Lyrica (Pregabalin). I have suffered for about 10 years from this condition. However Low Dose Naltrexone MAY be. Please investigate LDN as a treatment option

Doctors can't agree on the correct range, nor on treatment and this is worldwide. because of this, we are suffering and will continue to do so until those of us take time to research our condition and publicize our findings. Many women are missing out on treatment that can make them well again through ignorance and failure to realise that there is life after levothyroxine.

Then there is adrenal fatigue. Adrenal problems can keep us ill as when we take thyroid medication, it will not work unless the adrenal fatigue is treated. Other conditions can prevent us getting well, no matter what thyroid medication we are on, such as candida, low iron and ferritin, low B12, low vitamin D and a dysfunctional liver. Therefore a complete Holistic approach is needed - just handing out levothyroxine will never be the answer.

We need to fight for better treatment in the UK although this is also a worldwide problem.

With perseverance, and the correct treatment protocol, we can all get well together and hopefully you will find some answers here.

Many GP's can't answer your questions on Thyroid and endocrine matters simply because they genuinely don't know. Often the patients themselves know more about their condition because we desperately try to find answers so that we can feel better. The same patients are reprimanded by their doctors because they do not like us to know "too much" but Knowledge Is Power.

As you know, Fluoride is bad for the thyroid and the endocrine system in general. The government is planning to add even more fluoride to our water supply in the UK. Please sign the 10 Downing St petition to object to this by clicking, HERE

We need to be aware that chemicals in our water supply, food and personal care and household cleaning products contribute to endocrine illness as well as many other conditions.

Chlorine and fluoride are poisons to those with hypothyroidism. They are poisonous to ANYONE. They mimic iodine at the receptor sites because their chemical composition is similar. By using fluoride products we are helping to destroy our thyroid. Chlorine is in our water supply and in some areas of the UK, also fluoride. check whether your provider adds fluoride. Be aware. USE FILTERS.

Thyroid Disease is the underlying factor for many serious killer diseases including colon cancer, heart disease, congestive heart failure and mental illness.

Websites like this exist purely because GP's and consultants are not caring for their patients, recommending products, supplements etc to help them, giving them a choice in how they are treated or monitoring them throughout their illness.

Our Holy Miracle Of the Infallible TSH Test

Self help is necessary and ultimately can result in much improvement but only if you are totally committed to getting results and being committed and diciplined enough to make the changes required.

Read through this site for solutions and ideas to send you on the road to better health now and in the future. You are best off using the sitemap button on the Nav Bar for instant access to all pages written for this site

Simple food without additives, paraben and other chemical free beauty and cleaning products and chemical free household products such as paint and varnish. With many supermarkets now realising that we need the choice in healthy products and providing organic foods, things are starting to change for the best but this will take a long time before a complete choice is available.

When we have thyroid illness we need to be careful about taking many supplements. However there are also many nutrients we are deficient in and which will help us regain our health. Some of these deficiencies actually contribute to our illness, so it is important to make sure we are getting enough either by supplementing or diet.

For more information about me, please click on my “about me” page for details about my own story and experiences with the above conditions

Feel good with raw food

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